"Do or do not. There is no try." - Yoda
Neil Campbell, "What's right with you?" | J3 Recovery Podcast

Chris interviews Neil Campbell from The Georgia Council on Substance Abuse. Chris was in Philadelphia presenting on creative funding approaches for recovery supports. We ran into Neil and took advantage of this opportunity to get her on the record... after having "one with with." Neil is a national recovery movement leader in the area of peer recovery support services. Now available for streaming and download on iTunes or Podbean!!!
ATR Provider Spotlight: Military Racquetball Federation

Military Racquetball Federation, founded and operated by retired U.S. Navy Lt. Cmdr. Steven Harper, receives the well-deserved spotlight this month. Steven will be the first to tell you, "This is so much more than racquetball."

"Military Racquetball Federation is dedicated to promoting racquetball programs and events for our service members here and abroad including support of events for our troops in warzones. Additionally the MRF is committed to assisting Wounded Warriors with their rehabilitation using a new MRF program called Racquetball Rehabilitation Clinics (RRC). This program's focus is the use of racquetball as rehabilitation for both the physical and mental challenges suffered from combat. MRF is a 501(c) (3) tax-deductible corporation run and staffed exclusively by volunteers."  Lean more...
NC Addiction & Recovery Advocacy Day: We fight for our lives

"We must keep up the fight until hell freezes over. Then fight on the ice," were the inspiring words Wake County Recovery Court Judge Craig Croom shared with us at our inaugural NC Addiction & Recovery Advocacy Day on May 10, 2016. That's how we approach recovery advocacy in North Carolina. Fighting for our lives, we will never surrender. We hope that you will join the battle at our 2nd annual legislative advocacy event, scheduled for February 28, 2016. Please follow this link to register for the event and tell us why you are advocating.
Training at RCNC: Never stop learning and growing

RCNC is dedicated to bringing the highest quality training to the recovery community. Clinical & Cultural Humility were the crucial topics this month. Chris Budnick enlightened and entertained as he led us on an introspective clinical pilgrimage. Vivette Jeffries-Logan broadened our hearts and minds as we examined our own attitudes and beliefs around the diversity of NC's Recovery Community. You may now access highlights of our monthly trainings online via RCNC's YouTube channel. Don't forget to RSVP for three hours of Motivational Interviewing offered January 26th. Michael McGuire from The UNC School of Social Work is an exceptional professor with a highly interactive and refreshingly engaging facilitation style.
Visions of Recovery
from Executive Director Kristen Harper

I have been working on this piece for a few weeks because of my love for Star Wars and most especially, Yoda. I was going to compose an end of year soliloquy, which would hopefully inspire more action in the New Year, but alas, we lost another great recovery advocate in the interim. Carrie Fisher, who was one of the most iconic figures for young women of my age, taught me and countless other little girls how to be cool, tough and a brilliant female leader through her role as Princess Leia. Carrie also touched our hearts with her very public struggle with addiction and mental illness. Upon entering recovery, she became one of the greatest advocates for change that Hollywood has produced. As we move into the New Year, having lost so many great people -- artists, mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers to the disease of addiction, I find the Yoda quote that I was planning on using to be even more relevant at this poignant time of year. Yoda once explained to his young protégé Luke Skywalker, "Do or do not. There is no try." This quote resonates with me as I take stock of all the times I told people in 2016 that I would try to get something done... or try to find help for them... or even worse, telling them that they should try harder. I would like to encourage all of us in the recovery advocacy world to quit trying and start doing. Let's stop having meetings where we sit and talk about solutions and get out into the communities and start doing what needs to be done. That is my pledge for 2017. That is my pledge to those we lost in 2016 and that is how I will say thank you to one of my childhood heroes, Carrie Fisher.

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