Dec. 19, 2018
Welcome to The Navigator, the new monthly newsletter for RxCOMPASS, our industry-leading pharmacy analytics program. Each monthly edition will feature news and performance milestones, as well as helpful tips and insights.

Update Your Refills-on-Time Report Subscription
Each new RxCompass user receives a default set of 8 reports by email subscription:
  • 2 Daily: Daily Performance and Questionable Claims,
  • 2 Weekly: Weekly Performance and Refills on Time, and
  • 4 Monthly: New Patients, Missing Patients, Top Prescribers, and Star Ratings Scorecard. 
With the exception of the two daily reports and the Weekly Performance report,  you can add/remove  and adjust the frequency and parameters of your reports via the Subscription Center tool.  Using our Guided Growth directive, APRx analyzed the Refills on Time report to ensure that it maximizes your return.     
We recommend making the following changes to your ROT report subscription:
  • Fill Operator: >= greater than or equal to
  • Number of Scripts: 2
  • Change the day you receive the report to Tuesday or Wednesday
    Note: The goal is to begin outreach the day you receive/run  the report so no opportunity is missed for patients on
    the outreach list to fill applicable Rxs.
  • Leave all other parameters as-is
Your APRx PBC can assist you with updating report subscriptions onsite, or change requests can be sent to your FDS consultant. We will continue to evaluate the success of Guided Growth and will be expanding the directive to include additional reports in the future.     

RxCOMPASS Gains as of November 2018 
RxCompass enrollment now exceeds 250 APRx member pharmacies! Users continue marked success using the Refills on Time report, capturing high-value opportunity while simultaneously addressing Star Ratings performance, boosting Rx volume and profitability, growing med sync and auto-refill enrollment, and evolving patient relationships. 
The Latest Gains Detail:
  • 25 Stores Reporting Gains
  • 19K Fills
  • $1.36M Revenue
  • $220K Gross Profit
Additionally, 6 stores reporting outreach detail have captured the following:
  • 50.1% Call Answer Rate
  • 0.8 Gained Fills per Call Placed
  • 2.6 Minutes in Outreach per Gained Fill
  • 2.1 Minute Average Call Length
  • $4.80 in Gross Profit per Minute of Outreach
The value of targeted personal patient outreach is apparent, and the gains are so significant that users are averaging strong return per call placed while truly optimizing time spent. Consider adding the Refills on Time report to your workflow and ask your APRx PBC about our Guided Growth directive.  It was developed and refined with efficiency in mind, and the resulting ROI is powerful! 

If you have technical questions about the RxCOMPASS portal or how to use the program, please contact the RxCOMPASS support team: 877-244-2305 |


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