Jan. 31, 2019
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How RxCOMPASS & Guided Growth Helped My Pharmacy Boost Its Profits After We Lost Our Biggest Prescriber 
Steve Hoffart, PharmD
Magnolia Pharmacy|Texas
Every pharmacy's biggest nightmare is losing a primary prescriber. In the Summer of 2018, Magnolia Pharmacy was notified that the doctor in our building -- and largest prescriber in our town -- was closing due to hospital contract issues. Sadly, we had just hired a new pharmacist the previous month, and we began to investigate ways to prevent a dramatic reduction in our prescription business. 

We had heard about Refills on Time in the past, but never took time to incorporate it into our workflow. Trying to prevent sales decay, we assigned a technician one day a week to call every patient on the Refills on Time report to generate every possible prescription we could capture to make up for our prescriber loss.  Surprisingly, instead of sales declining, we grew in prescription fills after the clinic closed.  In addition to calling patients for needed refills, we asked about filling other prescriptions, offered OTC medications and immunizations, and educated and enrolled many of these non-compliant patients on our medication synchronization program. After several months of this process and refining our call procedure  through Guided Growth, we not only continued to grow in prescription count, but focused our limited hours each week on capturing the most profitable prescriptions to impact our bottom line.  Because of the success of Refills on Time, these weekly calls will always be a part of our workflow.

The Guided Growth Directive 
As more of our members continue to grow their profits using RxCOMPASS, our staff continues to analyze and refine guidelines to guarantee they support operational efficiency and drive growth. Our Guided Growth directive nurtures patient relationships, grows med-sync enrollment and improves pharmacy profitability. 

Using the Refills on Time report, 28 participating member pharmacies have together captured more than $1.43 million in aggregate revenue and 20,000 prescriptions.  Of those 28 participants, 16 stores are now following the Guided Growth directive. The gains these stores are capturing in comparison to all other known utilization methods are significantly greater. As demonstrated by Magnolia Pharmacy, implementing Guided Growth leads to a return that is more profitable per period, per patient, per call and per minute. 
If you're using the Refills on Time report but are not following the Guided Growth directive, contact your APRx Pharmacy Business Consultant (PBC) for assistance. The ROI in terms of profitability, volume, med sync enrollment and time/call efficiency has been proved beyond question. If you are using a different method that you've found to be effective, please share those details with your APRx PBC as it could benefit your independent pharmacy peers and further strengthen this valuable effort.

If you have technical questions about the RxCOMPASS portal or how to use the program, please contact the RxCOMPASS support team: 877-244-2305 |  websupport@mydatamart.net

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