Good News Update 143 - 14th December 2015
We live in dark times, with the shadows lengthening every day. Our society grows anxious about what lies ahead. Yet while the darkness grows, we praise God that the light of JESUS shines all the brighter as believers worship Him and call upon His name. 

For the past five years National Day of Prayer and Fasting gatherings have taken place in the Great Hall of Parliament House in Canberra.  We know that God hears our prayers as we cry out to Him, "Abba, Father". Cries of repentance, cries of hope, cries of desperation. It is in His answers to our prayers that we rejoice, and it is your prayers that can make the difference in the struggle ahead. 

The Canberra Declaration Team is excited that the theme this year is JESUS.  That's because we believe that JESUS is the one and only real and lasting answer for our world, our nation and our communities today.  For JESUS, the unique Son of God is the "One and Only, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth" (John 1:14).

We believe that we are seeing a growing desperation for JESUS in individual lives and in our life as a nation. A growing hope for salvation, both in the here and now, and in eternity. We invite you to come to Canberra to gather with others to pray for Australia.

Please watch this short video.

NDOPD 2016 
We are excited to share that in recent years there have been a growing number of pre-events across our nation in the week leading up to the National Day of Prayer and Fasting. Early next year pre-events will be held across the nation between Saturday 30 January and Sunday 7 February 2016.  

We encourage you to hold a pre-event in your location. This could be -  
  • a family gathering
  • a gathering for a small group like a home group or prayer group
  • something for your local church
  • a gathering for Christians in your community
  • a gathering for your denomination
  • a gathering in your town or city or state
Pre-events can be as large or small as you like. You can register now.  In your registration you can indicate your interest in holding a pre-event. We will make available a sample program, prayer and declaration that you can use if you wish.
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Please help us promote the National Day of Prayer and Fasting (which is in itself the pre-runner for 40 Days of Prayer and Fasting) with A2 and A4 posters and smaller flyers. Complete the form and we will send these 2-sided posters in a tube or envelope.   
We also ask you to please make a donation toward the National Day of Prayer and Fasting, as an eternal investment for Australia and its people. Just as your prayers make the difference, your donations enable us to make a difference together. Thank you.
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JESUS Prayed with Fasting

The Bible has a great deal to say about both fasting and praying, including many commands to pray and fast so that we might come closer to God and hear His voice. 
The Bible and Church history also gives us examples of people who prayed with fasting. They used different types of fasts for different reasons, all with very positive results. But our supreme example is God's one and only Son JESUS!
  • JESUS prayed and fasted for "forty days and forty nights" (Matthew 4:2) in the wilderness at the start of His public ministry.  
  • JESUS assumed His followers would pray and fast by stating in the Sermon of the Mount "when you fast ..." (Matthew 6:16)
  • JESUS taught that when He returned to heaven that His disciples "will fast" (Matthew
What we see in the life and ministry of JESUS encourages us to do the same for the future of our nation and our children.  He is our one and only hope!
Please prayerfully consider your wholehearted and sacrificial involvement in the upcoming National Day of Prayer and Fasting. 
"To this  you were called,  because Christ suffered for you,  leaving you an example,  that you should follow in His steps" (1 Peter 2:21). 

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Working with you to make a difference together,

David Rowsome and Warwick Marsh
Canberra Declaration 
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