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Legacies Dallas History Conference
January 30
The 22nd Annual Legacies Dallas History Conference is going virtual this year on January 30th from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. The theme for this year is “Law & Order in Dallas Revisited” and will consist of six presentations which will include:
  • Historic Courthouses and Jails in Dallas by Marcel Quimby
  • A Fun Look at Crime by Rose-Mary Rumbley
  • Murder It Was: The Deaths of Two Women That Shocked Dallas in the 1910s by Rene Schmidt
  • Horror in Hollywood Heights by Teresa Musgrove
  • Ejected from Old Red: Black Jury Service in the Time of Jim Crow by Ralph Cousins
  • The Man with Nine Lives: Herbert “The Cat” Noble by Peter Kurilecz

In addition, there will be video tours of various parts of the Old Red Courthouse shown between the presentations.

Registration is $10 for the virtual conference and reservation must be made by January 28 by noon.
Submit a Nomination for the
2021 Preservation Achievement Awards
Have you, or someone you know, completed an outstanding preservation project that deserves recognition? Well then, nominate it for the 2021 Awards! Or, let us know about the project and we will pursue a nomination. The 22nd annual Preservation Achievement Awards are planned to be held next May during National Preservation Month.

Award nominations are being accepted for:

  • Rehabilitation or Adaptive Use of a residential historic building;
  • Rehabilitation or Adaptive Use of a commercial, institutional, or mixed-use building;
  • Rehabilitation of a Historic Landscape, Park or other Historic Resource;
  • New Construction/Infill in a historic neighborhood which may include an addition directly attached to a building, or an entirely new building (infill) which enhances the historic nature of the original building, streetscape or urban environment.

Nominations are due by January 29.
Update on the Virginia Savage McAlester Tribute
Artist Kat Warwick is underway with sculpting the art that will honor Virginia Savage McAlester to be erected at the Aldredge House in the Swiss Avenue Historic District. Asked to describe her inspiration, Kat commented, "the geometric column of the marble represents the stability of a strong foundation which Virginia possessed through her family, education, and her character. The swirling clouds represent the fluidity and currents of life - successes and challenges. The girls left and right represent growth that Virginia experienced with grace. The bird on wing represents Virginia's spirit and strength to overcome and be a beacon of hope; letting us know a single person can make a difference."

The stone for the sculpture came from Italy. To "let it know where in the world it is" in a language it understands, a group of artists and friends of Virginia gathered in December to honor the stone with a sip of Texas white wine. The wine has flavors of the Texas earth, minerals and water. Texas minerals meet Italian minerals!
The video shows Tribute organizer Harryette Ehrhardt, sculptor Kat Warwick, and artist Julia Ousley "honoring the stone."

Learn more about the Virginia Savage McAlester Tribute and how you can contribute to the creation of the sculpture and future programming in her honor.
A special thank you to the following contributors to
the Virginia Savage McAlester Tribute Fund to date
Clementine Adams & Virginia Adams
Ellen Amirkhan/Oriental Rug Cleaning Company
Ann Bagley
Caroline Giles Banks
Debra Barrios
Suzanne Bartolucci
Zaida Basora
Beth & Rick Bentley
Bernbaum/Magadini Architects
Sandy Brothers & Mike Holub
John Brown
Roger L. Carroll
Karen Casey
Cal & Clare Buie Chaney
Jane Chapman
Scott Chase
Steve Clicque
Gary C. Coffman
Philip & Melissa Crew
Kyle Crews
Angela Downes
Harryette Ehrhardt
Chaitan & Courtney Fahnestock
Ross & Lois Finkelman
Friends of the Aldredge House
Wilson & Betty Fuqua
Monty Garretson
Ann Gaspari
Peggy Lubben Gould
Erin Granberry
Mike & Debbie Gray
Suzi & Jack Greenman
Mary & Clifford Grum
Elizabeth Gunby
Lynn Hamilton
Jason & Alisha Harper
RuLan Hebeler
Martha Heimberg
Katy Ehrhardt Henderson
Philip C. Henderson
Barry Henry
LaRue Howell Henry
Katherine Homan
Kaki Hopkins
Carl Hunermund & Kara Murphy
Debora Hunter
Alfredo & Margaret Jimenez
Teresa Musgrove Judd
Paula Lambert
Gary Lawler
Ann Addyman Lawrence
Veletta Forsythe Lill
Julie Lowenberg
Susie Lowry
Elizabeth Mast
Arch C. McColl, III
Linda McFarland
Judy McMillen
Josephine Mitchell
Linda Mitchell
Carol D. Morse
John & Anne Mullen
Mary & Weldon Nash
Laura Noe
Mike Northrup
Marcel Quimby
Alicia Quintans
Dan Patterson
Ann Piper
Melissa Prycer
Skikha & Ganesh Raj
Ralph M. Randall
Linda Rayes
Carol Roark
Debby & Kevin Rogers
Lorie & Keith Routh
Janice Salmon Interiors LLC
Mrs. William Seale
Belinda Senevey & Adele Malpert
Cynthia Scofield
Scovell Family Foundation
Diane & John Scovell
Nancy Shelton
SHM Architects
Danelle Smith
Gary Smith
Suzanne Naomi Smith
Linda Solomon
Susanne Starling
Mary K. Suhm
Summerlee Foundation
Amy Talkington & Robbie Adams
CM "Carty" Talkington
Olive Talley
Halden Tally
Julie Travis
Molly Van Ort
Eloise Vellucci
Fen & Sharman Vesecky
Lynn Vogt
Liz Wally
Joan & Alan Walne
Mike Warren
Chad West for Dallas
Shirley Whitfield
Willis & Jan Winters
Has your online research hit a brick wall?
Have you done all the research you can online and now need to access information housed at the library but the physical building is closed? The Dallas History & Archives Division, located the seventh floor of the main branch of the Dallas Public Library, offers virtual research at this time. Email them with the information on what you are researching and they will look up information for you!
Landmark Commission Task Forces – The Task Forces for the various landmark districts are due to return in March. They will be virtual like other City of Dallas meetings.

City of Dallas Code Amendments – The ad-hoc committee to work with the Office of Historic Preservation on potential amendments to the City Code regarding historic preservation will start next week and run monthly through August. Cyndy Steiner will serve as the chair with members to include Diane Sherman, Daron Tapscott, Jason Harper, and Katherine Seale.

Historic Resources Survey The field work for the Deep Ellum portion of the Downtown Historic Resources Survey was completed this month. Originally, Deep Ellum was not a part of the project scope; however, it was able to be added at no cost as there weren't as many resources as anticipated to survey in the downtown area.
Director's Letter
David Preziosi
Happy New Year and welcome to 2021 everyone!
Normally I start the first email of the year highlighting some of the plans for events for the new year. Well, as we all know this is not a typical year and nor was the last one! There is hope with the vaccine that we will be able to get back to in person events sometime this year, although that timing remains a question. In the meantime, we are looking at some virtual programming to tide us over until we can meet again. And speaking of virtual events, be sure to sign up for the Dallas Legacies History Conference on January 30th and the Real Places Conference from February 3rd to 5th. Both are amazing conferences and worth joining virtually.
Advocacy is already underway for the new year with some carry over from last year and some new items. One of the new items is the Texas Legislature now that they are in session. Preservation Texas is leading the effort to track bills which might impact historic preservation, good or bad, and keeping local preservation nonprofits across the state up to date on the bills. In fact, we had our first group meeting about that last week. Public input on bills this year will be different and we are not exactly sure how all that will work when the bills get to committee hearings. In 2019, I made a couple of trips to Austin to testify for and against bills and to meet with legislators on bills. We’ll see how that goes this year. Now that the DISD bond passed, we are working to get a meeting set up with DISD staff to discuss the schools that are slated for replacement and to see if we can convince them that renovation might be an option instead for some of them. We will also be following the work of the ad hoc committee that has been established by the Landmark Commission to look at changes to the city code regarding historic preservation and the Certificate of Appropriateness process. Board member Jason Harper will be on that committee along with former board member Diane Sherman and former PD Executive Director and former Landmark Commission chair Katherine Seale. So, we are in good hands there! We are also very excited to hear that the Landmark Commission Task Forces and the Designation Committee will be starting up again soon! Both are important to the historic preservation process at the city and public input, so it will be good to have them back.
We do have some good news on our new web site! It looks like we are a few weeks away from launching! Irene and I have combed through the new web site to make sure things are correct and flow properly. The consultant is working on making some final changes and then we will test it out on several devices to make sure everything looks good before we go live. It is very exciting that we are almost ready to launch as the new web site will be a big improvement and make it easier for staff to maintain and update. We have to thank the Fondren Fund of the National Trust for Historic Preservation for providing a grant to help us with the cost of the new web site. 
Stay tuned for more about programs and events as we work though continued uncertainty this year. I hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy in these challenging times! 
All in-person events have been postponed until it is safe to meet in groups again.
Legacies Dallas History Conference
January 30
The 22nd Annual Legacies Dallas History Conference is going virtual this year with the theme of “Law & Order in Dallas Revisited.” There will be six presentations along with video tours of various parts of the Old Red Courthouse shown between presentations.
Real Places 2021 Conference
February 3-5

Presented by Phoenix I Restoration and Construction and hosted by the Friends of the Texas Historical Commission, this will be the first virtual Real Places Conference. The robust schedule features 44 speakers from across Texas and the U.S. and 28 sessions on a variety of historic preservation and heritage tourism topics.
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