Check out Modern Masterpieces on the fall tour!
Join us for the annual Fall Architectural Tour for an exclusive look at several of the greatest contemporary houses in Dallas. You will not want to miss this opportunity! Bold design shoulders the five featured tour homes, all built in the 1950s, 60s and 70s, as notable architects interpreted forward thinking and technology in the field of architecture. From the Polynesian resort feeling at the 1955 Shwiff House, to the organic 1962 Parker House, to the 1977 gem designed by HKS Architects founder Harwood K. Smith for his personal use, this tour will be full of unexpected marvel. We are also proud to include the rebuilding at the site of the 1962 Charles Dilbeck designed Lobello House. Many have seen the reconstruction, following a tragic fire, and the final product is finished and ready to be showcased especially for our guests. The tour will also feature a chance to explore the rarely seen 1970 Eugene and Margaret McDermott House designed by Scott Lyons.  

The day will begin at the Angelika Film Center with morning refreshments and an architectural discussion highlighting the evolution of the modern style. Featured speakers for the discussion will be Marsha Prior, Ph. D., an architectural historian and preservation planner for the City of Dallas, and Bang Dang, an architecture professor at the University of Texas at Arlington. They will talk about the modern architecture movement in Dallas and how the tour houses are excellent examples of what was then a bold new style for Dallas. The entire day will be filled with surprises and unparalleled homes to see.

Check in for the tour begins at 8:30 a.m. with refreshments. The symposium begins at 9 a.m., and the tour houses will be open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Attendees are REQUIRED to check in at the Angelika Film Center. Tickets are $40 for members and $50 for non-members with ticket fees extra.
North Texas Giving Day was a Big Success!
Preservation Dallas had a most successful North Texas Giving Day this year as we more than doubled our goal! An incredible feat and we are so thankful for all who gave to Preservation Dallas! We participated this year with 2,988 other nonprofits in the North Texas region and over $50 million was raised during the day, an increase of $2 million from 2018.

We had 90 wonderful gifts this year putting us at over $16,000 in donations, which was a record for us! We greatly appreciate the following who gave to help us with our work: Sarah and B.J. Allen, Norman Alston, FAIA, Wade Andres, Cathy S. Apple, Temple Ashmore, Ann and Jim Bagley, Vanessa Baker, Alice Baltierra, Camille Cain Barnes, Chris Bowers, Patrick Boyd, Colleen Brainerd, Nick and Abby Brooks, Greg Brown, John and Janet Brown, Jon and Ashley Bull, Dealey Campbell, Tammy Chambless, Victoria Clow, Deb and Scott Coldwell, Myron Dornic, Echelon Leadership LLC, Harryette Ehrhardt, Nicky Emery, Barak Epstein, Susan and Warren Ernst, Jacque Gavin, Erin Granberry, Joanna Hampton, Dr. and Mrs. Phillip Hansen, Morgan Harrison, RuLan Hebeler, Sydney Herndon, Erika Huddleston, Daniel Huerta, Carl Hunermund, Linda Mitchell, Lisa Kays, George Keaton, Jr., Ann Keen, Brian Keith and Koko Nomura, Susie Lowry, Virginia McAlester, Nancy McCoy, Alexis McKinney, Craig and Becky Melde, Peggy Millheiser, Norma Minnis, Charles Mitchell, Kelly Mitchell, Brady Moore, Lisa Moreno, LG and Kathy Moser, Juanita H Nanez, Fred and Ashley Pena, Paula Peters, Al and Joyce Preisser, Melissa Prycer, Marcel Quimby, Alicia Quintans, Paul and Leigh Richter, Paul Ridley, Lisa Ricci Rofsky, Jonathan Rollins, Leah Shafer Glaser and Greg Glaser, Sonya Shah, Diane Sherman, Eileen A. Shibata, Douglas and Jamie Slagel, Stacey Soper, Jim Stone, Will Stovall, Douglas Taylor, Shawn and Cheryl Todd, Julie Travis, Cindy and Paul Weatherall, Howard J. Weiner, David Whitley, Philip Wise, Claudia Worme, and a gift in honor of Herschel A. Weisfeld.
Advanced Historic House Specialist Seminar
Have you taken the Historic House Specialist and are you ready for the Advanced class? October 9th will be your next chance to take the Advanced Historic House Specialist class. The class is one-day and covers: materials and methods of Pre- and Post-WWII housing in Dallas, the economics involved in historic preservation, historic landscapes, and how to do an advanced research of a historic building on site at the Dallas Public Library. Don’t delay! This class fills fast!
Most Endangered Places Nominations Due October 21
Do you know of a threatened or endangered historic place in Dallas? If so, nominate it for the 2019 list of the Most Endangered Historic Places. Click the button below to download a nomination form. Nominations will be accepted until Monday, October 21. The new list of Most Endangered Places in Dallas will be announced in December.
Charles Dilbeck Exhibit at AD EX
Calling all Dilbeckians or even those that don't know much about Charles Dilbeck! A wonderful new exhibit has opened at AD EX featuring his fascinating body of work from his early years to his later years.

The exhibit was curated by architect Philip Henderson, FAIA, architect and author Willis Winters, FAIA, and photographer Carolyn Brown. It is brought to life with text about Dilbeck's work, elements of his signature style along with incredible photographs by Daisy Avalos, Justin Curtsinger, Lyndall Dyer, Don Essmiler, Gabrielle Pruitt, and Frank Richards.

The exhibit, EVOLVING A PERSONAL STYLE: THE ARCHITECTURE OF CHARLES DILBECK, is free and open to the public during AD EX hours Monday through Saturday. It will run until November 27. There is also additional programming on the exhibit through November. Find out more here .
Lindalyn Adams Portrait Unveiled at Old Red
This month a very special honor was bestowed upon Lindalyn Adams, a portrait of her to be installed at the Old Red Museum of Dallas County History and Culture. The portrait is in honor of her passion and many accomplishments over the years when it comes to preserving Dallas' history. Lindalyn was one of the founders of Dallas Heritage Village and was instrumental in the founding of the Old Red Museum of Dallas County History and Culture. She also worked tirelessly on making The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza a reality. Preservation Dallas honored her with the Dorothy Savage Award in 2013 for her impressive body of work and passion for preserving the legacy of Dallas's history.

The portrait was completed by local artist Shannon Kincaid and over 100 people were in attendance for the unveiling, including many members of Lindalyn's family. The Dallas County Historical Commission in partnership with with the Old Red Museum of Dallas County History and Culture, Dallas County Historical Foundation, Dallas Heritage Village at Old City Park, Dallas Historical Society, and Preservation Dallas organized the event. Read more about the event here .
Corporate Partner Highlight:
Bodron/Fruit balances impeccable interior design and exceptional architecture to create noteworthy buildings with purpose and function. Founders Interior Designer Mil Bodron and Architect Svend Fruit, AIA, established the firm in 1998 and have contributed to many well-known modern homes in Dallas. In addition to award-winning new architecture and interior design projects, the firm is incredibly proud to have played a role in preserving the original work of many influential modern architects. Their appreciation for great architecture from all eras drives a special interest in saving notable designs. They are experts at renovating and restoring in a manner that incorporates modern day conveniences while preserving elements integral to the original intent of the building.

Renovation projects include:
  • Philip Johnson residence | architecture + interior design
  • Howard Meyer residence | architecture + interior design
  • Frank Lloyd Wright residence | interior design
  • O’Neil Ford residence | architecture + interior design
  • Edward Larrabee Barnes residence | architecture + interior design
  • E.G. Hamilton residence | architecture + interior design
  • Robert Perry residence | architecture + interior design
  • Scott Lyons residence | architecture + interior design

The team of creative individuals at Bodron/Fruit shares a passion for design that is tailored to the client’s needs through careful collaboration between architectural elements and the details of the interiors. They are methodical and purposeful throughout every step of the design process. It’s all about context with each project - renovation and new construction alike.

Renovations involve working with the original architect’s idea and staying true to the original intent of the building, not creating their own idea. When it all comes together, it’s about the space feeling right.
Kalita Humphreys Theater – The Dallas Theater Center has put together a Steering Committee to work on updating the Master Plan for the theater and grounds. An RFP to engage a consultant to do the work on updating the plan is being crafted to be put out to bid late October or early November. The update to the plan is supposed to be completed by May of next year.  

Landmark Commissioner Changes – With the new council members on board at the city there have been a few changes to the Landmark Commission so far with some more to come. Diane Sherman and Sam Childers were promoted from Alternate positions with Diane now serving for D1 and Sam for D11. Alicia Quintans has been appointed as an Alternate. Leigh Richter was reappointed for D12 along with Emily Williams for D5 and Courtney Spellicy for D8. Emily Williams was officially made the Vice-Chair for the Commission.
Director's Letter
David Preziosi
Is it fall already? You certainly can’t tell with the weather, but calendar wise it is here. That means lots of activities on the schedule, including our own Fall Architecture Tour on October 26 with some really special modern homes on the tour this year. There are also several other home tours this fall in historic neighborhoods including Porchfest on October 5, Heritage Oak Cliff Fall Home Tour on October 19-20, Lakewood Home Festival November 8-10, and the Winnetka Heights Holiday Home Tour on December 7. Certainly no shortage of great historic houses to see. It still amazes me at how many homeowners are gracious enough to open their homes to the public and how many people are interested in checking them out. I know I'm always up for a home tour!

This fall there are also excellent exhibits in Dallas to check out. Of course everyone must see the incredible Charles Dilbeck exhibit at AD EX mentioned above as it is an incredible way to experience his truly unique architecture and quirky details, which are blown up to almost full scale. It is truly an immersive exhibit that was excellently crafted by Philip Henderson, Carolyn Brown and Willis Winters with photography by Carolyn Brown’s photography students. And there are two wonderful exhibits at the Hall of State to see curated by the Dallas Historical Society. The first one is an exhibit called “A Shared Border” which presents the diverse cultural landscape of Texas and Mexico along the border. From food and music to festivals and finance its showcases how the different cultures have helped shape the day-to-day lives of our two countries and the world. The other exhibit is “Texas Cinema” featuring an amazing collection of images, film, memorabilia and facts about Texas film and actors. And as a bonus you can pick up a Corn Dog before or after the exhibits at the State Fair of Texas!

There is also another place to check out this fall, Millermore at the Dallas Heritage Village. M any people have probably been to see it before but there is a new reason to see it now. The house has been closed for several months as a new interpretation plan was developed for the house. Now a broader story of the Miller family and the enslaved people who were brought to Texas by the family is being told. I was recently on one of the test runs of the newly revised tour and I have to say it was a fascinating look at the house and family though a different lens. The guided tour starts in Miller cabin discussing life there for the Miller’s before they built the big house and of the enslaved people during that time and after when they occupied the cabin. From there the tour progresses to the big house and starts with the bedrooms and the story of the lives of the different generations of the Miller family occupying the house. Next it goes to the dining room to talk about life in the house and then to what was one of the parlors where there is now an impressive display of family trees showcasing not only the Miller family but those of the enslaved families as well. Even if you have been to Millermore before you need to go again to see it in a new light and experience the new interpretation. Tours of Millermore are not included in the general admission now; however, it is well worth the $5 for the tour. Speaking of Dallas Heritage Village, we are saddened as many others are to see the Blum House closed due to maintenance issues. We hope that the necessary money can be found soon to help fix the issues and get the house back open to the public. You can read more about that situation here in a Candy’s Dirt article featuring an interview with Melissa Prycer, the President and Executive Director of DHV.

Here’s to fall finally arriving, hopefully with actual cool fall weather soon, and happy home touring and exhibit going!!
PDYP Happy Hour + Local History: Gensler 
Tuesday, October 8
5:30 - 7:00 pm

PDYP in partnership with the Design Society, an affiliate of the Dallas Architecture Forum, will join together for a Happy Hour in Gensler’s offices in the newly renovated Meadows Building. Drinks and hors d’oeuvre will be provided, followed by a brief history from Architexas of the Meadows Building and a tour of the Gensler offices.
Advanced Historic House Specialist seminar
Wednesday, October 9
8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Have you taken the Historic House Specialist and are you ready for the Advanced class? October 9th will be your next chance to take the Advanced Historic House Specialist class. The class is one-day and covers: materials and methods of Pre- and Post-WWII housing in Dallas, the economics involved in historic preservation, historic landscapes, and how to do an advanced research of a historic building on site at the Dallas Public Library. Don’t delay! This class fills fast!
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