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Apple’s glowing glass sphere is the newest spectacle on Singapore’s skyline...
Physics loves a sphere, its preferred, purest form. For architects though, the box trumps the bubble. They’re easier to engineer and offer more useful space. The new Apple Marina Bay Sands store in Singapore goes with the physics.
To read more...Wallpaper*
Sustainable Egyptian desert campus offers model for green building...
El Battouty studied the natural airflow and sunlight on location over time, discovering ways to manipulate the breeze and enhance shade.
Cantilevered shelter is adopted for walkways leading to entrances;
deep shaded areas in dark colours help to reduce temperatures by controlling the amount of air exposed to light. To read more... Wallpaper*
London and St. Thomas Market Report
931 Properties
sold in August

Real Esatate Markets...
$501,584 London
$890,400 Toronto 
$1,038,700 Vancouver 
$586,149 Canada
"Within the London area, London South had the biggest gains in sales activity and average sales price," Campbell said. "There were 296 sales, up more than 27% compared to a year ago and the average sales price jumped to $522,999, up 27.4% over August 2019.
Visual Arts ...
Illusions: The Art of Magic
Illusions: The Art of Magic transports you back
in time to the Golden Age of Magic
when death-defying tricks, daring escapes
and colourful personas turned performers like 
The Incomparable Albini and Harry Houdini
into world-famous celebrities.
Me Time Reads for Everyone...
Happy Money: The Japanese Art of Making Peace with Your Money
Ken Honda
Too often, money is a source of fear, stress, and anger,
often breaking apart relationships and even ruining lives.
We like to think money is just a number or a piece of paper,
but it is so much more than that. Money has the ability to smile,
it changes when it is given with a certain feeling, and the energy with which it imbues us impacts not only ourselves,
but others as well.
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Ready to Sell, Buy, or Invest?

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