Summer Sizzler programs are in full swing!
New Preservation Dallas Board members elected at the Annual Meeting include (l to r) George Keaton, Jr. Jamie Slagel, Fred Pena, and Charles Brower. Erika Huddleston, the other new board member, was not able to attend the meeting as she was on vacation.
New Board Members Elected at Annual Meeting
The annual meeting this year was held at the historic Longhorn Ballroom last month. It was built by millionaire O.L. Nelms for country and western signer Bob Wills in 1950. Originally named Bob Wills’s Ranch House until Doug “Dewey" Groom took over in 1958, it was renamed the Longhorn Ballroom. During his tenure he made the ballroom into a great success bringing in county stars such as Loretta Lynn, Merle Haggard, Conway Twitty, Willie Nelson and more. Other non-country performers also graced the stage including B.B. King, Nat King Cole, Lionel Hampton, and Al Green. Groom sold the ballroom to Ira Zack who brought in the Sex Pistols, George Thorogood and the Destroyers, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Georgia Satellites, and more. At the meeting, Jay LaFrance, new owner of the Ballroom talked about its history, showed some fun historic images of the Ballroom and talked about its rehabilitation, which won it a 2018 Preservation Achievement Award from Preservation Dallas.

At the meeting five new board members were elected and five rolled off the board. New board members elected for a three-year term included: Charles Brower, Erika Huddleston, George Keaton, Jr., Fred Pena, and Jamie Slagel. Board members who came off the board include: Kerry Adams, Michael Fahrenbrook, Carrie Gillespie, Craig Melde, AIA, and Carol Roark. Thank you to those board members for their service to Preservation Dallas!

After the meeting the new board elected the officers for the 2018-2019 year. The new officers are:

Joanna Hampton, AIA – President
Leigh Richter - VP, Preservation Issues
Will Stovall - VP, Membership/Development
Vanessa Baker - VP, Education
Dave Millheiser – Treasurer
 Jamie Slagel – Secretary
 Alicia Quintans, AIA - Past President

Our gratitude goes out to Jay LaFrance and the Longhorn Ballroom for hosting the meeting and to Ben E. Keith for providing the beverages!
Letter from the New Board President
As we begin a new year I look back at the long history of Preservation Dallas. Begun with a simple yet ambitious goal to ‘preserve and revitalize Dallas’ buildings, neighborhoods and historic, architectural and cultural resources’. The work of the organization continues today with new faces and tools and many of the same challenges in making the case for the important role preservation plays in creating a vibrant and livable city.
A quick look around our neighborhoods and downtown skyline shows the growth taking place. As a city we are beginning to embrace our historic buildings and fabric as a key element of that growth. From the recent expansion of the demolition delay area, to continuing the Federal Historic Tax Credit and approving bond money for our cultural institutions, the investment in our historic fabric bodes well for a shift in the conversation surrounding the role of preservation. 
Moving to Old East Dallas 24 years ago, I have been privileged to see firsthand the results of investing in our city’s past. Vibrant neighborhoods, a renewed focus on walkability, revitalization of local retail and community services — these are a few of the benefits that investing in our historic buildings and existing urban fabric can provide by knitting together old and new to create rich environments and a sustainable city for future generations.
There are many opportunities ahead but more and more preservation is leading the conversation a direct result of your support and the advocacy efforts of Preservation Dallas. Education and outreach are critical to building an understanding of why historic buildings matter — and their intrinsic value to our city and its future. 
I am honored to have been asked to serve as president for the coming year and am deeply grateful for the dedicated board of trustees who are generously sharing of their time and knowledge to support the organization. The work of Preservation Dallas would not be possible without the efforts of the board, staff, volunteers and all of you who support our mission. 
In a recent article I read, it closed by noting “you have to be active in what matters to you.” Preservation matters, and I look forward to continuing the conversation with all of you and throughout our city in the coming year.
Joanna L Hampton, AIA
Most Endangered Places Nominations Due August 24!
Do you know of a threatened or endangered site in Dallas? If so, nominate it for the 2018 list of the Most Endangered Historic Places! The new list will be announced this fall. Click here to download a nomination form. Nominations will be accepted until Friday, August 24.
Dallas Center for Architecture becomes AD EX
The Dallas Center for Architecture, our partner on many events, has re-branded to become AD EX, shorthand for The Architecture and Design Exchange. This is in anticipation of their move to their new headquarters in the historic Republic Center downtown. They will have street level presence at the corner of Pacific Avenue and St. Paul Street with views of the new Pacific Plaza Park under construction. “Building on the momentum created over the past ten years, we look forward to AD EX becoming a critical force in an ever-growing conversation on the design and livability of our cities,” says Jan Blackmon, FAIA, executive director of The Architecture and Design Foundation and AIA Dallas. “We believe this storefront space in the middle of a new epicenter for downtown will give us opportunities to reach new audiences. Our hope is that AD EX will inspire our community to see its surroundings differently and imagine new possibilities for design as a solution.”

The AD EX will be home to the Dallas Chapter of The American Institute of Architects (AIA Dallas) and The Architecture and Design Foundation, formerly known as Dallas Center for Architecture Foundation (DCFA). It is also the place where AD EX programming and AIA Dallas member events occur, as well as a variety of programming on architecture and design presented by other collaborating organizations, such as Preservation Dallas. The new space is slated to open October 2018 and when you see a joint program sponsored by Preservation Dallas and AD EX, you'll know who they are!
AIA Dallas Releases Policy Statement on
Local Architectural Heritage
AIA Dallas recently released a policy statement on local architectural heritage on behalf of the chapter which lays out six guiding principles when working with historic architecture including: retain and enhance urban context, maintain the character of neighborhoods and districts, treatment of individual properties, supporting the historic designation of significant properties, the value of AIA Dallas recognition, and preservation standards. It also discusses what it means to preserve historic places and the value of local architectural heritage including: cultural and historic identity, enhanced economic opportunities for economic development, consistent with sustainable development, a cornerstone of local revitalization efforts and it's consistency with modern planning concepts. The Historic Resources Committee for AIA Dallas worked on the creation of the statement which can be viewed here
20th Annual Legacies Dallas History Conference Call for Proposals
In celebration of its milestone twentieth
anniversary, the organizers of the Dallas History Conference welcome proposals from both professional and lay historians on the theme, “Turning Points in Dallas History,” focusing on key events that shaped the city and region. Find out more here about submitting a proposal. Proposals are due July 31st.  
Preservation Issues
Historic Designation and Appeal Process Committee Update - Due to the issue with the appeal of the Lake Cliff Historic District Expansion, the Dallas City Council directed Staff to work with an ad-hoc committee of the Landmark Commission to review and provide recommendations to streamline the existing requirements for initiation of the landmark designation process and the appeal of the initiation process to City Council. The ad-hoc committee has been meeting since May and has been working on coming up with a revised process for historic designations of new historic districts or expansions of existing ones. Changes to the process being considered include the number of Landmark Commissioners to initiate the process, notification to property owners affected, adding an additional meeting with the community, and changing the appeal time frame. One more meeting is scheduled for this month on July 25 at 5:30 p.m. in L 1EN Conference Room E, which is located in the basement of Dallas City Hall. The meetings are open to the public with a time for input and comment during each meeting. To find out about the past meetings and upcoming meetings click here. The recommendations from the committee will be presented at the Landmark Commission meeting on August 6 during the public hearing starting at 1:00. 

Tenth Street Demolitions - Two properties in the Tenth Street Historic District came up for demolition review at the Landmark Commission meeting earlier this month. The properties at 1105 E. 9th Street and 1107 E. 11th Street were previously approved by Landmark Commission for demolition, due to a court order for demolition for each of the properties. However, the demolition permits expired and the City Attorney's Office was back requesting approval from the Landmark Commission for demolition to satisfy the court order. The Commission heard from an interested party in both of the cases who would like to try to acquire the properties. The Landmark Commission deferred the case until the August meeting to give the party a chance to work out an agreement to acquire the property. If that cannot happen by the next meeting the Commission will have no choice but to approve the demolition since it is a court order.

DART D2 - DART has been working on the planning for the D2 line through downtown which will go underground through most of downtown. They are looking at the locations for the entrance and exits to the subway tunnel as well as station locations and where the access points will be for those. There was a stakeholder meeting last month and more public meetings are planned for this fall. To find out more about D2 and the progress DART is making on the line click here.
Director's Letter
David Preziosi
Wow, the summer heat is here with the heat wave this week! July also means the start of our new fiscal year at Preservation Dallas and with new board members and new board leadership at the helm. I am excited to work with the new group and especially with Joanna Hampton, our new Board President. After several years of Oak Cliff presidents, we now have one from Old East Dallas. But we are keeping the architect streak going as Joanna, an architect, is following the past two presidents who were also architects. We've already had our first breakfast meeting to discuss issues and upcoming plans. Joanna has served on the board for a number of years and was most recently the treasurer. She brings a wealth of knowledge of Dallas and has been involved in numerous preservation issues in East Dallas including the Lakewood Theater and the Aldredge House. I look forward to working with her more in the next year as she has a great passion for Dallas’ historic places and finding solutions to the many issues we face in trying to preserve our built heritage.
As Joanna starts as President that means Alicia Quintans has ended her term as President and I must thank her for her great leadership and dedication to the position. As any former Board President can attest that is not easy with so many wide ranging issues to deal with including those during Alicia’s term such as Monuments, Fair Park, Aldredge House, Demolition Delay Area expansion, and more! She did an excellent job of keeping the Board and organization on a steady course through all of that. Her responsiveness and attention to detail on the issues was greatly appreciated not to mention all of our breakfast meetings where we discussed the various issues, planning for events, board and committee work and more. It is a huge commitment for someone to be the Board President of an organization like Preservation Dallas with all that we do. Alicia certainly stepped up to the plate and I enjoyed working with her and greatly appreciated her support in dealing with very difficult issues this past year. Thankfully Alicia still has another year left on the board so she can continue to be involved!

While I'm passing out the thanks I must also give a big thank you to everyone who contributed to the Fiscal Year-End Campaign! It was a great way to close out the fiscal year and to get us ready for our new one. Contributors included: Christina Alty, Buddy Apple and Brad Nitschke, Vanessa Baker, Crystal Bell, Kathy Carney, Elizabeth Gunby, Joanna and John Hampton, Erika Huddleston, Gary Lawler, Larry Loftis, Robert Meckfessel FAIA, Dave and Peggy Millheiser, Dan Mulford, Ann Piper, Marcel Quimby, Alicia Quintans, Leigh and Paul Richter, Mrs. George A. Shutt, Jacqueline Staley, Cheryl Tyner, the Weaver and Tidwell Private Foundation.
And, don’t forget to join us for our wonderful Summer Sizzler programs this summer! The first two have been great and we have six more to go with the last one a special presentation I'm giving on the history and impact of Braniff Airways on Dallas. We also working on planning some great InTown Outings for the next few months and a very special Fall Architectural Tour on October 27 featuring houses designed exclusively by Charles Dilbeck. There will also be other events through the fall and spring so stay tuned for more great programs and events!
Make sure to stay cool out there in this crazy heat!
Summer Sizzlers: Lost, Texas
Tuesday, July 24, 6 p.m.

Have you ever driven past an old, abandoned building and wondered what its use was and what it looked like in its heyday? Author and photographer,  Bronson Dorsey , will take us on a visual tour all over Texas of these hidden and sometimes neglected gems. Copies of his book,   Lost, Texas, Photographs of Forgotten Buildings , will be available for sale.
Summer Sizzlers: The Shack
Tuesday, July 31, 6 p.m.

The Shack began life in 1918 on Tremont Street as a two-car garage. Roger D. McIntosh, a stained glass artist, bought it in 1921 and turned it into a domicile which he named “The Shack”. After major additions and a second owner, the current owner,  Terri Raith , bought it in 2004 and began extensive repairs after discovering it on a Preservation Dallas outing. Please enjoy the visit to this truly unique Junius Heights home which is on the National Historic House Registry.
Summer Sizzlers: International in Brownsville
Tuesday, August 7, 6 p.m.

Built in the late 30s for George Kraigher, this home was the first Richard Neutra home commissioned in the state of Texas. Join us as we listen to Preservation Dallas member,  Ambrosio Villarreal  talk about how he worked to save this beautiful International style home from demolition, placing it on the National Trust’s Most Endangered List.
Please Welcome our New Members!
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Thank you to the following members for renewing!
Rachael Anderson
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