April 22, 2021
Your Planet, Your Park, Your Place
Today I’m sending Happy Earth Day greetings from Bear Valley...one of my favorite spots on our planet. Earth Day shares the calendar with National Park Week and National Volunteer Week. There is much to celebrate this week, and so much to reflect upon also. The news of a first conviction in George Floyd’s murder trial provided a chance to exhale with the knowledge of justice carried. The persistent news stories of hate embedded in white supremacy means the work to create a just world is unfinished. At PRNSA we continue to do our work to map a park for all and reaffirm our commitment to our Black Lives Matter and #StopAsianHate pledges. 
The Intersection of People and Parks
Conservationist Aldo Leopold said two things most interested him: the relation of people to each other and the relation of people to the land. On this Earth Day I’m thinking about the intersection of these interests at our park. 

In honor of National Park Week, I’m proud to introduce you to Yvonne Morales, a National Park Service colleague who found a career caring for parks and people thanks to the support of a special program and individuals who recognized her potential. We are all the better off because of this foresight and investment. As former Seashore Superintendent Cicely Muldoon told me, “Yvonne has a creative intellect, a great sense of humor, an unassailable integrity, and a talent for solving thorny problems.” 
Planting Seeds at the Seashore
On Sunday we wrap up our inaugural Youth In Parks program with our new friends at GirlVentures (read more about this amazing partner below). A lesson we led on measuring tree canopy density (using densiometers crafted from hardware supplies) inspired the header of this e-newsletter. Over the course of three visits to Point Reyes National Seashore, the youth participants will have studied estuary, dune, and riparian habitats, and learned to read changes in the landscape with connections to fire ecology and climate change. We've also baked in time to relax and enjoy beautiful Limantour Beach and other parts of the park. By coming to the Seashore for multiple visits the girls not only have the chance to build on scientific concepts, but also bit-by-bit will make this place their own. We will all benefit from this expanded group of park lovers and defenders.
Thanks to our friends at Point Reyes Books, I recently heard of Dr. Beronda L. Montgomery, an inspiring scientist and conservationist who explores what plants can teach us in her new book, Lessons from Plants. Stephen Sparks, the co-owner of the bookstore said,” I think it's one of the best books written about race and the natural world, maybe especially because it comes at it from an angle of joy and caretaking." Here is Dr. Montgomery in conversation with sociologist and writer Dr. Crystal M. Fleming reflecting on the symbiotic relationship between people and nature. In this interview with Dr. Montgomery I was reminded of the impact our Youth in Parks program could have on a child and our world. 
Volunteers as Multipliers
In honor of National Volunteer Week, I'm so pleased to congratulate the first 13 participants of our pilot Climate Stewards program this week. We've learned so much through piloting this eight week intensive program in partnership with the UC California Naturalist. We look forward to following this cadre of volunteer naturalists and activists as they share their knowledge, hopes, and solutions to climate change within our communities. More stories of their work to come!

I’m also happy to highlight the contributions of our friends at Forensics Analytical Consulting Services. Their team has donated their services to develop an evolving Covid safety plan for our programs and work sites. This support is allowing us to re-open our education center and we look forward to welcoming back the first school groups in mid May thanks to their gift of services.

I hope you get a chance to take in the beauty in the world wherever you are today. As we work to map a more just and sustainable park and world, this beauty will keep us going. Thank you for being such an important part of the Point Reyes National Seashore community.
Donna Faure
Executive Director
Limantour Road Weekday Closure Announced 
Starting Monday, April 19, 2021 through Friday, May 7, 2021, Limantour Road will be closed each day, Monday through Friday, from 8 am to noon, and from 1 pm to 5 pm. On the weekends Limantour Road will be open to the public. The road closure is part of the park’s 2-year Federal Highways Administration and County of Marin road improvement project. 

Many areas of Point Reyes National Seashore are open and spring is a remarkable time to see wildflowers, whales and other wildlife. For current road and trail conditions, visit the park’s website and social media. Please recreate responsibly
The new NPS App is available for download in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.
Community Partners
Youth In Parks Partner Spotlight
At a critical time in their lives, GirlVentures combines outdoor adventure with social emotional learning for adolescent girls. Starting at age 11, youth participants follow the GirlVentures' Leadership Progression Model, building confidence, leadership and life skills as they backpack, kayak, and rock climb in the Northern California wilderness. They learn from experiential educators and mentors while gaining knowledge and tools that empower them to reach their full potential.

PRNSA is so grateful to GirlVentures for piloting our Youth In Parks program this month. We look forward to working with their dedicated staff to introduce the Seashore to more girls over the coming months and years. Learn more about GirlVentures.
Forensics Analytical Consulting Services
Forensics Analytical Consulting Services (FACS) is an environmental consulting firm that provides advice on protecting health at work and public sites. We are so grateful for their pro bono analysis of our programs and sites. With their help, we developed a comprehensive Covid safety plan that will evolve as situations change over the course of the pandemic. They provided training to staff to meet our OSHA compliance requirements and we all feel more secure that our programs are using the very best of practices.
Rec with Respect! 
Thursday, May 13, 6-7pm
Outside is the hottest place to be these days. With summer being just around the corner that phrase has more than one meaning. Parks just like Point Reyes National Seashore have been seeing a lot more visitors this last year and it's great to see more smiling faces. We want to make sure those faces stay smiling though. Join us for another one of our free webinars on what we think you should know before you go. Ticks, poison oak, and overexposure are some of the special concepts we will cover. As well as a long awaited update on the burn area of our park. Recreating responsibly is always on our mind so lets get it on yours too! Learn more and REGISTER HERE.
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