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London and St. Thomas Market Report
1,258 Properties Sold
in LSTAR Jurisdiction in May 2021

Real Esatate Markets...
$633,418 London
$1,025,200 Toronto 
$1,152,600 Vancouver
$695,697 Canada
Despite all the increases seen in the average sales prices, homes in LSTAR's jurisdiction
appear to be relatively affordable when compared to houses from some other major Ontario
and Canadian centres. Average price in London East $502,608; London North $741,983;
London South & West $655,662. Average prices per home type: 1 story $598,100; 2 story $678,300;
townhouse $484,900; condo apartment $248,300.
Visual Arts ...
Mirrored architecture: reflect on...

When glass-sheathed corporate skyscrapers first started bouncing kaleidoscopic visions of architectural angles off their sleek façades
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