February 2019
PRISMA Festival Schedule
PRISMA 2019 runs June 17-29, 2019:
June 19 - Concerto Competition
June 20 - Gala Grand Opening
June 21 - Symphony Week 1
June 22 - PRISMA on the Beach
June 27 - Chamber Concert
June 28 - Symphony Week 2: Closing Evening
June 29 - Sail to the Symphony: Closing Matinée
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Lynda Harris - Student Services & Homestay Coordinator
Lynda Harris’s career life began in Toronto where she was assistant principal cellist with the Canadian Opera Company in Toronto and principal cellist with the COC Touring Company in the mid 1970s. Moving into teaching, she directed a school string program in Alberta for 4 years. Since 1987 she has taught in a number of schools in Powell River as well as providing cello instruction in her home. She is delighted to now have the time to support and promote PRISMA in an active way.
5 Questions for Lynda:
1. What brought you to Powell River?
Move #1: A pregnancy brought me here…although not mine!  In 1987 SD#47 hired me (in Vancouver) to cover a maternity leave for an elementary music teacher.  The three-month position turned into a 20-year career.  Early on I fell in love with the area (well OK…there was also a man), especially where I was living – in a rustic but cozy cabin in Frolander Bay.  A few years later, when owning my own home in town became a reality, it was a dream come true.  Who knew I enjoyed gardening so much or that I would be adopted by a cat who loved music? 
Move #2: It wasn’t long after I retired from teaching that family matters required that I move to Ladner.  Five years went by and staying put seemed OK.  However the many friendships built over 25 years drew me back to Powell River in 2017.  I think PRISMA was sending me vibes too!!  
 2. What is it about PRISMA that inspires you?
The spirit and passion to preserve and promote live music, especially live classical orchestral music in this day of all things digital is what Arthur Arnold is all about.  That his vision is supported by no less than a small army from Powell River along with wonderful Guest Artists, gifted students and their parents and teachers from all over the globe is proof that PRISMA is valued and has earned its place among top summer festivals world-wide.  What an honour it is to be involved.

    3. What’s your perfect day?
My perfect day happened on January 8th of this year.  Snow had been falling all morning making everything look magical.  Two of the cello students who began lessons with me when they were around seven years old came to play some trios.  As we tuned and started to work it was more than the glorious sound of cellos being played together that made me happy.  It was sheer joy to be playing once again with students who were now all grown up, delighted to be playing with each other and…their ‘old’ teacher.  The snow continued all day….the warm feeling I had inside did, too.  

    4. Tell us 3 fun facts about yourself!
  1. Two of my retirement pursuits are bridge and golf.   I take turns loving and hating them. Others who also ‘enjoy’ these activities know what I’m talking about.
  2. While I was a freelance cellist in Toronto many moons ago, I was hired to play in the stage orchestra for shows starring William Shatner and Paul Anka. These gigs were fun departures from the classical music I played 95% of the time. 
  3. In 2000 I won a car which I am still driving.  It’s time to win another one.

    5. What's the most daring thing you've ever done?
That would have to be the ziplining I did in the Caribbean several years ago.  The health industry did well after that as it took several acupuncture and chiropractic treatments (not to mention the drugs) over the course of the next year to address the pain and fix my back!  The braking procedure for ziplining was not explained very well….
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