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Hazeltree Securities Finance version 7 empowers market participants with comprehensive data and workflows
Hazeltree Securities Finance™ Version 7 is a comprehensive portfolio finance solution integrated with new market color, benchmark and intra-day rates, and utilization trends. It enables hedge funds, asset managers and beneficial owners to:

  • identify and monitor treasury market inefficiencies and opportunities, 
  • obtain demonstrable best-execution financing rates, 
  • attribute and record financing accruals on a portfolio or strategy basis, and
  • efficiently transfer securities with OneClick between prime brokers, custodians and banks. 

Industry participants benefit from daily and intra-day market rates and prices as well as intra-day activity displaying recalls and new borrows. Hazeltree provides trends on over 44,000 global securities, and 20,000 underlying lending funds with availability in excess of $15 trillion and over $2.5 trillion in outstanding transactions, alongside five years of historical data.  

All data points are tightly integrated and arranged in a single view to enhance overall transparency and rate discovery, resulting in improved investment decisions.

Expanded optimization algorithms coverage
Hazeltree continues to expand its coverage of optimization algorithms.
Hazeltree Optimizer now utilizes multi-objective algorithms to suggest and automate cash movements to minimize cost, rebalance accounts, manage FX exposures, and increase cash equivalent investments across accounts globally.

Clients, with hundreds of bank accounts and counterparties in different currencies, have shown to benefit from this level of automation to improve their efficiencies by 35% around cash management, while identifying incremental yield opportunities that have added 50-70bps to their excess cash.

Hazeltree Optimizer automates collateral management workflows to streamline the posting of margin requirements that fit within certain thresholds, freeing up resources to focus on disputing excess margin requirements and recalling over-collateralized margin. 
Hazeltree Data Service, growth and adoption
Launched in June 2018, Hazeltree Data Service is an integrated relationship management, data aggregation, monitoring, and resolution service for collecting data from counterparties and loading it into Hazeltree’s treasury suite of products . Hazeltree Data Service has been experiencing explosive growth with over 70% of Hazeltree's clients now consuming data feeds through this service. 

Hazeltree Data Service team is working diligently to:
  • enhance its Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools for data collection
  • improve Service Level Agreements (SLAs) around the offering
  • boost the automated delivery and timeliness of data feeds
  • enhance the error resolution capabilities
  • improve near real-time reporting of statistics

Today, Hazeltree Data Service processes thousands of files daily and anticipates continued growth in 2019.
Hazeltree Cloud is becoming the standard, join the community!
Over the past two years, Hazeltree Cloud has become a standard in bringing our global clients from North America, Europe, and AsiaPac into a Hazeltree cloud community

In partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Hazeltree Cloud offers a highly scalable infrastructure that includes the latest security tools and various levels of compliance certifications. The platform features multi-regional redundancy, disaster recovery, standard UAT environment and streamlined support/implementation. Most-importantly, it is easier and more efficient to maintain and upgrade, and delivers significant cost savings to our clients.

We are proud to announce that last year, all our new clients selected Hazeltree Cloud solution as a strategy. Our existing clients are also following the trends by migrating from their ‘on-premises’ installations to the Hazeltree Cloud. 

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White Paper
Hazeltree and BNY Mellon recently released The Value of Active Treasury Management whitepaper. It details how active treasury management could yield as much as 65 basis points of incremental alpha for asset managers.

Recent and Upcoming Events
June 4, New York, Hazeltree and Federated Investors Exclusive Event on The Future of Treasury and Portfolio Finance Management and their Differentiated Benefits

May 2-3, New York, Hazeltree spoke and attended the Finadium Investors in Securities Lending conference ( FISL NYC 2019 ).

April 30, London, Hazeltree and Simmons & Simmons exclusive event on the Benefits of Active Treasury Management and Implementation Challenges for Regulatory Initial Margin

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