We all strive to have our information up-to-date - is yours?
Support Our Values with Online Giving
Update your Donation and Personal Information


If you are an online donor to First Presbyterian, or if you would like to be, we are requesting that you take the time to review both your donation information, and your personal data.

Perhaps you've pledged a new amount to the Stewardship campaign. Or maybe you've got a new email or home address, a new cell phone number, or new bank information. We want to make sure that we have the most current data possible.

Therefore, we ask that you go to the First Pres website here:
And click on the Giving History & Profile link at the top of the page (circled in red):
Once you click on that link, a page like the one below will open, and you can sign in (#1) or create a login - if you haven't before (#2). There is also an option if you've forgotten your password or username! From there, you can follow the instructions on the page, to update your personal information, and to enter your 2018 pledge.
And, if all else fails, our new Financial Secretary Lynne Nelson has kindly agreed to sit down with you to assist. Please email her at the link below, and she will, depending on her work schedule, get back to you as soon as she is able, to set up a time for you to come to her office.
Please complete your updates prior to December 22. Thank you very much!
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