"Gratitude is the open door to abundance." - Buddha
North Carolina raves about Betty Currier - J3 Recovery Podcast

Chris interviews our very own Betty Currier, retired teacher, national change agent and current board secretary for RCNC. This has to be the absolute richest podcast we've ever attempted to capture. There is so much history in this interview. We've listened to it half a dozen times and keep getting more out of it. It begins with the history of Betty - what it was like for a woman initiating recovery in 1976 - so many old men and only one pathway. Betty had just celebrated 40 years of thriving recovery at the time of this interview in January of 2016. Betty "accidentally" found recovery while attempting to find help for her daughter. She ran into the right person at the right time and that seems to be the story of her life... Listen now.
ATR Provider Spotlight: Creative Management Staffing Services

Continuing our new monthly tradition, RCNC is delighted to celebrate another outstanding service provider in the NC ATR Network. This month's ATR Provider Spotlight features Craig Gorham and Creative Management Staffing Services.

"Creative Management Staffing Services (CMSS) is a small staff augmentation and recruiting firm. Started in 2013 by Retired Navy veteran Craig Gorham. The company was created with the mission to support disabled veterans... Read more.
Attitude of Gratitude at RCNC

Our team gathered for a feast of roast beast before we went our separate ways for some much need self-care, spending quality time with our friends, families, and communities. Working in a recovery culture, we are always mindful of the importance and power of gratitude, and this special time around the table  inspired us to reflect on our own gratitude lists. We have an attitude of gratitude!
  • Kristen, "I am grateful for the entire RCNC family - our board, staff and recovery community."
  • Claire, "Today, I am grateful for freedom from bondage, meaningful relationships, living a life of intention & purpose, peace in my soul, and being of service." Read more.
NC CCAR Recovery Coach Academy: passing the mantle

"You never know who you will run into or where God will place you to be of service. There is so much that I envision to be able to do with this training, but only time will tell where that leads. For now, I know this will help me to be a better coach to the women at Healing Transitions and hopefully to the ones that leave here as well. Again, I highly recommend and encourage anyone who has not had this training to jump on board!! I am so excited to be able to be a part of this movement and to share the gifts of recovery with others!!" Candice Kiser (NC CCAR RCA Alumna, Cohort #6).

Graduating our 6th recovery coach academy cohort marked an historical transition at RCNC. Betty Currier has passed the RCA mantle to Donald McDonald. We are extremely fortunate that Brenda Monforti will remain as co-facilitator, bringing her extensive training experience and passion... Read more.
Visions of Recovery
from Executive Director Kristen Harper

Last night I had the very good fortune of hearing a friend tell her story at a local recovery meeting. She mentioned something that really struck me about the magic of initiating recovery. She said she had no reason to get into recovery this go around, no will to live, no family helping her, no resources whatsoever. She explained that as she sat on a park bench in downtown Raleigh, contemplating whether to step out into traffic, something hit her heart suddenly. "It was a collision of complete desperation and a spark of hope. Hope that maybe my life could be different someday." Today, 18 months later, my dear friend has a life beyond her wildest dreams. This is the beauty of recovery. This magical spark, a collision of dark desperation a spark of hope can ignite an entirely new pathway for a person, their family, and the community. 

Recovery Communities of North Carolina would like to celebrate our LOVE for recovery and our amazing community. On February 16th, 2017 we will be hosting I Heart Recovery right down the street from where my friend had her realization in downtown Raleigh. The evening will be full of joy, music, food, and fellowship! If you would like to come out and help us bring the house down in the name of recovery, please, just send me a quick note and we will add you to our recovery supporters list to make sure you get an invitation. We thank you all for your continued support and dedication to changing the landscape of North Carolina one person, one family, and one community at a time.

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