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We are rich indeed because the coaching life is about:

Our People,
Our Purpose,
Our Places

AND because some coaching jobs include Spring Break! Hear what Cari Trotter on our staff wrote after their break- it could describe a lot of us:

Re-entry from Spring Break is hard, ya'll...whew.
So I was sick last Saturday and Sunday which made our re-entry slightly strained come Monday because momma was down for the count.  Thank goodness I bounced back fast thanks to a fair amount of  sleep, one amazing Coach Man and vitamin C.  I mean life ran right back at us yesterday and I am just gonna word vomit to ya'll that I don't know how well I navigated standing firm while the ground felt shaky.  Seemed to spend the whole day yesterday trouble shooting the calendar pages.  Thankfully the dust from the day settled and all tribe members got where they needed to go when they needed to be there, but I kept hearing myself say "Whew!" over and over again.

So MANY great things are happening for Coaches' Wives these days- be encouraged!

Cheering for you,

Time to make some Summer Plans

I''ll never forget the first time we left our two children (ages 2 and 4) with grandparents, and drove to Colorado for an FCA Coaches Camp. I was sure homesick for the kids.  We traveled 600 miles and didn't know anyone else there, but Randy had great experiences with FCA, and all the couples were friendly.
One of the first activities was to answer, "what is the character trait you think your spouse  values most?" I thought Randy would say my faith or optimism. What he said was "loyalty." It's an old-fashioned word but went straight to the heart of our marriage. That weekend I heard a lot of new information on communication. Coaching couples have to take advantage of the few times we can get away from the job and be "coached" in our marriages. Later, as we went through the cafeteria line, I saw "celebrity" coaching couples, who were just so normal and I watched them closely.  I thought, "If they can do it, I can too." They looked so happy, and what an impact they were having on so many lives. 
We went to a different marriage camp the next summer, and another one the next. I bet we have been to almost 30- BECAUSE WE NEEDED IT! EVERY YEAR our marriage needed (needs) help and we are going through different challenges. Sometimes we went to FCA, sometimes Coaches Outreach, and sometimes Coaches Time Out. They are all great! One summer we attended two camps, and Randy later said that was too much communicating (crying)!

Here are  some links to find out more if this is something for you.

The camps offer a great rate starting at $150 per couple. Most are open to giving scholarship help. We have been the beneficiaries of that as well.

CLICK on these to get more info.

Coaches Outreach (AL, TX, NC, AR)

Coaches Time Out (NC, LA, FL)

A "time out" can be a pivotal part of the game-make the most of it, so when the next whistle blows, you're ready to jump back into the game.


Pep talks are part  of  our lives as coaches' wives, and boy do we need them! We all need a reminder of the tremendous impact of the coaching life.
Randy and I have been so blessed to have Neal Jeffrey (click to find out what makes him so special) as our Bible teacher each Sunday for 17 years! His father James Jeffrey was one of the first Presidents of the National FCA. 
While Spring Break gives us the needed PUSH to finish the year strong, there are those times we feel stuck, especially when our coach has a sinking spell - he may wonder, "is this the best place for me? is this the right staff to be with? am I using my gifts to their fullest?"
Where  does our purpose begin? My sense of purpose began when a girl named Tranette told me God had a plan for my life. 
You remember carpool? Those people see you at your very worst. I rode to school with a very patient Coach Shane LeStourgeon and his family in a car like this, and got to see a coaching family up close and personal.  Others are watching YOU closely too. 
A few years later when Randy Allen proposed, I had a picture of what it would be like to marry a coach - a chance to live close to the dreams of athletes and students. A life of purpose.
Here's how Nations of Coaches
challenges coaches with Purpose:

Coaches Wives in Austin at IF!

Many more of you were in Austin, or watched the livestream around the world. 

Coaches Wives Denisa, Ashley, Cari with me.
Stacey and Debbie were volunteers with me. The three of us raised our kids together as coaches wives on the same staff.
(Granddaughter Kate Allen joined in the fun.)

NEW IF:GATHERING APP on MARCH 21- It's like Pinterest!

I Believe Introduction

IF:Gathering App Introduction
IF:Gathering App Introduction by Jennie Allen


This might be just what you are looking for!


Our condolences to Monty Williams (asst. coach of the OKC Thunder and former HC of New Orleans) who lost his wife Ingrid in a car accident last month. She was an amazing wife, mom, and coach's wife. Listen to the eulogy.
Monty Williams delivers Eulogy for Ingrid Williams
Monty Williams delivers Eulogy for Ingrid Williams

A Valentines reunion with Brownwood coaches-the Bachtels, Allens, Coxes, and Harrells.
Don't wait for a holiday- get together for a meal!

Not 1
, but 2 Invitations!

Click above for the greatest coaches' wives event of the Tournament!

Click if you live near Waco, TX. Carolyn is speaking April 2!

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