Sept. 20, 2018
Welcome to the first issue of The Navigator, the new monthly newsletter for RxCOMPASS, our industry-leading pharmacy analytics program. Each monthly edition will feature news and performance milestones, as well as helpful tips and insights.

Adherence Pays Off 
RxCOMPASS Users  Top $1 Million in Cumulative Revenue

Following 186 distinct periods of use, 20 participating APRx member pharmacies have together captured more than $1.17 million in new revenue and more than 16,500 total fills! These gains -- achieved through targeted patient outreach -- improved medication adherence and Star Ratings for these pharmacies, grew med sync and auto-refill enrollment, boosted volume and profitability, and strengthened patient relationships.

Opportunities are identified weekly in an emailed report, which users prioritize by patient value to determine the order of outreach. While all patients MonthlyTip are of value, the limits on your outreach time mean you must co ntact patients who need clinical intervention and also drive business growth based on that intervention. Our 20 highlighted users achieved both those objectives, producing these results  (all profit values below are before rebate):
  • Distinct periods (largely 1 week):  186
  • Average hours of outreach weekly:  2.5
  • Fills gained per period:  88
  • Fills gained per patient:  1.95
  • Gross profit per Rx:  $10
  • Gross profit per patient:  $21
  • Gross profit per period:  $973
  • Gross Profit Margin:  15.43%
  • Fills gained per call:  1
  • Fills gained per hour of outreach:  12
  • Gross profit per call:  $10
  • Gross profit per hour of outreach:  $100
Here are some of the stronger performance highlights from individual weeks of this targeted outreach:
  • Two pharmacies each completed 52 periods of outreach.
  • One captured $303,000 in total revenue and 3,503 total prescriptions, the other $167,000  in revenue and 2,779 prescriptions. 
  • One pharmacy gained $10,000+ in seven different weeks, including $19,000 in one week. 
  • Two pharmacies each gained 184 fills in a week.
  • Three pharmacies earned $2,000 in gross profit at least once; one gained $3,000 in one week.
  • One captured 63 prescriptions in 40 minutes of outreach, averaging 1.5 gained fills per call.
  • Each pharmacy averaged more than 2 gained fills per patient; several averaged more than 3 gained fills per patient in multiple weeks
Guidance & Support
Your most precious resource is time, so we developed the Guided Growth Directive to help you develop the operational efficiency to drive, real, measurable growth. If you are using the Refills on Time report but are not following the Guided Growth Directive, please contact your APRx pharmacy business consultant (PBC) to schedule a review. Your PBC will be happy to discuss the methodology with you and recommend changes in your email report subscription. Your PBC also can answer any other questions you have about how to best use RxCOMPASS.

FDS offers technical support for RxCOMPASS users:
Kristina Kent, CPhT, is available at or by phone at 973-435-3881.
Lexie Sexton, CPhT, can be reached at or by phone at 

APRx member Ben McNabb, PharmD, of Love Oak Pharmacy in Eastland, TX, has won NCPA's 2018 Outstanding Adherence Practitioner Award. The National Community Pharmacy Association gives the honor annually to a community pharmacist who demonstrates outstanding commitment to improving patient outcomes through medication adherence in a community pharmacy setting.
Ben McNabb, PharmD

McNabb, a Board Member of the Texas Pharmacy Business Council, will be honored next month during NCPA's 2019 annual convention in Boston. He also will receive an engraved commemorative plaque, and a $1,000 donation will be made in his name to the school or college of his choice.  American Pharmacies is proud of Ben and his wife/co-owner, Heather, and congratulates Ben for this well-deserved award. 

Ben has taken the non-adherence challenge head-on with innovative compliance packaging and the powerful capabilities  of RxCOMPASS to identify non-adherent patients. As Ben's dedication continues  to pay off for his patients, RxCOMPASS  continues to drive healthy gains in his pharmacy's revenue. Using the Refills on Time Report, Ben's staff has conducted 540+ hours of patient outreach and gained more than 7,000 fills and $500,000 in revenue while improving patient adherence and Star Ratings.

"RxCompass has been a huge asset in keeping our patients adherent and our business profitable," Ben said. "It helps us prioritize our patient outreach by prescription value. That helps us achieve the highest ROI possible for each call. And the results are easily measured, which gives me peace of mind that our time is well-spent."

If you see Ben in Boston at next month's NCPA convention, be sure to congratulate him! And if you ask him, we're sure he'll tell you about how RxCOMPASS is paying off for both his patients and his business.


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