We asked our First-Gen Student Leadership Program Alumni to
share their experiences and impact of the program in their career and life:

Amelia Mawlawi
OS/Software Product Manager
HP Inc.
" My most memorable experience was participating in the first GlobalMindED conference and seeing everyone's excitement and enthusiasm to finally have a stage where diverse stakeholders from all backgrounds meet. GlobalMindED inspired me to rise above labels and expectations to become an individual who would exceed expectations and surprise others by defying the expectations and labels they placed on me. The incredible individuals who I had the privilege of meeting at GlobalMindED encouraged me to take this perspective. They did not let their labels define them, but instead worked hard to defy the expectations that their labels assigned them while rising above them in a dignified way. GlobalMindED reminded me that the only limits we have are the ones we put on ourselves, both in school and in our careers. GlobalMindED gave me the skills to have the difficult conversations about diversity, first generation students, privilege, education, and equity. I learned how to approach and listen better to these tough but necessary things we face today. At HP, I started my career a year and half ago and I have already promoted. I'm grateful to GlobalMindED and the opportunities HP has afforded me."

Elise Tran
Mechanical Engineering
Colorado School of Mines
" The summer after my freshman year at Colorado School of Mines, I was hired to intern with GlobalMindED. Being one of the few employees with a STEM background, it was refreshing to be surrounded by others who had a different way of thinking; immersing myself in this culture challenged me to think differently and gave me a broader prospective on life. During my internship, I helped organize the first annual GlobalMindED Conference and had the privilege to meet many of the inspiring keynote speakers and panelists. Hearing their success stories as first-generation college students made me think, "Wow, that can be me someday!" I've been involved with the organization since and it has been a pleasure seeing its growth. The summer after my junior year, I began my first engineering internship. I worked as a Quality and Mission Assurance Intern at Raytheon in Tucson, AZ. Being away from Colorado was both frightening and exciting, but my support system made this change easy. After graduation in May 2018, I will be working as a Systems Engineer with Raytheon in Aurora, CO. I'm incredibly grateful to have wonderful family, friends, and mentors in my life who continuously support me. I hope that my success story can inspire other underrepresented groups in STEM."
June 9-11, 2018
Denver, CO   

We look forward to having you at the 2018 GlobalMindED conference
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