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Rossana reinvents the traditional kitchen island...
Italy’s premium kitchen maker Rossana, has collaborated
with multi-disciplinarian industrial designer Carlo Colombo
to create the “ISØLA” series; a reinterpretation of the classic kitchen island.
A partition between the washing, cooking and preparation side of the kitchen,
and the more relaxed, living side, ISØLA was designed for both large homes
or small spaces... To read more...Wallpaper*
Four innovative design responses to the climate emergency...
Design Emergency began as an Instagram Live series and is now becoming
a wake-up call to the world, and compelling evidence of the power of design
to effect radical and far-reaching change. Design innovations on all fronts: from the generation of clean, renewable energy, to new forms of sustainable food growing, and rewilding programmes are already making
a significant difference to the quality of the environment.
To read more... Wallpaper*
London and St. Thomas Market Report
960 Properties Sold
in September

Real Esatate Markets...
$521,883 London
$890,400 Toronto 
$1,038,700 Vancouver 
$586,149 Canada
So far this year, some 402,578 homes have traded hands over Canadian MLS® Systems, up 5.8% from the first nine months of 2019.
Along with historic supply shortages
in a number of regions, fierce competition among buyers has been putting upward pressure on home prices.
Visual Arts ...
Cirque Du Soleil
This Cirque du Soleil, all-in-one place, free content hub now includes more original content. Starting now, you can enjoy
your favorite Cirque du Soleil series on CirqueConnect’s redesigned, user-friendly, mobile and web platform.
At Cirque du Soleil, we offer an escape from everyday life
through the delight and whimsy of our shows. 
Just for you, from us. Enjoy!
You may like this book...
The Spy Who Loved
Clare Mulley
Acclaimed biographer Clare Mulley tells the extraordinary
story of Britain's first female special agent of World War II,
a charismatic, difficult, fearless, and altogether
extraordinary woman.
The daughter of a Polish aristocrat and his wealthy Jewish wife, Granville would become one of Britain's most daring
and highly decorated special agents.
She skied over the hazardous High Tatras into occupied Poland, served in Egypt and North Africa, and was later parachuted
behind enemy lines into France...
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