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Lego redesigns the world according to kids...
An ideas session (not unlike those held at the start
of a grown-up architecture brief) was held with 60 children.
It was facilitated by architect Dara Huang (founder of DH Liberty)
and Lego ‘play agent’ David Pallash alongside broadcaster
and documentary filmmaker Reggie Yates, who set the brief. The children were tasked with building either a school, house or office using Lego bricks, with one simple outcome: design something that makes people happy. To read more...Wallpaper*
Chilean guesthouse promises long view and design-led lodgings...
This private coastal guesthouse offers views, warmth 
and a sense of space, courtesy of Santiago-based architecture studio 
Tironi Bartlau. A clean, minimalist box volume of some 74 sq m,
the project is informed in its formal development and dimensions 
by the neighbouring main house as well as the trees
and topography of the site. To read more... Wallpaper*
London and St. Thomas Market Report
854 Properties Sold
in London in

Real Esatate Markets...
$541,377 London
$897,700 Toronto 
$1,045,100 Vancouver
$607,250 Canada
At the end of November, the average home price in London North was $619,908, up 26.8% compared
to November 2019, while London East was $427,639, up 27.4% over a year ago. London South/West saw the biggest year-over-year increase in the average price, coming in at $555,682, up 33.9%.
Visual Arts ...
Haegue Yang: Emergence
A leading artist of her generation, Haegue Yang (b. 1971 Seoul) is celebrated for her prolific and diverse work that evokes historical and contemporary narratives of migration, displacement
and cross-cultural translation. For over two decades, Yang has been transforming how we experience everyday domestic materials, turning items such as venetian blinds, light bulbs, drying racks, knitting yarn and bells into meticulously constructed installations and sculptures.
You may like this book...
The Body
Bill Bryson
Brian Bryson turns his attention inwards to explore the human body, how it functions and its remarkable ability to heal itself.
Full of extraordinary facts and astonishing stories, 
The Body: A Guide for Occupants is a brilliant, often very funny attempt to understand the miracle of our physical and neurological make up.
A wonderful successor to A Short History of Nearly Everything,
this book will have you marvelling at the form you occupy,
and celebrating the genius of your existence, time and time again...
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