March 5, 2019
Welcome to The Navigator, the monthly newsletter for RxCOMPASS, our industry-leading pharmacy analytics program. Each monthly edition will feature news and performance milestones, as well as helpful tips and insights.

Improve Your Pharmacy's Performance
& Profitability With These 4 Simple Steps 

The Daily Performance Report (DPR)
The Daily Performance report is a recap of business from the previous day, including remaining actionable opportunities in 3 key areas (Open Items, Paid at U&C, and Sold at a Loss). Review this report each morning before opening, beginning with the Sold at a Loss portion at the bottom of the report. PRxO generic NDCs dispensed at a loss are noted with a double asterisk. Dispensing an alternative item in these rare instances is recommended. If an alternative PRxO NDC isn't on your shelf, contact the patient for the expected pickup date to determine if you have time to order an alternative. Any Rxs dispensed at U&C should be evaluated, and any changes made are at your discretion. Lastly, any unresolved open claims from the previous day should be reviewed and filled. 

The RxCOMPASS Playbook 
This is an in-depth instructional document detailing
various reporting options and tools. The Playbook is regularly updated and available via the
American Pharmacies website .  Inside you will find an array of information detailing recommended report use, screenshots, success stories and other instruction. Navigating the playbook is easy with its bookmarks and hyperlinks. Access the  Playbook by  logging in to Generic Edge on the APRx website. Download the latest version today and save a digital copy to your desktop.

If you have technical questions about the RxCOMPASS portal or how to use the program, please contact the RxCOMPASS support team: 877-244-2305 option 2 |

Latest Guided Growth Averages
Guided Growth supports patient outreach initiatives and significantly improves your pharmacy's profitability. To learn more about Guided Growth, contact your APRx Pharmacy Business Consultant. 

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