SAVI: The Stewardship of Antimicrobials
by Veterinarians Initiative
The following updates provide a snapshot of whom
the SAVI team has been working with and what we
have been working on.
December 7, 2020: Deans of Canada’s Veterinary Colleges were updated on SAVI project objectives, activities and progress
December 9, 2020: The SAVI Expert Advisory Group (EAG), a body comprised of representatives from key veterinary, animal health and industry stakeholder groups, convened to discuss project activity and direction
December 10, 2020: The review and revision of the CVMA Veterinary Guidelines for AMU commenced for the six original species groups: Beef, Dairy, Poultry, Small Ruminants, Swine and Companion Animals. The review process should be complete by March 31st, 2021
SAVI continues to participate in the Canadian Animal Health Surveillance System (CAHSS) AMU/AMR working group that collaboratively looks at common approaches to AMU communications and AMU metrics
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The COVID-19 pandemic has limited the SAVI team’s ability to capture photos that best represent the diversity of Canada’s veterinary community, practices and animals. If you have quality images of your people and/or practice and are willing share, please contact

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SAVI Series Video – Dr. Tom Inglis
Dr. Tom Inglis is the founder and managing partner at Poultry Health Services.
The company provides innovative solutions for the commercial poultry industry by using scientific and evidence based medicine to improve bird health, welfare, quality and profitability. He is also an adjunct assistant professor at the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

In this SAVI series video Dr. Inglis shares his thoughts regarding antimicrobial stewardship and antimicrobial resistance. Click the video to watch.
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