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Meet Your SMP Customer Service Team

Kim Thaxton is a Customer Service Representative at Specialty Metals Processing (SMP), and has been with the company since its early beginnings in 1998.  Kim has worn about every hat at SMP, and has seen the company grow and grow and grow!  We all rely on Kim’s expertise and knowledge every day.  She has long standing commercial business relationships with many of SMP’s customers, and several that she can call friend.

In regards to SMP, Kim has never been more optimistic about our future. “I love working with our new management team.  They are all working very hard to make SMP the best processor in our industry.  They really care about our customers and the quality of our processing.”

When she’s not working, Kim enjoys gardening at home and hiking in the beautiful metro parks in our region.  Kim and her husband live in a century old home in Cuyahoga Falls.  Kim recently had a visitor stop by that knew a lot of the history of her house.  She learned that her large detached garage once served as a speakeasy. Party at Kim’s!

Mike Piscitello is a Customer Service Representative at Specialty Metals Processing (SMP), and he has been with the company for over four years.  Prior to joining SMP Mike was an owner of a metal fabrication company that specialized in display fixtures for the retail industry. Mike’s 20 year history as a business owner gives him a unique perspective on the challenges of operating a business.  When dealing with Mike at SMP, you will find someone who has probably “walked in your shoes”. He cares about his customers and responds to their needs and requests in a timely manner.

Mike is Cleveland through and through! He attended Holy Name High School and has lived in the area he loves all his life.  Mike is married and has five sons and one grandson.  Every Sunday, his entire family gathers for dinner, including his 92 year old mother. Mike says “that is by far the best time of my week”.

Mike plays on a senior softball team, and they travel the country playing in tournaments.  This past January, Mike’s team won the National Championship for their age group in Florida!  LeBron isn’t the only one bringing championships to Cleveland!

Reese Bagoly is a Customer Service Representative at Specialty Metals Processing (SMP), and is the newest addition to the SMP team.  Though Reese is new to SMP, she is not new to specialty metal processing, having spent the last 16 years in the industry.  Reese hit the ground running when she joined our company, and we and our customers are benefitting from her broad industry experience.

Reese is excited to be part of the SMP team. “I like the direction the company is headed and look forward to growing with the company as they grow. The entire staff is professional and it makes coming to work enjoyable.”

Reese’s top priority is spending time with her family, especially her young grandchildren.  She enjoys the theater and traveling – especially to warmer climates!  Reese is a die-hard Cavs fan, though she did recently give up one of her playoff tickets to her grandson. 

From The President's Desk...

Welcome and thank you for taking a few minutes to read the latest issue of the SMP E-mail Newsletter.  With an appreciation for our customers’ demand-filled work days, we plan to approach this informative communication tool in an easy to read format that highlights our people, our processes and our plans to provide better service, better quality and greater worth to you, our valued customer.


I am fortunate to be serving as President of Specialty Metals Processing.  Having joined the company in October of last year, I recognized the great opportunity I was presented. SMP has excellent processing equipment, a strong operations team and solid financial footing.   We also have capacity to grow all of our processing lines and capital investments in place for equipment upgrades and new processing lines.  Look for more information on these investment initiatives in future issues of our SMP E-mail Newsletter.


My business leanings are commercial in nature.  The companies I have led in the past were built on a standard of providing the highest level of customer service in our given industry.  It is my intent to lead SMP with that same high level of customer service.  This business philosophy does not mean that the customer is always right.  What it does mean is we will always strive for effective and detailed communication, we will be honest and respectful in all of our business dealings and we will value and appreciate the confidence our customers have put in our processing capabilities. 


With this focus on customer service, it is only appropriate that we introduce or re-introduce Kim, Mike and Reese – our inside sales team. Their industry experience and customer relationships have helped me greatly transition into my role.  They share my values for providing a high level of customer service, and they also care about the people they deal with – day in and day out. Please know that you can call on Kim, Mike, Reese and me with all of your questions, comments and concerns.


Kind regards,


Bob Wilson


Specialty Metals Processing

Whether it is coil polishing or buffing, cut-to-length and slitting, or sheet, plate and slab polishing and grinding, the SMP inside sales team is ready to serve!  

Specialty Metals Processing Inc.