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The holidays are here! Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, it's a perfect time to focus on loved ones and celebrate this magical season! 

It's the most beautiful time of the year, and the cover of this issue certainly reflects it! Meet our beautiful models selected during America's Top Dog Model Facebook Fan Club and Instagram casting calls, from which we experienced an overwhelming response!

Congratulations to our coverdog, beautiful Babydoll, and our fabulous fashion models Khloe, Dakota, Willow Rose, Maya Marie, Teddy, Maisey, Charlie, Peaches, and Noel.

Thank you to all the lovely contestants that participated in our holiday model casting call.

The New Year will soon be here! If you are looking for a fabulous way to celebrate, check out "Romeo Reports: Host a Yappy New Year Party." Get all the de'tails on how to bark in the New Year while sharing a festive party with the ones you love. The party menu includes three irresistible DIY holiday dog treat recipes that will have your dog's tails wagging.

The holiday decorations are up, family gatherings are planned, and the holiday party shopping list is complete. But do you have the all the right gifts for your loved ones? We're sharing our favorite holiday gifts for everyone on your list. Whether you're looking for a holiday gift set for a friend, fun toys for your pups, or a small token of thanks to an acquaintance, "Romeo’s Favorite Things Holiday Gift Guide," can help you find the right gift for the occasion.

Finally, be sure to read TOP DOG EVENTS to get the scoop about exciting holiday happenings for people and pups!

Happy Holidays! Plant smiles, grow laughter, harvest love.

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Introducing 8 Sparkling Holiday Stars
Presenting this Season's Fabulous Fashions!

Hello, it's me again, Babydoll! I was born the middle child into a litter of three in Texas, but the instant mommy saw my face, she fell in love. Then she brought me back to my fur-ever home here in Skiatook, Oklahoma. I love to play and learn new tricks. My mommy introduced me to modeling at the age of four; and the camera quickly became my friend, because tasty treats were involved. For Christmas this year, all my family is coming to our home and cooking together. It should be fun! Photo by mom Dixie Slamans; dress by Ruth Collins; bow designer Val Carter; Instagram @fashion_classy_babydoll; Facebook @Babydoll.

Hi! My name is Khloe Antoinette, and I am an 11-month-old French Bulldog from Tampa, Florida. I love fashion, modeling and walking the runway. I have modeled for several companies on Instagram, and this past September, I walked the runway at New York Fashion week. It was a dream come true! The holidays are my favorite time of the year. Love all the sparkle! My plans are to dress up every day in something that sparkles! Also, I plan to eat lots of treats and make a very long list for Santa, because I have been a good puppy. Photo by mom Rebecca Workman; Stewart Plaid Flannel Lady Bow from the Foggy Dog; red sweater
@Ross; gold ribbon, beads and pearls styled by mom. Instagram @afrenchienamedkhloe.

Hi, I’m Dakota, a 6 1/2-year-old male chocolate Yorkie. I live in the Seattle, Washington area with my mommy, daddy and two fur sisters. My favorite things to do are spending time with family, playing with my sisters, modeling, and most of all, being a pet therapy dog, spreading positivity via my social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook @dakotasyorkiediaries. I am very excited for the holidays! My family and I plan to spend them celebrating with family and friends at holiday parties and dinners! Photo by mommy Wendy Williams Kapic; hat: @shopurbanpupco; bow tie @Furdrobe; vest: Maria Blaken.
Willow Rose

Hi, my name is Willow Rose. I’m a 3 lb. chocolate yorkie from northwest Minnesota. I live with my hooman parents, 2 hooman siblings, and 4 doggie siblings. We have lots of fun together, especially at Christmas time. The whole family comes over and we eat lots of yummy foods. My momma also cooks a special Christmas dinner for my fur siblings and I to make us feel special too. Then we watch all the hoomans open gifts and play fun games. There is so much love this time of year, and that’s what makes it my favorite holiday. Hope your holiday is just as special. Love, Willow Rose. Photo by mom Connie Miller; dress and bow by Janice Grant of Little Diva Puppy Couture; Instagram @maisey_willowrose_2dollbabies. 
Maya Marie

Happy holidays! My name is Maya Marie, and this is going to be my very first Christmas! I’m so excited!! Mommy has already told me to try and stay out of the holiday decorations, Christmas tree and presents. I am still growing and learning so this will be hard. I am looking forward to spending Christmas with my mom and dad, my beloved nanny and all my family. Mommy says if I’m good, (and don’t eat things) this guy named Santa Claus will bring me presents. I’m going to do my best. Mom says It’s better to give gifts than receive them, although daddy gave her the best gift of all, and that was me. She says I give her joy, unconditional love, and spark. I am so blessed and loved. Merry Christmas! Photo by mom Gerallyn Grassie; dress by Little Paws Boutique; necklace by Jacalyn Humphries; Instagram @mayamariethechichi. 

Woof! I’m Teddy, a 3-year-old petite Goldendoodle who celebrates Hanukkah in Tennessee. Hanukkah is the Jewish Festival of Lights. I’ll be spending the holiday at home with my pawrents, family and friends. It’s a happy holiday that lasts for 8 days and 8 nights. We laugh, bark, and play games. I love to chase the spinning top called dreidel. We eat a lot too. There’ll be lots of yummy treats including potato pancakes (latkas) and jelly donuts (sufganiyot). We light the menorah and exchange gifts. I’ll get another gift every night! I’m hoping for more squeaky toys. Happy Howlidays! Photo by my mom Laurie Barocas; Hanukkah bandana made specially for me by Doggone Dapper @doggone_dapper. Instagram @teddybearocas.

Hello. My name is Maisey, and I’m a two-year-old Biewer Terrier; I live in Minnesota with my hoomans and four fur siblings. We have lots of fun together, mostly because I’m the boss of everyone who lives here. I love to play outside a lot, especially when it snows. My family likes to build a snowman and make snow angels in that beautiful fluffy stuff. That makes me so happy. It has already snowed here this year and I’m looking forward to Christmas. I hope there will be lots more snow so we can all go outside and play in it. I hope your holidays are filled with joy and laughter just like mine. Love, Maisey. Photo by mom Connie Miller; dress by Dale Puisys of Little Diva Puppy Couture; bow by Val Carter of Furbaby Bows with Val. Instagram

Hi there. My name is Charlie. I’m a 12-year-old rescue chihuahua from northwest Minnesota. My mom says I am her heart and soul. We’re the best of friends. Christmas will soon be here, and that makes me happy. It’s my favorite time of year. I always seem to get extra spoils and loves. We have a lot more visitors too, and the house is always full, especially with little people that drop lots of goodies on the floor. My hoomans wrap up things for me to open. It’s so much fun! That’s why I smile more this time of year. I hope you have lots of smiles too, and if not, I will give you one of mine. Merry Christmas! Love, Charlie. Photo by mom Connie Miller; vest by Kathy Heidenheimer; beret by Elegentpet1; Facebook @Connie Miller.
Introducing Four Fabulous Holiday Stars
Presenting Gorgeous New Year's Eve Fashions!

Hello! I’m Dakota, a 7-year-old male chocolate Yorkie. I live in the Seattle, Washington area with my parents and two fur sisters. My favorite things to do are spending time with family, playing with my sisters, modeling, and most of all being a pet therapy dog and spreading love and positivity via social media. My Instagram and Facebook accounts are @dakotasyorkiediaries, where I am actively engaging and responsive. My plans for New Years are to enjoy a quaint dinner with my family and celebrate as we ring in the New Year! Photo by Mom Wendy Williams: bandana, bow, and necklace @MaggieandCo.

Hi, I'm Peaches, and I’m 10.5 years old. My passion is making people smile, especially children. I was selected America’s Top Dog Model 2015 national winner and spent a few years as a certified therapy dog visiting children in the hospital. I’m looking forward to spending New Year’s Eve with my family. My Golden sparkling wishes are that everyone has a HEALTHY, HAPPY NEW YEAR filled with everything we all wish for and so much more. Photo by mom Claire; dress and bow by Furry Fashionista; bow embellished by mom. Instagram @YorkiePeachyGirl.

Hi! My name is Khloe Antoinette, and I am an 11-month-old French Bulldog from Tampa, Florida. I enjoy modeling, and this past September, I walked the runway at New York Fashion Week. It was a dream come true! Love all the holiday sparkle! My plans are to dress up every day in something that sparkles! This New Year I plan to work on my modeling and see how many pretty things I can get Mommy to add to my wardrobe. Happy healthy New year everyone! photo by mom Rebecca Workman; sequin bandana by; collar by Instagram @afrenchienamedkhloe. 

Hello! I’m Noel, a 3-year-old crème Chihuahua from Sweden. I have taken the title as grand champion trick dog, professional animal actor and now modelling. I love the holidays! It all starts with my fur-brother Dante and I getting our own advent calendar, which we get to open daily from December 1-24th. The candy is good, but getting to rip and tear the calendar, so it becomes confetti, is as fun as the treats are good. At our home in Sweden the family is extra happy. We play Christmas music, sing, dance, do tricks, and watch movies. There’s also lots of yummy food and plenty of presents to open. Mum brings out our stylish Christmas clothes for the annual family photo; you know, the one that is sent to everyone in the family and that is posted on social media. My family looks forward to New Year's Eve. We walk in the forest, then dance to music in the kitchen while the food is being prepared. Mum creates the perfect party atmosphere with matching party hats and New Year's food. Then we play Bingolotto on the TV. It’s called "uppesittar kväll " in Sweden, which is a nice program/game with music, entertainment, and famous artists. The program is live until midnight; then we toast and wish a happy new year. We wish everyone a happy new year. My Instagram is @rallyrattor, and we would love if you wanted to follow us and our everyday life in Sweden with tricks, fashions, and funny reels. Photo by mom Sandra; bow @maggieandco.
Romeo Reports: Host a Yappy New Year's Party
Bark in the New Year while sharing a festive party with the ones you love. Fill your home with your closest canine friends and their people.

Plan everything in advance from the plates to the color theme. We chose the color gold for our theme. Create invitations and print party details in gold ink. Enclose the invitation in a white envelope and seal with gold wax. You can find sealing wax at a specialty stationer, gift store, or large bookstore. Be sure the invitation outlines the evening’s festivities. For example: Guests arrive at 9 p.m. for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres; dinner served at 10 p.m.; followed by a cheese course; a special homemade dessert at 11 p.m.; and champagne at midnight to greet the New Year. Attire: Suggest guests wear something gold. 

On a special night such as New Year’s Eve, the table setting will set the tone. Make it sparkle, so that your guests feel special.

Here’s a suggested menu for the various courses:

Drinks: Wine and champagne for people; champagne (bottled water) for doggies.

Hors d’oeuvres: Caviar for people; Happy Hearts & Shining Stars vegetarian biscuits for dogs.
Salad: Caesar salad for people.

Entrée: Broiled lobster tails and twice-baked potatoes for people; DIY turkey meatballs for doggies.

Cheese course: Three or four kinds of distinctive cheese—such as a soft mild cheese, a hard sharp cheese, and a blue cheese (like gorgonzola or Stilton)—for people.

Dessert: Miniature hot chocolate cakes for people; Christmas Carrot Cake Treats or Cranberry Jubilee for doggies.

Here is the countdown for party preparation:
Four weeks: Send invitations, decorate house for the holidays.
Two weeks: Select music, purchase candles and table décor.
One week: Check your guest list and prepare grocery list.
Two days: Buy groceries for dinner.
One day: Make (or purchase) hot chocolate cakes. Chill wine and champagne. Set table. Make Christmas Carrot Cake, Cranberry Jubilee, Happy Hearts & Shining Stars dog treats. Following you will find all three of these yummy dog treat recipes.
Four hours: Make turkey meatballs for dogs (no onions and garlic). See various online turkey meatball DIY recipes for dogs.
Three hours: Assemble ingredients for Caesar salad. Set up bar. Turn on outside lights.
Two hours: Get yourself and doggy ready.
Thirty minutes: Put on music, light candles, reheat potatoes.
During champagne cocktails: set up cheese tray, broil lobster; toss salad with dressing.
During cheese course: Prepare desserts.
After desserts: Pour each guest a glass of champagne for the midnight toast. Fill doggy bowls with doggy champagne, then watch them yap in the New Year!

See our Yappy New Year's Party and many others party themes from the book Diva Dogs: A Style Guide to Living the Fabulous Life.

Y-A-P-P-Y N-E-W Y-E-A-R!!
Christmas Carrot Cake Doggie Treats

1 cup rolled oats
1 cup raw carrots 
2 Tlb. organic coconut oil 

In food processor, grind rolled oats until coarsely ground, and add to medium sized mixing bowl.

In food processor, pulse carrots until finely chopped before adding to mixing bowl,and stirring until thoroughly combined.

Roll out dough on parchment paper to 1/4 inch and cut out using your cookie cutter of choice.

Place cookies on baking sheet, lined with parchment paper for even baking.

@350 degrees for 10-15 minutes… or until golden Brown around edges and firm center.

Frosting (Optional)
1/2 Cup organic Greek Plain Yogurt 
1/4 Cup Tapioca Cornstarch
2 Tbsp. Milk (to your desired consistency)
1/4 Cup Raspberries

Stir until thoroughly combined. (Except Raspberries) Separate 1/4 of the yogurt and place in a separate bowl. Put 1/4 Cup Raspberries in a small food processor until it is fine enough to go through a piping bag…add 1 Tbsp. of purée to the 1/4 Cup yogurt until smooth, The raspberries will serve as your food coloring, (as food coloring is not good for our furbabys).

Take two small piping bags and fill one with white, and the other with red frosting. Cover the top of the doggie bone with the white frosting and follow up with the red piping bag to make the stripes.

Store in fridge, (for small batch) or in freezer (for very large batches), in an airtight container for freshness! These treats can be stored in freezer for up to 2 months.

Recipe makes about 3 1/2 dozen small cookies. You may choose to double this recipe for larger doggies. This is a very good recipe for dogs as it is very low in calories. Babydoll loves them, and so will your doggie!
Photos and recipe by Babydoll's Mom (Dixie Fallin Slamans); Babydoll’s Christmas dress by Anna Cash Creviston; matching bow by Val Carter; necklace by Sandi Webb; Instagram @fashion_classy_babydoll; Facebook @Babydoll 
Happy Hearts & Shining Stars
All ingredients are 100% natural and safe for dogs.
120g (1cup) Wholewheat flour
3 tablespoons organic coconut oil
2 tablespoons raw organic honey
1 1/2 teaspoons cinnamon
1 egg
* Mix the flour and cinnamon
* In a separate bowl mix the honey, coconut oil and eggs
* Add the flour and cinnamon to the bowl of wet ingredients and mix together to form a dough
* Roll out to the thickness desired/preferred and use cutters (we like to use mini hearts and star cutters)
*Place on a baking tray in the middle of the oven at 350 degrees and bake for 12-15 minutes. 

We baked these Happy Hearts & Shining Stars @lordladydoggytreats for our fabulous model Fabio @fabio_the_fashion_puppy. He loves them. Fabio's photo by mom Alisa Thorne. Treat recipe submitted by Dolores Caruana. Treat recipe and photo credits @lordladydoggytreats.
Cranberry Jubilee Homemade Dog Treats
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 15 minutes
Servings: 16 treats
2 cups old fashioned oats
2 eggs
3 Tablespoons Refined Coconut Oil
1/2 cup fresh cranberries
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 cup all-natural peanut butter (make sure peanut butter does not contain xylitol)
Preheat oven to 350 degrees
Mix oatmeal and baking soda in blender until it looks like loose flour
Add egg, coconut oil, cinnamon, and peanut butter
Mix in cranberries
Spoon batter into silicone molds
Bake 15-20 minutes
Remove from silicone mold. Allow to fully cool before feeding to your dog.
Store these cookies covered in an airtight container for 3-5 days or in the freezer stored in a freezer-safe container or bag for 2 months. Be sure peanut butter does not contain xylitol as it is dangerous to dogs! It is safe to use a small amount of baking soda in dog biscuits. However, you don’t want your dog eating baking soda straight, as that can be very dangerous.

As you can see, Bruno loves these yummy treats!
Bruno’s Santa hat by Fit For Royalty Crowns; photo by mom Connie Miller; Follow Bruno on his mom’s Facebook profile @Connie Miller.
Romeo's Favorite Things: Holiday Gift Guide
’Tis the season for sparkles, good cheer, and, of course, gift-giving! Looking for perfect gifts for all the loved ones on your list? Romeo’s Favorite Things Holiday Gift Guide is here to help. From the entertainer, foodie friend, to Homebodies, to a dog's life, and more, these are things that everyone will love to get.
Nanor Collection

Nanor scented candles offer a luxurious and intoxicating experience. Ideal for anyone who loves to burn beautiful, scented candles to set the mood. Revel in the lap of luxury with a collection of scents created to elevate every atmosphere. Nanor scents are infused with natural extracts from delicate notes of rose and jasmine to smooth amber and vetiver. All Nanor premium scented candles are crafted in Canada with natural soy wax, which burns longer — and cleaner — than standard paraffin wax. And because soy wax is derived from renewable resources and is biodegradable, you can feel good about taking care of yourself and the planet. A gift that will impress. Perfect for every occasion.
Mise en Scènt

Candles curated for the film buffs! Brooklyn-based candle studio handcrafts fragrant candles with unique scents inspired by your favorite films to help all candle lovers live in their favorite movies. Mise en Scènt started with a movie fanatic with an idea to immerse viewers in their movie to create a main character environment you never want to leave. Put on your favorite movie, light a beautifully scented candle, and elevate your experience. All candles are eco-friendly, produced using soft, natural soy wax, organic wicks, phthalate-free fragrance oils, and US-produced glass. Mise en Scènt is a sustainable brand that is great to gift all movie lovers who want to get swept up in the glamor of an Old Hollywood classic, a femme fatale perfume in Mystery, or relish in the enticing floral start for a budding romance in Rom-Com. All scents and themes are inspired by iconic films, perfect to set the scene for all movie nights.
Diva Dogs: A Style Guide to Living the Fabulous Life

This fashion forward style guide for trendy pups and their people includes fabulously inspiring doggy party ideas (that include people), and it looks pretty on a coffee table. 
SeaBear Smoked Salmon Trio

Bring the Pacific Northwest straight to your party with SeaBear's Smoked Salmon Trio. Featuring Wild Sockeye, Wild King, and Wild Pink, SeaBear's famous Gold Seal pouch keeps the fish fresh, so no refrigeration is required until open. Host with ease when you have SeaBear on your side.
Hot Dates Holiday Gift Bundle

The Hot Date Holiday Gift Bundle is a curated selection of sustainable and ethically sourced food items from local small businesses. The perfect gift for the eco-foodie on your list! This year's bundle includes:
1 Bag of Hot Dates - Dark chocolate coated Medjool dates filled with spiced sunflower butter and a touch of sea salt.
1 Bag of Coffee Dates - Dark chocolate coated Medjool dates filled with sunflower butter + espresso.
1 Jar of Curio Elmendorf Everything Spice - A crunchy, savory, blend with added Coriander, nigella, and mustard seeds.
1 Bag of Dean's Beans Moka Sumatra Coffee - Moka Sumatra combines the dry, rich cocoa undertones of hard bean Nicaraguan and the full body of Indonesian Sumatran.
1 Customized Gift Note - Customize your gift box with a personalized note.

Hot Date Kitchen is a Carbon Neutral company which means they've accounted for and
offset all carbon emissions in their operations and supply chain. They donate 10% of profits to the Clean Air Task Force - considered one of the highest impact charities working on Climate Change Mitigation, and GiveWell - high impact non-profit working on poverty alleviation in developing countries.
Pascale’s Raspberry Rose Jam

Made to dare, with raspberries and dry organic roses, Pascale's Raspberry Rose Jam will be a perfect addition to your Charcuterie Board. The raspberry is a very aromatic and delicate acidic fruit. By combining it with natural organic roses, Pascale’s elevates one’s experience on the palate to exotic flavors within the natural and beautiful aspects of this combination. On focaccia bread with blue cheese, a little caramelized onion complemented with this jam, is an enjoyable experience that will surely challenge friends, guests and family to try new emotions on the palate.
Nanor Relaxing Candle & Gourmet Tea Gift Set

The ultimate relaxing scented candle and gourmet tea set is the perfect gift for anyone who loves and appreciates burning beautiful, scented candles and relaxing with a hot (or cold) cup of delicious, tasty tea. All Nanor premium scented candles are crafted with natural soy wax, which burns longer than standard paraffin wax. Soy wax is also derived from renewable resources and is biodegradable, so that you can take care of yourself and the planet. This Nanor relaxing gift set includes a 7oz scented candle of your choice + a gourmet tea of your choice + set of 4 spoons packaged in a beautiful premium matte black gift box. Every gift box includes a blank note card to make gifting simple, yet chic.
Peak Scents Body Glow Bundle

Give your thirsty skin a little pampering with our Dry Skin Gift Box! Start off with our Coconut Sugar Scrub and finish up with the Cocoa Butter Misting Oil for glowing radiant skin in less than 2 minutes. Coconut Cleansing Milk removes dirt and impurities without stripping the skin's natural oils. It's a gentle, non-irritating formula for even the most sensitive or dry skin. Can be used as a shaving cream too!
Peak Scents Wandering the West Trio

Wandering the West Juniper & Vetiver Beard Oil, Balm, and Mist Trio is the perfect holiday gift set for him. This skin care kit includes: 1 oz. J+V Beard Oil, 2 oz J+V All-Purpose Balm, and 2 oz J+V Hydrating Mist.
Joe-Le Soaps White Chocolate Holiday Gift Set

Joe-Le Soap’s White Chocolate Holiday Gift Set is the perfect gift for everyone in your life! The gorgeous set includes a white chocolate cocoa butter, aloe vera bar 3.5oz, moisturizing lip conditioner and soap saver! Joe-Le Soaps specializes in small batch, 100% natural, plant-based, eczema-friendly, artisan organic soaps, body butters, hair butters & lip conditioners. Charlotte-based, the Joe-Le Soap brand was started in 2018 by Levon Handsome. Levon and her husband Joseph Handsome's direct exposure to diseases such as Skin Cancer, Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, Eczema, and Alopecia inevitably sparked a passion for a product line that would help others with skin conditions that required a fine-tooth comb over ingredient lists. 
Hope Haven Little Homes

Redefining dollhouses in the modern age! Hope Haven Little Homes were created as a miniature, modular, and on-the-go alternative to traditional, large-scale dollhouses. Compact and made with versatile features, Hope Haven Little Homes come with magnetic wall hangings in trendy designs that allow for rearranging and encourage little ones to use their imagination.
Created to be played per inch with contemporary and unique accessories, Hope Haven Little Homes modern dollhouses are truly one of a kind! Proceeds from Hope Haven Little Homes purchases are donated to supply an underprivileged child with their own Hope Haven Little Home. Shop Hope Haven Little Homes beautiful, modern dollhouses and hand-made accessories or on-the-go creative play!
The Dearest Grey Bento Boxes

Made for parents by parents! The Dearest Grey is family-owned and operated to make all parents’ lives easier. All products are made with food-grade silicone and safety for all little ones. There are products for all children's needs, from pacifiers to lunch-sized bento boxes. Shop family friendly with The Dearest Grey!
KeaBabies Ornament Keepsake Kit

Founded in 2017, KeaBabies has quickly won the hearts of over 3 million parents worldwide. Offering organic, earth-conscious products at a reasonable price, KeaBabies can help you make parenting look easy! With thousands of reviews on Amazon and a community of parents to connect with, KeaBabies was founded by two parents to create a community to foster the
next generation. Featuring products for every stage of life, to support you in the journey of parenthood. Featured here is the Adore Ornament Keepsake Kit.
Top Dog Puzzle

America’s Top Dog Model's adorable, jigsaw puzzle will keep the entire family entertained for hours! Warm your heart and home, while taking on the fun challenge of this beautifully detailed 110-piece puzzle. 
the furryfolks Dog Bless Sweater

Looking for a trendy gift for your pup this Holiday season? Make sure your best (furry) friend stays warm and cute through the holidays with amazing sweaters from the furryfolks! Originally founded in 2019, the furryfolks have grown to become the brand for comfy, chic, and oh-so-adorable sweaters and accessories for all your pups. Their fashion-forward designs and high-quality fabric keep your pups cozy and stylish all winter long! The furryfolks sweaters are made from the best quality material that’s not only fluffy and cozy, but inclusive to all dog shapes and sizes! This adorable Dog bless y'all on a sky blue-base sweater, comes with a foldable high-neck, rib chest, and rib trim. It also has a leash hole on the back. This sweater will fur sure keep your dog feeling soft, warm, and cozy!
the furryfolks Hooman Nosework Toy

Are you looking for a fun and interactive way to teach your dog how to find hidden treats? You are in the right place. Meet the Hooman Nosework Toy! Fill the knotted hairball with tasty treats and give it to our furryfolks. The more they play with the toy, the more confident and stress-relieved they'll feel. Do your furry folks enjoy dressing the same as their best toy friends? Check out their matching Dog Bless and Flower sweaters!

If the hairball is pulled or snagged, reverse the direction of the stretched string and redistribute the tension to readjust. For the safety of your furry folks, please use the furryfolks item(s) within reach of your eyes and check the product(s) condition daily.
Checker Chewy Vuiton Trunk Interactive Toy

Playtime has never been more fashionable with this fun Chewy Vuiton Trunk Interactive Dog Toy! Comes with three mini plush toys for interactive fun. Trunk Measures 7 x 6 x 5.5 inches. Balls measure 2.5-inch diameter.
KindTail PAWD

The PAWD is your dog’s dream den. The kind that makes them wag their tail incessantly at the thought of curling up inside. It is a safe space where your dog can bury his toys and take a well-deserved nap. This modern, collapsible, and lightweight dog crate is easy to set up and blends nicely with your home decor. Give your pup the furever home it deserves and treat them to a PAWD.
America’s Top Dog Model On-The-Go Kit

America’s Top Dog Model's exciting new On-the-Go modeling kit is designed for people and their pups! As a top model, it is essential to always be prepared, whether it’s on a casting call, go-see, or booking. America’s Top Dog Model ® On-the-Go Kit signature black & white collection includes a tote bag, portfolio, planner, water bottle, bandana, and “Pitch Power,” a powerful guide that includes information for crafting an influential pitch letter to help land a dream collaboration!
Luis Steven

Upgrade your wardrobe with a designer bag from Luis Steven. Designed to add color, style, and an element of fun to traditionally dull laptop bag markets, Luis Steven creates designer bags at affordable prices. Their newest collection features a variety of business styles, stylish crossbody bags, and beautiful backpacks to be both functional and fashionable. Whether you’re commuting to the office or heading out for a night with the girls, there is a bag for you. All products are handmade by artisans using premium Italian leather, natural suede lining, and other internationally sourced materials. Check out these gorgeous laptop backpacks and
their newest crossbody bag.
Top Dog Events
Holiday Pup-Up

You are invited to a Holiday Pup-Up event (Dec 9th - Dec 11th) in NYC! Come get your holiday card photos taken with your dogs! There will be a photo booth setup with holiday props (Christmas, Hanukkah, and Winter-themed)! To guarantee your entry, please book your spot ahead of time. We ask that you bring one (1) item from a curated list from our animal rescue partners or show proof of donation to one of our rescue partners. Each day a new rescue partner will be supported, and adoptable dogs will be invited to get their photos taken, too! Join us: 104 Charlton St., New York, NY 10014. Friday from 12-6pm; Saturday from 12-6pm; Sunday from 12-3pm.
WestWorld of Scottsdale
16601 N Prima Rd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
November 30 - December 4, 2022
Hundreds of canine athletes will compete for national championship titles in the Cynosport® Dog Agility World Games, at WestWorld event complex in Scottsdale. Hosted by the United States Dog Agility Association, Inc. ®. Admission is free, and spectators will enjoy daily action in multiple rings from 9 am until 4 pm.
Holiday Street Parade
Federal HWY & SE 5th St.
Boca Raton, FL 33432
December 7, 2022
The 50th Annual Holiday Street Parade on December 7, will feature more than 70 floats and groups which will entertain viewers as they bring dancing, lighting, and music to Boca Raton. The parade will start at Federal Highway and SE 5th Street, and travel north to the Mizner Park Amphitheater. This year’s theme is "Groovy 70's” to celebrate the 50th Anniversary (1972-2022). (

Seminole Hard Rock Winterfest Boat Parade

Seminole Hard Rock Winterfest Boat Parade - December 10, 2022. Greater Fort Lauderdale, Florida, kicks off the holiday season with an epic boat parade with the theme “Neon Nightlife Under the Sea.” In its 51st year, the Seminole Hard Rock Winterfest Boat Parade is a cherished holiday tradition which family and friends line up along the 12-mile parade route to watch a procession of mega-yachts, barges, and boats adorned with thousands of lights, decorations, and on-board entertainment. The parade showcases national and local businesses, but also individuals, families, groups, and charities that decorate their boats in lights and become stars on a floating stage. This time-honored tradition brings more than 1 million spectators along the natural backdrop of Broward County from Fort Lauderdale’s New River and Intracoastal Waterways to Lake Santa Barbara in Pompano Beach. The Parade is a time to celebrate this beautiful season, whether it's watching online from home, applauding from the balcony, or being cheered on while sailing through one of the "World’s Most Watched Boat Parade."
America's Top Dog Model Paw Prints Magazine

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