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July 6, 2021
Unitarian Universalist Church of Bloomington, Indiana
  Congregation founded 1949 | LGBTQ Welcoming Congregation since 1995 | Green Sanctuary since 2007
Seeking the Spirit | Building Community | Changing the World
Join us for online services
Livestreamed on Sunday mornings at 10:15 am
Sunday, July 11, 2021
10:15 am Livestream

Reverend Forrest Gilmore
Reverend Emily Manvel Leite
Sunday, July 18, 2021
10:15 am Livestream

Reverend Lynnda White
Reverend Dave Clements

Connect with our UU Community during Virtual Coffee Hour!
Everyone is welcome to join us after the worship service, until 12:30 pm, for engaging conversation in Virtual Coffee Hour. 
-- Ann LeDuc, Connections Coordinator
Please Make Your Pledge Today!
We are encouraging everyone who has not already done so to make a financial pledge. Click here for the online pledge form.

The Ease and Convenience
of Using Our New Online Giving System
We encourage anyone who has made a financial pledge to the congregation for the coming year (began July 1, 2021) to use the handy online giving form at to set up a recurring or one-time payment either using a credit or debit card or an automatic payment from your checking account, if you feel comfortable with online giving. The instructions are clear and the system is better than Paypal, because it automatically records your gifts in your giving record within the database, greatly reducing the chance of clerical errors. The transaction fees are also lower than Paypal’s. If you like, you can also make Sunday Plate contributions on the new giving page. Click here to get started: Thank you so much for your patience and sense of humor while we make this transition to a new, improved system. Please call the church office mobile if you need help or have questions: 812-287-9615 or 812-332-3695.
Our Building is Closed, but Our Hearts are Still Open.
The Board, Staff, and the NEST working group continue to consult as we do our part to disrupt the spread of coronavirus and COVID-19 in our community. Church staff are working at the church building on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 10-3.
We anticipate in-person worship services to resume
on Sunday, September 5, at 9:15 a.m. and 11:15 a.m.
Office Hours Tue, Wed, Thu at the Church
How to Schedule Small Meetings
Our staff is keeping office hours at the church on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 10-3. They are also working from home on other days. The building is available by reservation for small church-related meetings at times when staff members are present. Masks are required to be worn inside our building. Please see guidelines below from our NEST working group.
Carol Marks, Church Administrator, admin (at)
Next Steps in Transition (NEST) Working Group Guidelines for Meetings
The NEST working group has provided guidelines for how we will progress towards meeting in person at the church building. This includes guidelines for how church groups may schedule meetings

MAM Musings

By the time you read this, I hope Deborah and I will be in Vermont to visit family. We are grateful to have found an exquisite house-sitter to take care of our small farm while we are away. While I have both July and August off for vacation and study leave, I will be back from August 1st through the 7th to provide a ministerial presence. Reverend Emily and Reverend Dave will be doing tag-team ministerial presence throughout the other weeks of July and August.
Meanwhile, amidst all the details and vicissitudes of congregational life, we sometimes forget to name the pivotal role this congregation plays in people’s lives, the inspiration cultivated here. I close with this recently received message from Rebecca Davis who now lives on the east coast.
Dear MAM and UUCB,
I wanted to let you and the congregation know that the program I imagined in the “pews” of UUCB---an ongoing early intervention program for infants and toddlers with low visions and blindness recently won two generous grants that will help
Visually impaired Preschool Services (formerly VIPS-Bloomington, now VIPS-Indiana) raise money to build a resource center.
At UUCB, I heard that “we sit under the shade of a tree we didn’t plant.” I heard that I may not be able to finish the job but I still could not turn away from what I could do. At the time, I was heartsick and despairing because the support I needed to understand my visually impaired toddler was not available to us in Indiana  UUCB was the first community that welcomed us with open arms. We even became one of UUCB’s 25% offering plate recipients. We had many a bake sale after services. The support I received as a UUCB member gave me the inspiration and the eventual confidence to try. 
There will soon be a place in Indiana to welcome families like mine.
My heart is filled with gratitude for everyone at the UUCB for keeping a liberal religious community alive and well in
Indiana and for giving a mom a safe place to try to make the world a better place for children with disabilities. 
Thank you, Rebecca. Take heart my friends. Be well. Be inspired. Offer gratitude.
Peace and Love,
Reverend Mary Ann Macklin
Senior Minister
Emily's Post

Dear Ones,

It is the season of emergence—the season of long warm days and maximum hours of light. In these days, we emerge from our homes into a time of bursting forth—with peaches, plums, and pears swelling on the trees, flowers in a whole rainbow of colors, and birds and critters newly fattened on the recent cicada buffet.

At this post-peak-Covid season, I invite you to listen—listen within yourself and amid all that surrounds you. Are you hearing an invitation to emerge and join the world in new (old) ways? The invitation to come on out and join the beauty that is here?

Come out with enthusiasm and joyfulness!
OR it is fine to take it slow and move with care.
Pay attention to what you want, and to what you need to re-enter this world in a way that sustains your spirit.

As we join in this season of emergence, 
may we greet those around us with gentleness—
like you, others are always just emerging, each in their own way.
The world is swirling on around us, 
but do not mistake it as moving on without us,
for each of us are deeply needed, 
offering our own gifts, shining in our own way, 
to make our world more whole. 

I am so grateful to be on this journey with you. 

Sending you love, and a blessing for these days,
Reverend Emily Manvel Leite
Minister of Story and Ritual

P.S. If you would enjoy engaging with the world in a gentle way for new emergence, Martha Nord is offering a reading of The Important Book and a fun (and easy—good for ages 3-103) writing activity this Sunday, July 11, from 1-2PM in the courtyard. To sign up for a space, email Stephanie Kimball at rea(at)

What is a Minister of Story and Ritual?
Have you been wondering what Reverend Emily Manvel Leite will be doing this year? She will be continuing and enhancing a significant part of what she has always done:

*telling stories and participating in other ways in Sunday services
*creating special services for solstices, equinoxes, Water Communion, our Celebration of Ancestors, and Flower Communion
*creating rituals for baby dedications, first graders’ Age of Reason, Coming of Age and graduations
*creating holiday services for Thanksgiving, the December holidays, and Earth Day
*facilitating our Coming of Age program for 10th graders
*being an active member of the ministerial team, providing pastoral coverage as needed for everyone, particularly for families, youth, and children

She summarizes her position like this: “The Minister of Story and Ritual works to deepen spiritual awareness and connection for all ages.“

This year, she will especially be exploring ways to enhance the participation of people of all ages in offering and experiencing worship every week. Watch this space for invitations to join in the fun! If you have questions about her new position, Reverend Emily is happy to be in touch with you—send her an email at her new address: leite(at)
Our Folks...

Gladys DeVane's new book, Come Sit with Me: Life in Poetry, Prose, and Plays, will be featured at Black Authors Speak! A Book Fair for All, on July 17 from 5:00-7:00 pm at the Monroe County History Center. The book is available from
Update from the Board
Interim Religious Education Consultant
to Begin August 15

Our Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Michelle Grove has accepted our offer and has been hired to be our part time Interim Religious Education Consultant, starting August 15. Michelle has more than 30 years of experience in lifespan religious education and program development and has served at many different UU churches in her career. Most recently she served as Interim Director of Religious Education at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Urbana-Champaign, Illinois. She has also served as trainer for interim religious educators for the Unitarian Universalist Association.
Here at UUCB, Michelle is charged with providing guidance and leadership to the Board of Directors and the congregation in understanding the ongoing and future religious education needs of the church.  

She will offer opportunities for discussion, listening and healing regarding past issues that have arisen in our Religious Education (RE) program.  She will help the congregation to gain a new understanding of itself as a lifelong learning community, illuminating the congregation’s strengths, its needs and challenges in this process. 
She will help to identify the changes needed in RE program structure and staffing, and define ways to empower the congregation to take a leadership role in the development of a lifelong religious faith development model and/or process. 
Michelle will continue to maintain her permanent residence in Illinois, but will come to  Bloomington for roughly two intensive visits per month, and will conduct the rest of her job remotely.

Stephanie Kimball will continue on as our Religious Education Assistant, and will facilitate ongoing programming for our children and youth, including our current summer programming (see below). In the Fall, Stephanie will support our RE program including Coming of Age and Our Whole Lives Sexuality Education. 

Abby Gitlitz 
Vice President of the Board

Religious Education This Summer

PlayfUUL Summer 
This summer, Religious Education Assistant Stephanie Kimball will be facilitating opportunities for you to recharge and reconnect with friends and the spirit of play. We hope you will consider joining our Intergenerational Playgroup to receive invitations to meet at local parks for fun activities when you can. 

If you are looking for an opportunity to share stories and play at home, you might consider joining Practicing Our Promises for the summer where rotating Spirit Play story baskets are delivered to your home.  

A Summer Program for all Ages:
The Important Book with Martha Nord
July 11, 1-2PM, in the Courtyard
Email Stephanie at rea(at) to reserve a spot!

Good picture books have wisdom for all ages. We are never too young or too old for them. They also invite discussion. Margaret Wise Brown's The Important Book is one such book. She tells us what she thinks is most important about a number of things in the world: a spoon, a daisy, and rain, for example. During our hour together, Martha will read this short book and invite us to agree or disagree with the author's ideas of what is most important. Then she will invite us into a guided writing time in which you can choose an object or activity or idea to describe and tell what you think is its most important quality. This should be fun for very young participants and very old participants and for all participants in-between! You can choose to write collaboratively or individually. We'll have time to share our writing if we choose.

For questions about Religious Education, please contact our Religious Education Assistant, Stephanie Kimball, rea (at)
Building Community
Free Dance Party for All Ages
Friday, July 16th, 7 PM at Bryan Park 
Get out of the house and move your body! Cardinal is throwing an outdoor dance party that will be fun for all ages. Want to show off your moves? You can learn a choreographed group dance at home and join the performance that will kick off the party! Plus, see a special performance from the Bloomington Academy of Film and Theatre’s Cardinal Broadway Bootcamp.
· Want to participate in the group dance? We’re getting the party started with Katy Perry’s “Roar”! Watch the video below to practice the choreography at home. On the day of the party, arrive at 6 PM to find a space and practice. Try to wear solid, bright colors so you stand out against the grass!
· Won’t have a chance to practice the dance at home? No problem! After the big performance around 7:00pm, the “dance floor” will be open for all. Feel free to come and watch – dance as little or as much as you’d like!
RSVP and learn more at
If you or your family would be willing to represent the church and meet up with other UUs at the dance party, email Ann and let her know: connect(at)

Meet up with the UUs!
This summer you are invited to attend wonderful outdoor community events and meet up with other UUs!  
Mark your calendar for some great UU meet up opportunities!  For all the details click here.
Explore Unitarian Universalism July 11 and July 18!
Explore Unitarian Universalism with us on July 11 and 18, 2-4 pm, now in the church library! These small group gatherings are a great opportunity to learn about the UU Principles, our ministers, the history of this church, all the ways to get involved here, and what it means to be a member of the church.  Plan to attend both dates, since different material will be discussed in each session. We request completion of these sessions before becoming a member of the church. Everyone ages 14 to 100+ is welcome! To register for this class email connect(at) or call (812) 720-3688.
Thank You for Pulling the Playground Weeds!
We thought our timing would be awkward, with mulch delivery for the playgrounds happening on Friday, July 2, because we had not gotten the playgrounds weeded yet. Wonder of wonders! Some lovely helpful people did the weeding and the playgrounds look really inviting now. Nice soft bouncy mulch, and nary a weed to be seen. Thank you for helping!
--Carol Marks, Ch.Admin.
Ministers Away from Email –
Stay Alert for Possible Scamming
Reverend Macklin and Reverend Clements will be away quite a bit in July and August. This may trigger the email scammers to start to impersonate our ministers and start sending members of the congregation all kinds of outrageous requests for eBay cards, VISA gift cards, Western Union transfers, and who knows what. Our staff and our leadership will NEVER send you email asking you to go buy gift cards and then send them the numbers in an email or with a phone call! Be alert for these kinds of thieving shenanigans, please! --Carol Marks, Ch.Admin.
Changing the World
Seeking the Spirit
UU Humanist Forum Meets Sunday, July 11, 12:45 pm
Every other Sunday at 12:45 pm, our UU Humanists meet together online on Zoom for discussion. On July 11, Rich Janda will lead a discussion on "Vinegar should, but won't; honey would, and will: Changing Minds." Email Ann Watzel or Harold Ogren if you would like to join the discussion
UU Freethinkers Meet Sunday, July 18, 12:45 pm
The UU Freethinkers bi-weekly meeting creates the opportunity for participants to raise questions and engage in open and non-structured discussion of issues of social, political, and theological/religious concern. Every other Sunday via Zoom at 12:45 pm. To join, contact Harold Ogren or Ann Watzel.
Shambhala Meditation Online on Mondays
Every Monday at noon online, or anytime it's easy, since there are saved sessions, you can join Sarah Flint in this 2500-year-old practice of cultivating peace and inner wisdom. Contact Sarah Flint to join the group in real time. On Facebook at UU Bloomington Meditation.
Open Mind Zen Online 
Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Open Mind Zen with Frank Seisho Diaz is currently holding all meetings online. If you'd like to participate, visit and reach out via their contact page for more information.
Hike with us on July 14!
Join us to hike the Hayes Trail on the morning of July 14. We'll meet at the Pate Hollow parking lot at 8:15 AM to carpool to the trailhead.
See the maps and sign up here. All ages welcome! This is a 5-mile hike. Thank you to Mary Reardon for leading this hike!
UU Online Book Club
"Beaten Down, Worked Up" by Steven Greenhouse
The UU Online Book Club meets the first Monday of each month at 6:30 PM via Zoom. Their next book is "Beaten Down, Worked Up" by Steven Greenhouse and will be discussed on August 2 at 6:30 PM. This book, written by a longtime New York Times labor correspondent, gives an in-depth look at working men and women in America, the challenges they face, and how they can be re-empowered. If you would like to join the book club, use this link to register for the Zoom meeting: UU Book Club Registration Special thanks to Tom Albright for leading the August discussion.  
Community Connections
Our Faith in Action in the Community
Join the Bellies and Babes Campaign to Support Tandem Birth Center
To raise money for their Tandem birth center (due date: 2022), Tandem is participating in "A Community Thrives." This is a competitive online fundraiser that will make Tandem eligible for matching and other grants up to $100,000. They are seeking individuals who'd like to join their campaign. Learn more at
Perinatal Education at Tandem
Tandem continues to offer perinatal education this summer, with virtual and in person offerings. Most recently, they have added Spinning Babies® Parent Class taught by Molly Mendota on July 11. Cost should not be a barrier to attending. All classes are taught on a suggested donation basis.
Go to to learn more and to register.
COVID-19 Vaccination News -
Vaccines for Age 12 and Older!
Some Details
Email SCAM Alert
Our ministers, staff, and board members or other members will never send you email asking you for any money besides your pledge payment!

How to Recognize an Email Phishing Scam:
Is the email impersonating Rev. Macklin or another of our staff or ministers? Are they asking you to purchase gift cards? Wait! Don't do it! We will never send you emails like that. To double check, look at the email address of the sender. Is it from an address at If not, that's the second good reason to delete it!

Office Hours, Calendar, Deadlines

Office hours: M-F, 10 am-4 pm . We are at the church on Tue, Wed, and Thu. Working from home the rest of the time.
The Church Office can be reached via text or voicemail during office hours at 812-287-9615 or 812-332-3695. Email: admin (at) or office (at)

Calendar: For our full calendar of events, visit

The Prologue is published on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month. Next issue is
July 20. Deadline is 10 am on date of publication, admin (at)

Mailing Address
During the pandemic:
UU Church, PO Box 1158, Nashville, Indiana 47448-1158.

(Items mailed to 2120 N. Fee take 3-4 weeks on average to be forwarded by the Postal Service! So please use the PO Box instead of the street address!)
Membership and Attendance

Membership: 574 certified members as of 2/1/2021;
567 current members.

Non-Pledge Offering
June 6:  $240
June 13:  $360
June 20: $279
June 27: $90  
To make a contribution for the Non-Pledge Offering (Sunday Plate), or to make a payment towards your pledge or the Minister's Discretionary Fund, click on this link to get to our PayPal page:
  Total to be donated (25%) to Monroe County United Ministries (MCUM) Compass Early Learning Center and Self-Sufficiency Center: $242.25
Grocery Card Sales: (Bloomingfoods or Fresh Thyme) -- $600;   Total income to UUCB: $30.00
Free Money from Kroger!
Fresh Thyme and Bloomingfoods
Grocery Cards Available by Mail  
  • Did you know that Kroger sends us over $1,600 each year? This is made possible by those of you who participate in Kroger's Community Rewards program. Register your Kroger Plus card online at this link. We received $432.88 from Kroger for the months January through March from this program.
  • We are also still selling grocery cards for Bloomingfoods and Fresh Thyme. Click here to see what kind of cards and how many are available. Send your check to the church (UU Church, P. O. Box 1158, Nashville, Indiana 47448-1158) with a note to let us know the type and value of card(s) you want, and we will mail them to you. You do not need to send an envelope. Orders are received in Nashville, but fulfilled in Bloomington. (smiley face)  New supply of grocery cards will be available July 25.
Our Car Choir practices singing with their new singing masks, outside their cars! June 2021