Feed Energy News - Issue 34 - 2017

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In This Issue
Discussing the future of
antibiotic free meat with 
Ken Rutledge, president  and CEO for one of the  largest poultry processors  in the country.

Learn the key
differentiators that set
this new product apart
from the rest and how it can take your operation to the next level.

A look back at Q1 with
updated forecasts and
trends for Q2 with Feed Energy's own Ryan Steuben, Merchandiser.

Mahfuz Abdullah, our
Senior Research Scientist,  begins the conversation  connecting the VFD and  the increased focus on
gut health.
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Feed Energy's in-house lab conducts approximately 2,000
to 3,000 product tests per year. This includes testing on both raw materials and finished products. In addition,
1,500-2,000 tests are handled by an approved outside lab.

We do this as part of our on-going confirmation and
continuous improvement process. We do this because we take the quality and consistency of our products seriously.
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Feed & Grain LIVE
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May 31 - June 2, 2017

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World Pork Expo
Des Moines, IA
June 7-9, 2017

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Iowa Turkey Federation Summer Meeting
Honey Creek Resort
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June 13-15, 2017
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Breezy Point Resort
June 21-23, 2017
Iowa Swine Day
Ames, IA
June 29, 2017
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Dakota Provisions
A state-of-the-art turkey processing plant that produces homegrown, world-class products. Dakota Provisions
manufactures and produces poultry and protein products that are specially designed for retail and food service partners.

April 26, 2017
Exceeding Expectations
Phil Reeves, CEO

When Bob Riley started Feed Energy Company in 1986, his goal was simple: provide high performance energy and essential nutrition products to livestock and poultry producers. Moreover, there was a commitment to producing products and providing services that
astound. 30 years later and Feed Energy has never wavered from that commitment. We continue to work hard to deliver better gains and greater feed effi ciencies for our livestock
and poultry producers. With that in mind, I am proud to introduce our newest high performance energy product - ABF Advantage.

ABF Advantage is a wholly vegetable and antibiotic free
 energy source for feed. From our verified suppliers of raw material, through segregated processing, to the identity preserved trucks delivering the product - ABF Advantage
is guaranteed to meet the highest standards of antibiotic free production. 

This high energy source was created in response to the demands for antibiotic free meat from our consumers, grocery and restaurant chains. That demand is estimated to increase significantly over the next few years as more and more national companies commit to serving only antibiotic free poultry and livestock.

But the benefit to you, our customers and partners, goes beyond meeting a demand - it means operating with a higher premium. No one goes the distance to reduce risk and ensure your profit like Feed Energy.

To find out more information, click here
Dakota Provisions: Leading the Industry in Antibiotic Free Production & Processing

Dakota Provisions is one of the largest poultry processors in the United States. Located in Huron, South Dakota, the facilities were built in 2004, founded by 44 Hutterite colonies in a cooperative effort to deliver the highest quality product possible to their customers.

We had the opportunity to speak with Ken Rutledge, President and CEO of Dakota Provisions, to better understand the role they are playing in this ever changing landscape.

FE: What do you see for the future demand of antibiotic free meat?

KEN: What we are hearing from our customers, the deli shops and retail stores, is that...

What is ABF Advantage?
Producing an antibiotic free product doesn't just happen. It takes an investment in technology, process, personnel, and equipment.  Pushing the boundaries for antibiotic free production, we combined an expertise in lipid science technology with superior engineering and manufacturing.

Our mission of being trusted, reliable, and sustainable shows in every facet of ABF Advantage

You can rest assured knowing that every load you receive is exactly what you ordered, according to the following principles...

Market Report: Forecasting and Trends for Q2
Ryan Steuben,
DISTILLERS CORN OIL  The year hasn't started out as expected. Distillers corn oil production continues to be strong. First quarter production was anticipated to be 17% higher than last year, a 78% increase over 2015. Second quarter is projected to be 14% higher than last year, a 56% over 2015. As corn oil production has increased year over year, so has the use of corn oil into biodiesel.

The increase in production shows an outpacing of use into
biodiesel. But the actual use of DCO into bio-based diesel
production is much higher when accounting for the use in renewable diesel, both domestic and foreign production. Moreover, more domestic corn-oil based biodiesel production has come online since last fall.

Research Corner: Overview of VFD and its impact on gut wellness
Due to thousands of people dying every year from antibiotic resistant bacteria, there is a growing concern for antibiotic resistance associated with daily antibiotic use in animal feeds. It is said that the widespread use of antibiotics in the production of food
animals to enhance animal growth has been identified as a contributing factor to antibiotic-resistance. Figure 1, for example, shows a decreased resistance trend of ceftiofur in E. coli from 2010 to 2014.

Industry & Community Engagement
Innovation Encouraged Through Scholarship
With less than two weeks to go, the Feed Energy Excellence in Ag scholarship is close to deliberation. For the sixth year, Feed Energy is offering two $2,500
scholarships to students studying agriculture at a college or university in the Midwest. Recipients will include on undergraduate student and one graduate student.

"We are proud to offer this scholarship because we believe in the power of agricultural education," said Joseph P. Riley, Executive Vice President. "It is our hope that these students will bring creative, innovative solutions to our industry as well as their passion."

Deadline for applications is 4pm on May 5, 2017. Visit http://feedenergy.com/resource-center/for-students/ to apply.

Feed Energy at McFleeg Symposium
The weather and scenery were beautiful as Feed Energyaccount managers Scott Cadwell and Cal Halstead traveled up to Watertown, South Dakota with our Director of Research and Development, Mohan Dasari. Over 25 colonies were in attendance, enjoying a number of educational sessions and engaging with a variety of vendors and suppliers.

"This meeting was a great chance to see a lot of our customers all in one place and showcase our new product, ABF Advantage, " said Cal Halstead, Director of Sales. "This group of growers is taking ABF production very seriously and we are excited to be able to offer them a product that is tailored for their program!"

Extending Beyond and into the Community
With Earth Day fast approaching, our three locations were out and about serving our communities through local clean ups. Among the treasures found were truck frames, sofas, tires, and tubing.

A BIG thanks to all those who participated. Working to improve not only the industry but the communities in which we live and work has and always will be a priority!
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