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An east London family home by Freehaus packs a punch through simplicity...
London architects Freehaus rethink a family home in the city’s borough
of Hackney through a balanced combination of minimalism, a material-led approach and clever interventions that respond to their clients’ needs. Victorian brick house redesigns are probably among the most common residential commissions for London architects. To read more...Wallpaper*
Liang Architecture redesigns a Chinese home around natural light...
A flowing, light filled interior highlights architect Liang Xu’s design philosophy and architectural mastery, in this residential renovation
in China’s Jinhua City. The project, a complete transformation
of an existing house into a modern, light-filled interior,
is called ‘A Desired Home’, 
To read more... Wallpaper*
London and St. Thomas Market Report
690 Properties Sold in London in October

Real Esatate Markets...
$530,006 London
$897,700 Toronto 
$1,041,300 Vancouver
$604,211 Canada
Taking a closer look at the region's geography, London South saw last month the biggest year-over-year increase in the average price: 28.7%. The average price for a home in London South/West
rose to $545,298, while the benchmark price for this area sat at $457,900, 20.2% higher than a year ago.
At the end of October, the average home prices for London North and London East were $605,791 and $408,719, respectively.
Visual Arts ...
Live wire: Edoardo Tresoldi's mesmerising mesh installation in Italy...

Italian artist Edoardo Tresoldi’s striking public intervention
on the Reggio Calabria seafront sees 46 open wire mesh columns frame the Strait of Messina. This forms the enchanting backdrop for Italian artist Edoardo Tresoldi’s latest public intervention, Opera, which was commissioned by the city’s local Municipality and the Metropolitan City two years ago.
You may like this book...
The XX Brain
Dr. Lisa Mosconi
In this revolutionary book, Dr. Lisa Mosconi,
director of the Women's Brain Initiative at Weill Cornell Medical College, provides women with the first plan to address
the unique risks of the female brain. women are far more likely
than men to suffer from anxiety, depression, migraines,
brain injuries, and strokes. They are also twice as likely
to end their lives suffering from Alzheimer's disease,
even when their longer lifespans are taken into account.
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