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Important News

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Restraint and Seclusion in New Jersey Schools

"If I did this stuff to my kids, they'd be calling DYFS on me. I can't say my kid is melting down, so I am going to lock them in a closet." - Peg Kinsell, Director of Public Policy, SPAN

Although most families probably have no idea they exist, school isolation spaces — known as seclusion closets or quiet rooms — are perfectly legal in New Jersey. The rooms have been used in some public and private schools across the state to isolate students.

Kids are usually placed in the stark, empty spaces alone until they calm down. 

In 2017, 91% of NJ students placed in seclusion had disabilities. 

Black students make up about 15% of the school population but accounted for 44% of the NJ students put into seclusion in 2017.  

Read the entire Special Report from NJ.Com here



Helping Young People be Prepared for Visits to the Emergency Room (ER)

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Do you think the young people you work with are prepared if they need to go to the emergency room?

The Youth for Education, Advocacy, and Healthcare Council (YEAH) Council is a council of youth aged

14-26 who experience disabilities and/or special health care needs.

They have created an Emergency Room Preparing Brochure to teach young adults how to prepare and have a positive and smooth emergency room experience.

The focus audience for this resource is young adults with disabilities and/or special health care needs who: 

  • are new to the emergency room, or
  • have experienced a negative experience at the ER

The brochure includes information about: 

  1. Preparing for an ER visit
  2. Arrival at the ER
  3. Next steps after a visit 

It also has space to record helpful information to share with health care professionals.  

Download Emergency Room Preparedness – A Youth Perspective

Contact the YEAH Council to request printed copies of Emergency Room Preparedness here

Check out a more comprehensive tool for recording health-related information here - My Health Passport  

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New Jersey Department of Children and Families Resources

NJDCF logo

The NJ DCF provides a number of publications available for download as PDF (ideal for printing) or JPG (ideal for social media).

The publications address topics, such as: 

  • General DCF services
  • Mental health awareness, and
  • Child abuse prevention awareness

Some publications are available in languages other than English, such as: 

  • Summer Safety Tips to Keep Kids Protected
  • There's No Excuse for Abuse
  • Minority Youth Mental Health Tips
  • My Child is in Foster Care

View / Download all of the Resources Here

Upcoming Events

See what's happening

SPAN offers a variety of learning opportunities for families and the professionals who work with them. 

Upcoming Events include:

Let's Read Together: 

Pajama Party!


Join us for a pajama party and learn some tips you can do to make reading fun for your child.

This workshop is for parents of kids in PreK- 3rd grade.

Guest speakers will share simple and effective strategies for you and your child(ren) to have fun reading!

 Tuesday, July 19, 2022,

at 7:00 PM

Register Here 


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