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Tuesday, March 2, 2021
Unitarian Universalist Church of Bloomington, Indiana
  Congregation founded 1949 | LGBTQ Welcoming Congregation since 1995 | Green Sanctuary since 2007
Tuesday, April 6, 2021
Seeking the Spirit | Building Community | Changing the World
Join us for online services
Livestreamed on Sunday mornings at 10:15 am
Sunday, April 11, 2021
10:15 am Livestream
Lean in Toward the Light
Reverend Mary Ann Macklin
Ned Joyner

    In last Sunday’s Easter Worship service, we began to explore information known about the historical Jesus. In her reflections, Reverend Macklin said that she would continue those reflections this Sunday.
With the help of seminary student Ned Joyner, who is attending Union Theological Seminary remotely this year while also serving as one of our multi-media specialists, we will further explore one Jesus of Nazareth and the changing narratives and iconography that shaped his story. Ned will share an excerpt from his recent video interview with renowned New Testament Scholar John Dominic Crossan. Crossan, born in 1934, is an Irish-American historian of early Christianity, a former Catholic Priest who was a prominent member of the Jesus Seminar. Join us to learn more about what was lost and found in the journey of Christianity over thousands of years.
    Prepare to lean in toward the light on many levels. 😊
Sunday, April 18, 2021
10:15 am Livestream
Earth Day: A Celebration of Story
Reverend Emily Manvel Leite
Reverend Dave Clements
Reverend Mary Ann Macklin
UUCB Children's Choir
When did you stop being enchanted by story? Has your work to save our planet felt unending, exhausting, sometimes hopeless? Join us this morning to celebrate the earth and hear a story about persistence, camaraderie, and celebration leading to renewed possibilities. Our children’s choir, directed by Jill Courtney, will be a part of this service.

Sunshine Spectacular Drive-thru Festival at the church
Sunday, April 18, 3:00-6:00 p.m.

On Sunday, April 18 from 3PM to 6PM, you can come to the church for our outdoor Sunshine Spectacular! Turn in your paper pledge card (we mailed one to everyone yesterday, but we will have extras), partake of delicious sunshine cookies, be a part of an Earth Day plant giveaway, listen to the phenomenal UU Car Choir, and pick up the fabulous Ray of Sunshine CD, along with other excellent surprises (Please check the box on the pledge card if you want to buy the CD, and include the $20.00 for the CD in your total pledge amount).
Thank you!
Your Pledge Committee:
Rev. Dave Clements, Mary Boutain, Joan Caulton, Abby Gitlitz, Jackie Hall, Julia Lawson, Jason Michalek

An Invitation for Families
If you are coming to the Sunshine Spectacular celebration on Sunday afternoon April 18 from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m., click here to Request Your Family Sun Fun Kit available for pickup then. It includes two fun
sun-based activities to explore and an extra Earth-friendly sun bonus.

Early Bird Coffee Hour
Bring your coffee and join us at 9:15 am to relax with friends on Zoom before the service. Everyone is welcome! Click on this link to register for the early bird coffee hour and receive the Zoom link.  
Connect with our UU Community during Virtual Coffee Hour!
Everyone is welcome to join us after the worship service, until 12:30 pm, for engaging conversation in Virtual Coffee Hour. 
Just click on this link after the service to join us!  -Ann LeDuc, Connections Coordinator

Our Building is Closed, but Our Hearts are Still Open.
To do our part to disrupt the spread of coronavirus and COVID-19 in our community, our building is likely to remain closed for some months to come. Our Board of Directors will review this decision at each monthly board meeting.
To Give, and Give Generously

Our Sunshine Pledge Drive for 2021-22 is a time for UUCB members and friends to pledge a specific amount of money to support the church in the upcoming year. I think that the annual Pledge Drive, if approached in the right spirit, can be one of the most inspiring seasons in the entire church year. No kidding. It can be truly inspiring, energizing, transforming, and joy-filled!

For me, the Pledge Drive is when members and friends step back and take time to appreciate the congregation they share in and the positive difference it makes. It’s a time to tell our stories of what we have accomplished together. It’s a time to share the ways in which our congregation has helped us connect with friends, create unforgettable memories, and get through some tough times.

When we make our pledge, we can feel a renewed commitment to UUCB and our Unitarian Universalist faith. We may also experience a feeling of joy. As author and poet Maya Angelou once said, “I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.”

I am inviting all of you to give and to give generously.

Join us at church for our drive-thru Sunshine Spectacular celebration on Sunday, April 18 from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m.! (See details above.)


Rev. Dave Clements
Interim Minister Consultant
MAM Musing

On Sunday, I told the fowl story of how one of our dear hens, Sansa, jumped up on my lap and laptop while I was working on my Easter Sunday reflections and script. Within a short time she had deleted what I had written as a possible ending after the Choral Benediction of the “Repeating Alleluia”. I had typed in bold letters Possible Raucous Ending, meaning we might have The Gift, formally known as Ray Fellman, launch into some wild Easter dance music to send us out into the Sunday sunshine.

However, Sansa was having nothing of this. She managed to type the cryptic message “w3a” after the Choral Benediction and before Ray’s name on my computer.  I was puzzled by this and snapped a photo just before she started clacking at the keys again and then poof----the Possible Raucous Ending was gone. Deleted.

While I wouldn’t call this Chicken Soup Wisdom for the Soul, because that might be committing poultry sacrilege, I do believe Sansa had a point. Sometimes a worship service needs to find its completion in the simple beauty of music….leading us inward toward the light. Allleluia.

Cluckingly yours, MAM and Sansa

PS Photos below. Geez I need to clean my computer screen.
Emily's Post

Dear Friends,

This morning
A raccoon appeared
To join our menagerie. 
It traipsed down the garden,
Nosed under the deck. 
“Any room for more?”
Not sure how occupied 
we are this spring...

How occupied are you this spring? Is there room for more in your life as the weather warms? Or is it time to kick out some of the current tenants? It is a good time to sit outdoors, watch the world, and reflect.

Sending love your way,


Reverend Emily Manvel Leite
Minister of Congregational Life and Religious Education
Our Folks...
Congratulations and many blessings to Mandy Skinner, Matt Smith and big brother Silas, who welcomed a baby boy on March 27. Mandy is one of our Office Assistants, and she's taking some time off until mid-May!

Religious Education
  All ages can check out our website for more information on exploring our UU Principles or bookmark our calendar for read alouds, meditations, and more!
Adrienne Summerlot, Director of Religious Education
dre (at)

Next Steps in Transition
Second Sunday Listening Sessions
In March, the Next Steps in Transition (NEST) working group held a listening session during coffee hour to get input from the congregation regarding the eventual transition to in-person meetings. We received a lot of good ideas from those who attended. As a result, we will have monthly listening sessions in Virtual Coffee Hour on the second Sunday of each month. We invite everyone to join us this Sunday, April 11, in Virtual Coffee Hour. You can also email Abby Gitlitz (agitlitz (at) or Jane McLeod (jmcleod (at) with any ideas, comments, concerns, or resources you might have.
Our Sunshine Pledge Drive for 2021-22 Has Begun!
We are using our new database to receive your pledge commitment amounts  for 2021-22! Here is the link to the online pledge form, After pledging online, you will receive a thank you email that will contain a link so you can set up a payment on your pledge to happen anytime, including after the start of the fiscal year on July 1st. The site is very clean and intuitive, and we think navigating it should be a breeze. (There are also other ways for you to make your pledge, if you’d rather email or call us or send us a pledge card in the mail, or bring your pledge card with you on April 18; we mailed everyone a paper pledge card yesterday.)
Questions? Please contact Church Administrator Carol Marks at admin (at) or 812-287-9615.
Building Community
UU Singles April 9th

We are a group of single adults within the UU Bloomington community who meet occasionally for various kinds of events. We'd love to have you join us! We'll be meeting Friday evening, April 9th, for a presentation by our own Mary Yoke on Effective Goal Setting for Life.

- Friday evening, April 9:
* 6 to 6:30 p.m., hellos, intros, check-ins
* 6:30 to 7:30 p.m., Effective Goal Setting for Life, a presentation by Mary Yoke, followed by Q&A

Please join us!

If you are not already on the UU Singles e-mail list (where the Zoom link is published), please email Marie Deer or call her at 812-391-0900.
The Annual Online Goods and Services Auction
Needs YOU! Be Creative!
Auction Runs April 25-May 2
Donation Deadline is April 11

We still have a goal of $12,000 and we are looking for more outdoor dinners or events. What kind of masked, safely distanced outdoor gathering could you offer? Maybe it’s leading a bird watching hike on one of many beautiful trails around Bloomington. It could be a backyard concert or a “bring your own instrument” sing along. Maybe punch on the patio or wine on the back deck with munchies. Consider adding a rain date. Everyone is really wanting to socialize, so let’s give them a reason, and raise some $$ for UUCB. The deadline for completing donation forms is 4/11. Click here for the donation form
Email Debbie Fish schoolofdfish (at),
Ann LeDuc connect (at), or
Sarah Kopper Kopper.sarah (at) if you want to talk over your ideas.
We welcome new babies and newly adopted children!
Are you expecting a new baby or adopted child in your family, or do you know a UU who is? If so, please let us know! We want to welcome all new children to our UU family. Just email Ann at connect (at) and let her know about the new baby or adopted child. 

Become a Member on April 18!
Membership indicates your kinship and affinity with this church and the larger Unitarian Universalist religious community.  
The next membership ceremony is scheduled for Sunday, April 18 at 2:00 pm via Zoom. If you are new to Unitarian Universalism, we ask that you complete the Exploring Unitarian Universalism class before becoming a member. Let the Connections Coordinator know if you would like to attend the membership ceremony and become a member of the UU Church of Bloomington. Email Ann at connect(at) or phone (812) 720-3688.

Becoming Your Best Self: Sat, April 24, 10:30a-12:30p
With metaphor, a vision board, and shared stories, we will create your vision for you Best Self. Then, we will set your Best Self in motion by deciding actions/dreams/goals that align with that inner voice of wisdom that we all have. You know the one? The one that embraces Inner Child. The one that creates, doesn’t doubt, and moves boldly forward. Join UU Member Suzanne Fodor for a fun, creative session on Designing Your Best Self. This free workshop is sponsored by the Leadership Cultivation Committee.  Click this link to register.
Hike at Pate Hollow this Saturday!
Join the UU Hikers this Saturday at 1:00 PM for a spring hike at Pate Hollow.  Click this link to sign up

Online Adult Grief Group for COVID-19-related Losses
IU Health is offering an online monthly grief support group for adults who have experienced the death of a loved one as a result of COVID-19 complications. This group will be co-facilitated by a palliative care social worker and a hospice social worker. To register contact Shannon at spower(at) or 765.421.1022 with your availability. Once they have enough interest, they will start the group.
Visit with the Connections Coordinator Fridays at 3:30
Join the Connections Coordinator, Ann LeDuc, on Zoom Fridays, 3:30-4:30 pm. Ask your questions, or just visit. Everyone is welcome to drop-in. Additional ways to contact Ann are via email at connect(at) or phone at (812) 720-3688.  Use this link to drop-in and talk to Ann on Fridays at 3:30 PM

Making Your 21-22 Pledge in Our New Database
The online pledge form we are using for our Sunshine Pledge Drive for 2021-22 interfaces with our new database, Planning Center. We are still at the beginning of our "learning by doing" with the new system, and it has lots of groovy features. When the new fiscal year begins on July 1, you will be able to use the system yourself to set up a recurring electronic payment, if you like to make your contributions that way.

Paper checks and paper pledge cards of course are still just fine. Please remember to mail checks and any other paper correspondence to our PO Box: UU Church, PO Box 1158, Nashville, Indiana 47448-1158. This PO Box address will continue to be available for months to come, since forwarding from 2120 N. Fee takes the Post Office a very long time.

As usual, I'm available for administrative questions at 812-287-9615 or admin (at), Monday through Friday, 10 a.m.-4 p.m.

--Carol Marks, Church Administrator
Changing the World
SAVE THE DATE – MAY 22! Livestreamed
Habitat Fundraiser Concert
May 22
The UU Habitat Task Force is hosting a livestreamed, online fundraiser concert with a group of talented performers on Saturday, May 22. The concert, from 7 p.m. to about 9 p.m., will be emceed by Rev. Bill Breeden and Angela Lexmond, with most performances pre-recorded. We are raising funds to help co-sponsor a house for Habitat for Humanity of Monroe County.
Artists will include Bloomington’s Jenn Cristy, who has performed her piano-driven rock nationally; King Bee and The Stingers, a well-known contemporary blues band; two-time Grammy Award-winning singer and UU Sylvia McNair; classical pianist, composer Keaton Springfield; musicians Teddy Gonyea on piano and Ben Lopilato on bass; and the Radical Moderates: David Sharp, Dan Lodge-Rigal, Pat McNaughton and Matt Zink. Viewers will also hear about the need for decent, affordable housing from Habitat’s CEO Wendi Goodlett and a Habitat homeowner.
The Mandolin performance platform will be used to present the concert. Please watch for upcoming information about signing up online to purchase tickets at various prices. We appreciate your support!
Barb Berggoetz, Habitat Task Force chairperson
25% Sunday Plate Fund:
Nomination Process for 2021-2022
Application deadline April 15

The process for nominating our next local non-profit agency to receive 25% of Sunday non-pledge plate collections is approaching. An application form with guidelines will become available on March 1, 2021 for those who would like to nominate an agency to receive the funds from July 2021 – June 2022. The application deadline will be April 15th, after which the Social Justice Funds Committee (SJFC) will choose three nominee finalists for the congregation to vote on at the spring congregational meeting on June 6th.

Our contributions to the current recipient, Monroe County United Ministries Compass Early Learning Center, is $3814 in the first two fiscal quarters (with 2 more quarters to go!). The total donated to Volunteers in Medicine, last year’s recipient, was $8323! What local non-profit agency would you like to see be our next recipient?

Those who submit applications must be able to meet the following obligations: (1) contact the agency you support to gather the information necessary to complete the application. If among the three finalists chosen you will need to (2) provide a 200 word written information on the agency to be published in the May Prologue; (3) arrange for written materials to be sent electronically to the church in May to be used online, and (4) arrange for a two minute video of your presentation so that we can play it during the livestreamed service on June 6.

Contact Denise Ogren, SJFC Chair, at uucbsjfunds (at) for an application.

The Social Justice Funds Committee: Denise Ogren, Anna Beauchamp, Steve Mascari, Jay Sissom, Sarah Kopper. Advisors: Jackie Hall and Rev. Bill Breeden.
Green Sanctuary Task Force
Earth Day Bird Walk April 24
In honor of Earth Day, join Eve Cusack on a casual, slow-paced bird walk through Winslow Woods at 9:00 AM on Saturday, April 24th. During the peak of spring migration, we are likely to see a mix of native woodpeckers, finches and sparrows along with migrating warblers, vireos and thrushes. Bring binoculars if you have them, and possibly a bird identification book if you like. Plan to spend the time being quiet, as birds do not appreciate human voices. Masks are required to participate. We will wrap up between 10:30 and 11, but you are welcome to leave earlier if necessary. The group size will be limited to 9 people. To join us, RSVP to Eve at eveloftmancusack (at ) by Thursday, April 22.
Celebrating Earth Day
"Getting to Net-Zero" Presentation April 27
In celebration of Earth Day, Earth Care Bloomington is pleased to sponsor “Getting to Net-Zero,” a presentation via Zoom by Rev. Dr. Patricia Tull, on Tuesday April 27th, 2021 at 7:30 PM. Rev. Tull uses her own home as an example.
For a link to the Zoom meeting, please email Molly O'Donnell [mollysod (at) gmailcom] by April 25th. Here's a link to the flyer.
Reproductive Justice Task Force Encourages Donations to Hoosier Abortion Fund by April 30
The Reproductive Justice Task Force's annual campaign to raise money for the Hoosier Abortion Fund is underway! Women from all over Indiana apply for assistance from All Options Pregnancy Resource Center here in Bloomington. Help close the inequality gap in abortion care and donate today. Share our post on Facebook, ask friends and family to donate-- let's meet the challenge together. Follow the link to donate by April 30th!

Reproductive Justice Task Force Hosts Coffee Hour Breakout Room on April 11
The Reproductive Justice Task Force co-chair Nan McKinley will host a coffee hour breakout room this Sunday, April 11. UU's Jess Marchbank who is on staff at All Options and UU member Matt Stonecipher, a former Talkline volunteer, will be there to share about the Hoosier Abortion Fund campaign for April and the other services at All Options. 

Ways to Help
Shalom Community Center
If you would like to donate food to Shalom Community Center, click here for a list. Collection bins are on the north side of our building, near the Portico entrance. (Beacon is the parent organization for Shalom Community Center.)
Beacon Winter Shelter Needs
From now until May 1, the windter shelter needs the following supplies:
Thanks from the Homelessness Task Force.
(collection bin on the north side of the church building near the Portico entrance.)
COVID-19 Vaccination News -
Vaccines for Age 16 and Older!

Vaccinations available for those age 16 and older!
Seeking the Spirit
UU Freethinkers Meet Sunday, April 11, 12:45 pm
The UU Freethinkers bi-weekly meeting creates the opportunity for participants to raise questions and engage in open and non-structured discussion of issues of social, political, and theological/religious concern. Every other Sunday via Zoom at 12:45 p.m. To join, contact Harold Ogren or Ann Watzel.
UU Humanist Forum Meets
Sunday, April 18, 12:45 pm
Every other Sunday at 12:45 p.m., our UU Humanists meet together online on Zoom for discussion. Email Ann Watzel or Harold Ogren if you would like to join the discussion
Shambhala Meditation Online on Mondays
Every Monday at noon online, or anytime it's easy, since there are saved sessions, you can join Sarah Flint in this 2500-year-old practice of cultivating peace and inner wisdom. Contact Sarah Flint to join the group in real time. On Facebook at UU Bloomington Meditation.
Open Mind Zen Online 
Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Open Mind Zen with Frank Seisho Diaz is currently holding all meetings online. If you'd like to participate, visit and reach out via their contact page for more information.
Community Connections
Our Faith in Action in the Community
From the League of Women Voters
Support S1 on Voting Rights Reform
Action Alert: U.S. Congress
Support S1 "For the People" Voting Rights Reform
Please contact Senators Braun and Young and urge them to pass S1 For the People. Please write or phone them to support passing this legislation, which addresses some of the most pressing issues facing our democracy. 
  • · Restoring the Voting Rights Act
  • · Modernizing voter registration
  • · Restoring voting rights to formerly incarcerated individuals
  • · Curbing partisan gerrymandering
  • · Making campaign contributions more transparent
If we are going to protect voting rights, which are being dismantled across the county, then we need to let Senators Braun and Young know of strong public interest for passing S1. We need to show our widely-held convictions that this bill must pass the Senate. Details here.

Boys & Girls Clubs Seeking Volunteers
The Boys & Girls Clubs of Bloomington is excited to begin increasing volunteer opportunities in 2021! Attached is an updated list of open volunteer positions.

Some Details:
Email SCAM Alert
Our ministers, staff, and board members or other members will never send you email asking you for any money besides your pledge payment! And never in the form of gift cards.

How to Recognize an Email Phishing Scam:
Is the email impersonating Rev. Macklin or another of our ministers? Are they asking you to purchase gift cards? Wait! Don't do it! We will never send you emails like that. To double check, look at the email address of the sender. Is it from an address at If not, that's the second good reason to delete it!

Office Hours, Calendar, Deadlines

Office hours: M-F, 10 am-4 pm (office closed at church, but staff working from home)
The Church Office can be reached via text or voicemail during office hours at 812-287-9615. Email: admin (at) or office (at)

Calendar: For our full calendar of events, visit

The Prologue is published on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month. Next issue is Apr 20. Deadline is 10 am on date of publication, admin (at)

Mailing Address
During the COVID emergency:
UU Church, PO Box 1158, Nashville, Indiana 47448-1158.

(Items sent to 2120 N. Fee take 3-4 weeks on average to be forwarded by the Postal Service! So please use the PO Box!)
Membership and Attendance

Membership: 575 certified members;
573 current members.
Sunday, March 14, 10:15 am - 304 attended virtually
Sunday, March 21, 10:15 am - 309 attended virtually
Sunday, March 28, 10:15 am - Some attendance data is missing, due to recent changes made by our livestreaming service.
Non-Pledge Offering
March 14:  $304    March 21:  $274 March 28: $255
To make a contribution for the Non-Pledge Offering (Sunday Plate), or to make a payment towards your pledge or the Minister's Discretionary Fund, click on this link to get to our PayPal page:
  Total to be donated (25%) to Monroe County United Ministries (MCUM) Compass Early Learning Center and Self-Sufficiency Center: $216.00
Grocery Card Sales: (Bloomingfoods or Fresh Thyme) -- $600;   Total income to UUCB: $30
Free Money from Kroger!
Fresh Thyme and Bloomingfoods
Grocery Cards Available by Mail  
  • Did you know that Kroger sends us over $1,600 each year? This is made possible by those of you who participate in Kroger's Community Rewards program. Register your Kroger Plus card online at this link. We received $451.75 from Kroger for the months October through December from this program.
  • We are also still selling grocery cards for Bloomingfoods and Fresh Thyme. Click here to see what kind of cards and how many are available. Send your check to the church (UU Church, P. O. Box 1158, Nashville, Indiana 47448-1158) with a note to let us know the type and value of card(s) you want, and we will mail them to you. You do not need to send a SASE.  
Masthead photo by P. Y. Garcia, April 2021 at McCormick's Creek State Park.