Second Quarter 2019
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Since 1991, the South Shore Women's Business Network has been dedicated to serving our members, supporting our community and creating innovative networking opportunities.
A Message from the President


A warm and appreciative WELCOME to all of our new members and thank you to all of our members who have already renewed in 2019. 
First quarter has come to a quick end. How did it go? Have you started working on your business and personal goals? Have you evaluated how far you’ve gone this year and planned your next steps toward achieving your goals? 

We’ve been busy this past quarter with activities around our 2019 goals to 1) grow contacts, 2) collaborate more, 3) coach each other, and 4) support our local community.

We have had some amazing events so far this year with great opportunities toward achieving our goals for our members and the community.  

Our Lunch N Learn with Carolyn Jenkins on tax law changes, the Morning Mixers hosted by Becky Fox of Becky Fox Fitness, and Barry Lane of Cape Cod Lumber along with my husband Craig and me of Almar Construction on Building Your Business, and our Business After Hours event at Laurelwood at Pine Hills were all opportunities to collaborate with and coach each other. The monthly Focus Breakfasts and Lunches continue to attract members and guests, many of whom join SSWBN on the spot, thanks to Pat Lynch’s dynamic and engaging discussions. Finally, our quarterly breakfast hosted by Wingate Silver Lake, a senior living facility in Kingston, is not only our time to network but our time for community outreach. We sponsored The Soupman, founded and championed by Peter Kelleher who generously serves meals to the homeless. In March we participated at the Metro South Chamber of Commerce’s Multi-Cultural Business Forum in Brockton where we met an incredible group of business owners and leaders.  

Our network is excited to support the 1st Annual South Shore Women’s Conference happening on October 10-11 at the Boston Quincy Marriott. If you haven’t heard about it yet please check out their website at . This event has been organized by She’s Local, and is based on their very successful MetroWest Women’s Conference, held in Framingham for the past few years. Several of our members are highly engaged in organizing this event. You can participate too – attend one of their monthly open meetings and jump in! The next meeting is on May 14 (see details below).

We are excited that new member, Lynn Feildgold, and Laura Bradeen have volunteered to fill two of our open positions with the Membership team and Treasury team.  
We still need more volunteers, especially in the areas of Social Media, Nominating Committee for next year’s board, and Registration. Please let me know if you want the chance to help and meet more contacts. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have.

As always if you have any questions, comments, or concerns please reach out to one of our board members. We are here to support you. 

Thank you,

Allison Q Guido, CS
SSWBN 2019 President
Owner, Almar Building & Remodeling
Hanover, MA 
Welcome to our new SSWBN members! We look forward to learning more about you at our meetings & events in the year ahead.
Susan Jackson

Emily Smith-Lee

Krista Manna

Dr. Maria Batilo
 PCP Internal Medicine

Sheila Barber

Karen Stacey

Janet Painer

Nicole Giovanucci Hennessey

Michele Sims

Raffles - Thank You
A special thank you for all of our generous raffle donations so far this year! Donating a raffle item is a wonderful way to support SSWBN's quarterly charities. We encourage you to make a raffle contribution! It's fun, easy to do, and you can team up with a fellow member or affiliate for a combined donation.If you'd like to know more about participating in a raffle donation, contact Lisa Dooley,
Our 2019 Raffle Contributors & Winners
Business After Hours January 31

Laura Bradeen, Primerica & Laura Jane Jewelry
"Let's Go On Safari" Jasper Necklace, won by Pat Lynch

Peggie Warner, P D Warner Consulting
Basket of Inspiration - A selection of books on Networking & Branding, won by Nicole Perry

50/50 Raffle - $40, won by Maura Kelly, who donated these funds back to SSWBN

1st Quarterly Networking Breakfast, March 28

Katie Bennett, Circle of Friends, for the benefit of Friends of the Homeless South Shore
Handmade necklace and matching earrings made by women entrepreneurs mentored by Circle of Friends - won by Susan Jackson,

Michelle Woerdeman, Certified Holistic Life, Career and Executive Coach
1 hour coaching session, jgratitude journal, organizer, book of affirmations, and mug - won by Dr. Maria Batoli

Matt Emschweiler (son of Donna Emschweiler, Mary Kay)
Handcarfted cheese/cutting board with travel cutters for cheese - won by Krista Manna

Helen Berkowitz, Events by Helen
Beautiful spring plan in candy vase - won by Susan Jackson

50/50 Raffle
$55, won by Stefanie Chiapetta, who donated these funds back to SSWBN

Morning Mixer, April 2

Barry Lane, Cape Cod Lumber
Two door cabinet vanity with custom top - won by Lorraine Albert

50/50 Raffle - $55, won by Susan Jackson

Quarterly Networking Breakfast
2019 Second Quarterly Networking Breakfast
Please join us for contacts, coaching, collaboration and community support
Thursday, June 27, 2019
7:30 - 9:30 am
Bridges by Epoch at Pembroke
49 Cross Street
Pembroke, MA 02359

SSWBN Second Quarter Charitable Sponsorship - Bethesda House
We are pleased to support the work of Bethesda House this quarter. Bethesda House provides a temporary home for young mothers, either pregnant or parenting their baby.

Their mission is to assist mothers in accessing benefits to aid in the support of mom and baby, and to teach basic life and parenting skills. Bethesda House is a faith-based organization fully run by volunteers. 
Learn more at
Upcoming SSWBN Events
Who's on your team?
We all need a "team" to be successful, and our May Business After Hours will be an evening of networking and brainstorming on this topic. Join us for this event, graciously hosted by Nicole Hennessey of Express Employment Professionals in Rockland. Please remember to bring cash to the event for our raffle prizes. All proceeds benefit our quarterly charity .

May 30, 2019
5:30 - 7:30 pm
Express Employment Professionals
200 Ledgewood Place, Suite 102,
Rockland, Massachusetts 02370

Business After Hours
Bowling for Business
Join us for after-hours networking with SSWBN members and guests.

April 25, 2019
5:30 - 8:00 pm
58 Rockland St
Hanover, MA 02339

Lunch & Learn
Leadership & Performance Strategies
Ruth Rooney, executive/business coach and author of thebook Heartitude Works will present a view on leadership/performance.

May 7, 2019
12:00 - 1:30 pm
160 Old Derby Street
Hingham, MA 02043

Focus Coffee
Join us for coffee, build upon your SSWBN relationships and form new ones too.

May 17, 2019
12:00 - 1:30 pm
Cravings Cafe
150 Summer Street
Kingston, MA

Business After Hours
Who's on your team?
Join us for after-hours networking with SSWBN members and guests.

May 30, 2019
5:30 - 7:30 pm
Express Employment Professionals
200 Ledgewood Place, Suite 102,
Rockland, Massachusetts 02370

Focus Lunch
Join us for lunch, build upon your SSWBN relationships and form new ones too.

June 21, 2019
12:00 - 1:30 pm
Cravings Cafe
150 Summer Street
Kingston, MA

Quarterly Networking Breakfast
Please join us for our 1st Quarter Networking Breakfast of 2019. We look forward to seeing you all. 

June 27, 2019
 7:30 - 9:30 am
Bridges by EPOCH at Pembroke
49 Cross Street
Pembroke, MA 02359

An open invitation from our affiliate, She's Local
Open Meeting for South Shore Conference for Women

Calling all South Shore Women! Join us at our next open meeting to learn more about our movement as we inspire, connect, motivate and move South Shore Women and plan our upcoming South Shore Women's Conference on October 10-11, 2019. Learn more:

Open Meeting
Tuesday, May 14
6:30 - 8:00 PM 
(click for google directions and map)

Meet like-minded women who are actively contributing to ensure our community gets the very best first annual conference.
Thank you to Anna Foster of A Maven's World for contributing
your educational article!
As Women We Must Learn To Serve From Overflow
by Anna Foster

Be Well.   How often do we hear this as women? Two small words that are powerful and can be life changing.
April is National Stress Awareness Month and I am sure most of us don’t need a month to bring more attention to our stress levels. However, it is a month to be mindful of signs and symptoms of stress, wellness and mindfulness, so let’s talk about it.
Studies show that mindfulness, happiness and intentional living are the anchors that drive success in both our professional and personal life. Yes – I am talking mindset, self-care, overflow and reclaiming who we are. This includes identifying our wellness, making it a priority and by creating less stress in our own life. In our journeys of “living our best life”, we must know that it’s a lot easier not to develop problems, than to cure them.
Just as we dedicate ourselves to work projects as professionals, we must be mindful that we are also projects. Simply stated, we cannot give what we don’t have and when we attempt to, we will deplete ourselves, performing from a state of mind-full vs. mindful.
We must get uncomfortable, sometimes demanding and at times radical, about designing, defining and demystifying our time.
 5 Mindful questions to ask yourself, (see 5 tips below):
●     Is my workplace and home well?
●     How do I practice self -care daily? 
●     How am I serving others? 
●     Am I Practicing Daily Gratitude?
●     Am I intentionally living or just alive?
As a mother of two children, ages 23 and 18, one who is vibrantly Autistic and the other who is eagerly heading off to college in the fall, my life has certainly been no crystal stair.
Trust me, I know the feeling of depletion. That’s why I set out to create a world where professionals would feel safe instead of scared, empowered instead of defeated and rewarded instead of rejected.
So, I challenge you to be mindful in your professional and personal life. You don’t have to be a yogi, Buddhist or into meditation to practice mindfulness. Mindfulness is a different way of thinking and behaving that bolsters gratitude, wellness, awareness, leadership, self-care and so much more. It was mindfulness, happiness and being more intentional about life that made the difference for me.
Anna’s top five tips for mindful, happy and intentional living:
1.) practice monotasking instead of multitasking
2.) work at doing more with less
3.) assign an emotion to the experiences
4.) experience social activities at least once a month
5.) work on limiting your social media use
Bonus Tip - Practice Daily Gratitude , It doesn’t make sense to live your best life without expressing gratitude for past, present and future blessings. Before you check email, scroll on LinkedIn or toast that whole-wheat bagel, jumpstart the day with an attitude of gratitude. It will enhance your mood, put that crazy to-do list in perspective and counterbalance negative thoughts.
When we are well and serving from our overflow, we can and we will wish the same for others in their journey … Be Well!
Continue to transform your life with Anna’s most recent publication The Entrepreneur’s Guide & Workbook: For Mindful, Happy & Intentional Living available in hardcopy or pdf. Click here to order a copy
About Anna Foster
Anna Foster is the founder and CEO of A Maven’s World Lifestyle Brand, an event-focused and consulting business that works with individuals and brands on strategy, networking and development. Foster is a connector, event host, speaker, author, entrepreneur and influencer. She is also a certified life and business coach and certified behavioral analysis trainer. Her popular workshops “Creating Your Brand” and “Mindfulness for Entrepreneurs” serve as a guide for professionals looking to develop their personal and professional brand. Foster has partnered with numerous entrepreneurs, non-profit and corporate clients. In 2012 she created the Women’s Conference by A Maven’s World- Boston and expanded the conference globally in 2018 ( ). She earned a B.A. in Business Management from Suffolk University and a J.D. from Suffolk University Law School. Connect with Anna via and via social media at @amavensworld @annafoster1 and @womensconferencebyamw
Anna's next book talk will be held at the bookstore "More Than Words", on May 11, 2019. Here is the link:

Anna Foster, Founder & CEO
A Maven's World Lifestyle Brand

Thank you to Darlene Ford of William Raveis for contributing your educational article!

Selling Your Home? Prepare it For That Perfect Would-be Buyer
by Darlene Ford

You’ve heard how hot the real estate market is for sellers and decided now is the time to finally sell your home. You’ve been dreaming of how great life might be in a cozy condo or a cottage on the Cape, or your 2 bedroom home no longer works for your growing family. But the thought of preparing your home for sale has you stuck in that ‘how do I start’ place. 

It’s helpful to take a step back before embarking on this home selling adventure and look at the big picture. Your home has many unique features (location, flow, room size, great yard, perfect pool, man cave in the basement) that originally attracted you to it. It’s helpful to revisit whatever those features were that said “hey buy me” and focus on making those once again the selling points for buyers. I suggest you (and your joint owner) grab a notebook and pen and write down those features so you keep them top of mind. Then walk through your home, starting by entering where buyers will enter. Yes, this means using that front walkway and the door that rarely gets used. Here are some suggestions on things to note that buyers will be paying attention to, even subconsciously:

  • How’s the landscaping? Grass and flowerbeds attractive and maintained? 
  • Driveway in sound shape or cracked and unlevel? 
  • Garage doors closed and in good repair?
  • Walkway to front door easy to find and navigate, and not overgrown?
  • Steps safe and not broken up?
  • Front door and storm door in good shape, open easily, no cracked or broken windows? 
  • No peeling paint?

Once inside, how does that first room look, whether it’s a foyer, the living room, dining room, whatever? And just as important, how does it smell? I can’t tell you how many homes I have stepped into and been hit with some unappealing odor. Most recently it was mothballs. Yuck! And you’ve heard many times pet odors are a huge turn-off, even for pet lovers. I worked with a buyer last year who would turn around and leave a home strictly based on the smell. And, yes, we looked at 40 homes before finding that perfect fit.
The look and feel of this first room, along with the front walkway and entryway, is your money spot. Buyers are looking for that “wow I love it” feeling and by the time they step inside your home they are already well down that decision path.
Look around and try to spot the obvious repairs needed. Walls and ceilings in need of a fresh coat of paint? If so be sure to choose very neutral colors such as dove gray. Carpeting worn and stained? If replacing carpeting with hardwood/laminate flooring is not in your budget I suggest renting a steam cleaner and getting that carpet as clean looking as possible. Use strategically placed throw rugs to cover stains if needed. Like job interviews and dating, first impressions are everything for home buyers!

While looking around your living room, family room, dining room, and most importantly your kitchen, try to keep an objective eye and think like a buyer. This means that while you as the home owner sees lovely family photos, treasures from years of happy living, and scattered tchotchkes, buyers see stuff, stuff and more stuff and have a very hard time visualizing where their stuff can go once they move in. I generally recommend removing 25 – 50% of your personal items from the living spaces. Box them up (you’ll need to do this anyway when you sell) and store them in the garage or basement. By the time buyers reach these areas they have already decided if they love your home and will not be surprised to see a row of neatly stacked boxes lined up.

The second area that really sells a home is the kitchen. No surprise there! Every buyer wants to see stainless appliances, granite countertops, a kitchen island, and lots of updated cupboards with a pantry (preferably walk-in), thanks HGTV! If this describes your kitchen, excellent! Then you’ll just need to clear off all of the countertops, clean everything and call it job done. If this is not your kitchen then take this list of buyer preferences and think about what, if any, upgrades are within your budget to make your kitchen more appealing. Frankly, buyers will present an offer that reflects their perceived costs for updating the kitchen if yours does not include the features they want. If these types of improvements are not in your budget then focus on painting the walls, paint the cabinets if possible (yes, white cabinets are still popular), clean and declutter.
As you continue your walk through your home, look for obvious repairs needed such as holes in the walls, broken doors, broken mirrors, stained walls and especially water stains on the ceilings. You may have repaired the roof and didn’t paint water stains on ceilings. Now is the time to make them disappear. Trust me, buyers will notice them. .
Once you have walked through every room, checked every closet, toured the basement, garage and back yard, take your list and organize it into tasks you can manage on your own and repairs that may require an expert. Check your finances, see what’s in your budget, and really target the improvements that will enhance buyers first impressions. By the time they get to that half bath in the family room in the basement they have already decided if they love your home!
Remember, your well-loved home is not new construction and no buyer expects the home to be in perfect condition, but they do need to be able to visualize your home as theirs so be sure to prepare your home for sale with this key concept top of mind. Hopefully, you find a Realtor to partner with to bring your home to market, you receive 10 bonafide offers within 24 hours of the first Open House and 5 of them are over asking price! That’s a home run!

Darlene Ford
29 Main Street
Plymouth, MA 02360
O: 508.747.7755
F: 508.747.7751
C: 508.364.0871
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