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PCS Congregational Meeting

Wednesday, June 20, 2018
Reception at 7 pm
Music begins at 7:20 pm
Meeting begins at 7:30 pm
All at PCS
We look forward to seeing you at this very important meeting.
An adult from each of 30 member families
is required for a quorum!
The Strategic Plan and Financial Reports will be presented with opportunities for you to get involved. Your votes are required for trustee and officer elections as well as approval of Rabbi Julie's new contract and the budget for fiscal year 2018-19.
Come and have your voice heard 
and your vote counted!
PCS 2017-18 Board of Trustees
(in alphabetical order)
David Benattar
Robin Berman
Gregory Cohen
Oren Cohen, Treasurer
Jonathan Goodman
Amy Gutenplan
Roberta Korus, Vice President
Sheila Major
Robert Marshak
Leyla Nakisbendi, President
Karen Neuburger
Lisa Nicotra
Laurie Hirsch Schulz, Secretary
Ben Serebin
Richard Solomon, Vice President

Hebrew letter blocks
by Galit Sperling, Principal

The last few weeks of PCS Hebrew School this year were filled with festivities, meaningful programs and a celebration of our families. We began the month of May with Lag B'Omer, a spring outdoor holiday that rarely falls during the Hebrew School year but this year arrived on a perfect day! For Lag B'Omer, our students came up with Hebrew School team names (see pictures below!) and these teams competed in various fun games.

The last day of Hebrew School classes coincided with Shavuot, the holiday celebrating the giving of the Torah. We enjoyed a sweet family service in which every grade led a different prayer, with our youngest students carrying bikurim, the parade of first fruit baskets. Then members of our seventh grade B'nei Mitzvah class read the Ten Commandments from the Torah, and received promotion certificates. We look forward to seeing this fabulous group of teens back for teen programming next year!

As this is the last newsletter of the year, I need to thank the incredible community that helps guide and support our Hebrew School at PCS. First, to the parents and families of our Hebrew School students and PCS congregants, who help us to keep the Hebrew School thriving year after year. Next to our teachers for their wisdom, generosity and hard work: Jennifer Chervin, Laurel Romero, Karen Stamatis, Ann Vesei, Lara Vosburgh, and our own Rabbi Julie, who taught our B'nei Mitzvah class this year. Our madrichim (teen assistants) are awesome role models for our students. On Sundays, we had Chloe Balin and Molly Galin assisting our Gan-Bet class, and on Thursdays Michelle Siegel with the older grades. Our head madrich, Ben Klingner, gave an unbelievable amount of time and energy to our school and students this year every day of Hebrew School and to special programs as well. We are so grateful to Ben and all the teens for their spirit! Finally, to Ben Serebin and the PCS Board for their support, Roberta Korus for her wonderful work on the newsletters, and the amazing Marcy Gray for everything she does always for PCS and for the Hebrew School.

We will be sending the full calendar for the 2018-19 school year soon, with the first day of Hebrew School classes taking place on Sunday, September 16, 2018. And don't forget Back to Shul night o Friday, September 7! Please spread the word to friends and neighbors that we will be continuing the promotion of free kindergarten (no strings attached!) and $100 discount off Hebrew School registration completed before July 15! Looking forward to another great year with our fantastic community.

Thank you all, and have a wonderful summer!
Upcoming Dates

Friday, September 7: Back to Shul night (with ice cream oneg!)
Sunday, September 16: First day of Hebrew School

Lag B'Omer festivities

Fifth-grade students...
...performing a Parashah play
...hosting a bake sale

 Heritage Day

Postcards from Eretz Yisrael*
Shalom Everyone,                                  

A few weeks ago, my Ulpan class went on a bus trip to Jerusalem. I was very excited for Yosef because it was his first time! We visited the Old City and Yad VaShem.                                                                       
Women's side of the Kotel
I didn't know how Yosef was going to react to the Kotel, because he was not brought up with any religious beliefs. But I was told by a male classmate that when Yosef got to the Kotel, he placed his hand lovingly on the Wall with great sincerity. That made me feel good.

Bar Mitzvah celebration near the Kotel

Yosef enjoying his first visit
to Jerusalem

Shofar being blown at 
Bar Mitzvah celebration
near the Kotel

So, Shalom and  L'hitraot from yours truly,

*Our correspondent is Rhea (Rachel) Wolfthal, long-time PCS congregant,  who made aliyah to Israel in August 2017.
PART One Needs Female Drivers!
PART One, the refugee resettlement group affiliated with PCS, seeks female drivers with summer weekday availability. Drive once per week, once per month...just need a car capable of holding two car seats, and a wonderful mom with two small children. Driving is local from/to White Plains - to children's programs, to the grocery store, to appointments.
Available? Please email carchairs@partone.us or call Laurie Hirsch Schulz at (914) 255-0358.
Please volunteer: Sunday, Nov. 20, 3-4:30 pm
NEXT AND FINAL DATE: Wednesday, June 6!

Tikkun Olam Through the Ages
An Adult Education Mini-Course at PCS
with Rabbi Julie Hilton Danan, Ph.D.
Rather than a perfect creation corrupted by humanity, Jewish tradition proposes that God created an imperfect world requiring human repair. This Tikkun Olam mini-course examines the historical development of "Tikkun Olam," the Jewish concept of repairing the world: in early Rabbinic literature, in Kabbalah, and in modern social activism.
We will learn about Jewish history and theology through the lens of world repair, and consider the connection between our own spirituality and our commitment to social justice.
This mini-course will combine short lectures, study of primary texts in English translation (Hebrew available for those who wish), and discussion. Come to all or come as you can!
Questions or to RSVP:  pcsrabbi@gmail.com.
Three Wednesdays, 7:30-9 pm at PCS
April 4: Introduction and Tikkun Olam in the Mishnah
May 9: Tikkun Olam in Kabbalah and Chassidism
June 6: Tikkun Olam in Modern Thought and Action


Pleasantville Community Synagogue is a welcoming Jewish community with people of diverse traditions and backgrounds who want to share a joyous spiritual and cultural home.
Visit www.ShalomPCS.com  ~ (914) 769-2672 ~ info@shalomPCS.com
219 Bedford Road, Pleasantville, NY 10570

A special Pride Week event THIS THURSDAY
Faith and the LGBT+ Community
A Special Pride Week Event!
Thursday, June 21, 7:15 pm
Join Rabbi Julie and AJC Westchester/Fairfield for a welcoming and affirming Pride Week event on faith and the lived experience of LGBTQIA individuals. Created by a diverse group of local faith communities, we will hear from professional and lay leaders of many faiths who are advocates and allies of the LGBTQIA community. All are welcome.
The program will take place at Temple Israel Center in White Plains. It is free and open to the public, but registration is required. For more information, click here , contact AJC Westchester/Fairfield at westchester@ajc.org  or 914-948-5585, or email Rabbi Julie at pcsrabbi@gmail.com .

And then on Friday evening, June 29 at 7 pm, please join us at the Pleasantville Community Synagogue for a very special PRIDE SHABBAT. Questions? Ideas? E-mail Leslie Mack or contact Marcy Gray in the PCS office.
Pleasantville Community Synagogue is a welcoming Jewish community with people of diverse traditions and backgrounds who want to share a joyous spiritual and cultural home.
Pleasantville Community Synagogue
www.ShalomPCS.com ~ (914) 769-2672 ~ info@shalomPCS.com
219 Bedford Road, Pleasantville, NY

We are less when we don't include everyone.

All are invited to
Celebrate Pride Shabbat
Pleasantville Community Synagogue
Friday evening, June 29 at 7 pm
Please contact Leslie Mack at lesrn3259@aol.com if you are interested in coming and/or if you have ideas for the service.
A dessert oneg will follow the service.
Pleasantville Community Synagogue is a welcoming Jewish community with people of diverse traditions and backgrounds who want to share a joyous spiritual and cultural home.
Pleasantville Community Synagogue
www.ShalomPCS.com ~ (914) 769-2672 ~ info@shalomPCS.com
219 Bedford Road, Pleasantville, NY

Save the Date!

The Annual PCS
Back to Shul Night!
Friday, September 7 at 7 pm

Come for Friday night services filled with joy and music followed by a special ICE CREAM oneg celebration.

Greet old friends, make some new, get ready for a sweet New Year of Joyful Judaism at PCS!
Bring your neighbors, bring your friends...
As always, all are welcome.
Pleasantville Community Synagogue is a welcoming Jewish community
with people of diverse traditions and backgrounds who want to share
a joyous spiritual and cultural home.
Pleasantville Community Synagogue
219 Bedford Road, Pleasantville, NY
Please volunteer: Sunday, Nov. 20, 3-4:30 pm
Read this book over the summer and then come to PCS in the fall* 
to discuss.

"I call you 'neighbor' because I don't know your name, or anything personal about you. Given our circumstances, 'neighbor' might be too casual a word to describe our relationship. We are intruders into each other's dream, violators of each other's sense of home. We are incarnations of each other's worst historical nightmares. Neighbors?"

Letters to My Palestinian Neighbor is one Israeli's powerful attempt to reach beyond the wall that separates Israelis and Palestinians and into the hearts of 'the enemy.' In a series of letters, Yossi Klein Halevi explains what motivated him to leave his native New York in his twenties and move to Israel to participate in the drama of the renewal of a Jewish homeland, which he is committed to seeing succeed as a morally responsible, democratic state in the Middle East."

* Date to be determined


Pleasantville Community Synagogue is a welcoming Jewish community with people of diverse traditions and backgrounds who want to share a joyous spiritual and cultural home.

Pleasantville Community Synagogue
www.ShalomPCS.com ~ (914) 769-2672 ~ info@shalomPCS.com
219 Bedford Road, Pleasantville, NY


Max Korus, grandfather of Roberta Korus

June 5

Morris Itkin, grandfather of Roberta Korus

June 6

Jonathan Pfeffer, brother of Michael Pfeffer

June 6

Dessie Sliffman Itkin, grandmother of Roberta Korus

June 9

Meyer Spector, uncle of Malcolm Netburn

June 12

Rose Netburn, mother of Malcolm Netburn

June 12

Nadine Aghen, mother of Sean Aghen

June 14

Anna Fuchs, mother of Audrey Lenoff

June 14

Alvin Sigal, father of Melanie Gordin

June 23

Henry Sperling, father of Edward Sperling

June 25

Marcus Schwartz, father of Nancy Mayers

June 29

Joan Gerstler, mother of Deborah Spanierman

June 29

Hilda Reisman, mother of David Reisman

June 30

Nathan Cohen, father of Hirsh Cohen

June 30




Janet Aschkenasy, cousin of Robin Berman

July 3

Herbert Gutenplan, father of Bruce Gutenplan

July 8

Jerry Chazen, father of Eileen Jagoda

July 10

Bernard Ehrlich, father of Lori Neuburger

July 13

Emanuel Jacobs, stepfather of Barbara Altman Bruno

July 19

Troy Rutman, brother of Seth Rutman

July 21

Morris Etkin, grandfather of Rhea Wolfthal

July 23




Rosaline Lasher, mother of April Lasher

August 2

Sybil Berman, mother of Robin Berman

August 3

Michael Weill, husband of Janice Sandbank

August 5

Gertrude Cohen, wife of Hirsh Cohen

August 10

Henry Major, father of Martin Major

August 14

Elaine Rutman, mother of Seth Rutman

August 20

Morton Greenwald, father of Gary Greenwald

August 23


To all PCS members:
If you or another member suffer personal tragedy or loss or are otherwise in need of help, please immediately contact Rabbi Julie at (914) 769-2672 or Rabbi@ShalomPCS.com, or to our Caring (Chesed) Committee Chair, Susan Friedman at (917) 846-3038, or SFriedman@ShalomPCS.com.

The PCS Yahrzeit Memorial Board is a beautiful and symbolic place to honor your loved ones while helping to support your synagogue. The anniversary of their passing will be commemorated with a light by their name plate. You will find the appropriate form for purchasing a memorial name plate by clicking here.

We appreciate the thoughtfulness of those who support 
Pleasantville Community Synagogue by remembering and honoring 
their friends and loved ones through their generous contributions.  
For information on making donations to PCS, including online donations,
please click here.
General Fund
Joyce and Stuart Angert, in honor of their beloved granddaughter, Maren Kenna, becoming a     Bat Mitzvah.

Jacquelyn and Stanley Solomon, in honor their beautiful granddaughters, Lucy Sylvia Solomon and Olivia Sealey Solomon, becoming B'not Mitzvah.

Roberta Korus, in memory of her beloved grandparents, Fannie and Max Korus, and 
   Dessie and Morris Itkin, on the occasion of their yahrzeit.

Kiddush Fund
The Liebeck and Resnick families for sponsoring the kiddush in honor of their beloved               daughter and granddaughter, Sophie Liebeck, becoming a Bat Mitzvah.

Erica Murkofsky and Mike Rhodes for supplying and sponsoring the kiddush in honor of their  beloved son, Ian Rhodes, becoming a Bar Mitzvah.

Rabbi's Discretionary Fund
Nancy Mayers in honor of the special concert performed at PCS by her beloved grandson, Aydin  Mayers, in appreciation of the PCS community.
Pleasantville Community Synagogue Mission Statement
Pleasantville Community Synagogue is a welcoming Jewish community connecting people of diverse traditions and backgrounds who want to share a joyous spiritual and cultural home.
PCS officers and trustees:
President: Leyla Nakisbendi

Secretary: Laurie Hirsch Schulz

Treasurer: Oren Cohen

Vice President: Roberta Korus

Vice President: Richard Solomon
Board of Trustees
David Benattar

Robert Marshak

Robin Berman

Leyla Nakisbendi

Gregory Cohen

Karen Neuburger

Lisa Nicotra

Jonathan Goodman

Laurie Hirsch Schulz

Amy Gutenplan

Roberta Korus

Richard Solomon
Sheila Major

Rabbi Julie Danan

To contact PCS 
Phone: (914) 769-2672;  Fax: (914) 769-1795;  Websitewww.ShalomPCS.com
Marcy Gray, Synagogue Administrator: (914) 769-2672;  mgray@ShalomPCS.com
Galit Sperling, Religious School: (914) 773-0043; principal@ShalomPCS.com
Barbara Doctor, Member Accounts: (914) 747-3017; Accounts@ShalomPCS.com
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June 2018         18 Sivan - 17 Tamuz 5778