January 2018

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WE found it! We found it!

By: Sister Patricia Ann Smith, OP. '65

We found the one lone picture documenting the building of our patio!  
In the 1958 yearbook is a picture with a simple reference:   
"Willing Dads donate weekends
to the construction of a patio for their daughters."

Patio Construction

The next year in the 1959 yearbook is a sparkling picture of the new space.

And so was born the reality of a dream!  
And so lives so many years of abundant memories!  
Who were those good Dads?  
How many weekends did it take them?  
How long did they work?  Who designed it?  
How did they get the money?  
Who delivered the lumber?  
What about the planters?  
When did the redwood furniture arrive?  
Sister Mary Michael was the principal.  
That explains it!

And so now as we make space for a gym
- the reality of another long held dream -
this graced structure will smile and take a well-deserved bow.  
This patio and awning
- that many of us didn't know we treasured
until we came back to see it years later -
 moves on into history
 moves on into a lived history of memories and life.

Remember all the shared lunch conversations,
the studying together,
trying to understand something that was impossible,
making friendships that have lasted for years,
practicing dances, plays and sports,
hosting play days,
celebrating Graduations,
enjoying Comets Come Back
...what else?  
What moments come into your heart?

This space has nurtured a lot of life,
witnessed a lot of young women
reaching out in fun and in compassion,
helping one another to understand and maybe to cope.  
This space has seen confidence, trust and faith
change from a hope to a life value.

Sacred Heart of Jesus,
bless us as we continue the legacy in this holy space.


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