The Prologue                                 
  Tuesday, September 15, 2020
  Unitarian Universalist Church of Bloomington, Indiana
   Congregation founded 1949
   LGBTQ Welcoming Congregation since 1995
   Green Sanctuary since 2007

Seeking the Spirit, Building Community, Changing the World
Sunday, September 20, 2020
Autumn Equinox Celebration
Reverend Emily Manvel Leite
Reverend Dave Clements 
Reverend Mary Ann Macklin, and many more!

Join us to welcome autumn through a multi-sensory exploration of harvest, balance, and preparation for the coming season of waning light.  We will share story, singing and time for individual reflection upon the harvest of the season, accompanied by all of our UUCB affiliated ministers and UUCB member and healer Cynthia Bretheim.  Our children's choir, directed by Jill Courtney, will share a gift of music (on video)
Please Join Us Via Livestream
Please join us for our service each Sunday via our Facebook page or our website livestream page. Archived videos are available about 3 hours after the airing of each livestream on our website, in case you miss the livestream while it's live.

Our Building is Closed, but Our Hearts are Still Open. 
To help disrupt the spread of the coronavirus and COVID-19 in our community, our Board of Directors has voted to close the building for the time being. Everyone please stay safe, stay well, and stay home as much as possible.

Our Board will review the situation concerning our building closure and the progress of the pandemic at their Board meeting each month, and will keep us updated on their decisions.
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Join us for Virtual Coffee Hour!
     Join us for lively conversation in Virtual Coffee Hour, every Sunday after the worship service until 12:15 pm. Just click on this link to join us!
      Read the Friday Update for the complete list of Coffee Hour breakout room topics.
      Email connect(at) before Saturday, if you would like to request a conversation topic and be a small group conversation host.    --Ann LeDuc, Connections Coordinator
Greetings from Rev. Dave
What a time we are all having in the midst of this pandemic. I am going to do my best to meet with as many of you as I can by way of group Zoom meetings the week of September 21st - 26th.
I am excited to be here and to have this opportunity to act as your Interim Consulting Minister for this church year.
Here are three informational facts about me: (1) I lived and worked as an Interim Minister in Cape Town, South Africa at the Unitarian Church of Cape Town, South Africa. Throughout this church year I look forward to sharing all about this experience. (2) I have a partner, Jerry Devis and we have been together for over 14 years. He is the Artistic Director for a Foundation in the Cleveland, Ohio, area that creates, Art, Music and Dance experiences for Individuals with dementia and their care partners. He did not move here with me but he will be making visits on a regular basis. (3) I have done the Polar Bear Plunge experience in Chicago. (This is where you take a dip in the Lake when it is freezing cold). I look forward to doing this with Reverend Mary Ann here in Bloomington and invite anyone to join us.
My hobbies include Travel, Cooking and Painting. I especially enjoy creating 3 dimensional Art. I learned that in life the best thing we can learn to do is to go with the flow. Life truly is a journey not a destination. Looking forward to helping you as a congregation to vision what you want for your future and help you put in place an action plan for obtaining it. You can call me, Rev. Dave.

Reverend Dave Clements
Interim Minister Consultant
clements (at)
Emily's Post

Dear Ones,

I am writing this from California. As you may have heard at the service this past Sunday, my family has flown out to say goodbye to my husband's mother who was dying. It now seems that her time may not have come, so we are no longer allowed to see her (strangely, this is positive news!) and are headed home. It was good to be here to say all that needed to be said, though she has not been conscious, and now we are settling into the deeply unknown future--an experience not so unfamiliar in Covid times. 

Hoping we may all find peace in our journeys of these days, whatever they may be. 

With love,
Reverend Emily Manvel Leite
Minister of Congregational Life and Religious Education 

[Circumstances changed quickly after Reverend Emily wrote this message. We received the news late this afternoon that Adam Leite's mother, Elizabeth, died today, Tuesday, September 15. --Carol Marks, editor]
MAM Musing
Lectio Divina
On Sunday, in the spirit of renewal, we explored the Benedictine practice of Lectio Divina, Latin for Divine Reading. Here is an abbreviated form to utilize when reading a passage or poem in this sacred manner. 1) Lectio (READ): Read the passage slowly, both silently and aloud Simply allow yourself to open to the words. I suggest reading it slowly, both silently then out loud. Then pause for silence and mystery. 2) Meditatio (REFLECT): Read the passage slowly, both silently and aloud. Listen for a word or phrase that shimmers or shines for you, one that draws you in. Then pause for silence and mystery. You may choose to journal on this word or phrase or explore in other creative ways. 3) Oratio (RESPOND)Read the passage slowly, both silently and aloud. Listen for an invitation, perhaps to do something or let go or just be. Listen with an honest heart and respond. 4) Contemplatio (REST) Read the passage slowly, both silently and aloud. Now simply rest in the words. Let them wash over you and offer renewal. Consider a phrase or image to take with you which will return you to a spirit of soulful renewal.
Captain's Log
If you are a Star Trek fan and would like to hear about or possibly help with the tentatively scheduled worship service on October 25th which will explore the creation, legacy and ongoing influence of the Star Trek universe, send me an email at macklin (at) This worship service is currently scheduled to occur the day after the unveiling of the Captain Kathryn Janeway monument on the B-Line trail next to Wonderlab. The unveiling will be covered virtually with minimum on-site attendance due to Covid. Stay Tuned.
Peace Out. Love In. Vote Early. 
Reverend Mary Ann Macklin
Senior Minister
From Adrienne:
Five Questions for a Regular Spiritual Practice
Many of us are being called to reconnect with our families, our school, and church community, and in an ideal world, make time for self-care. If you are asking yourself, how? when? where?-- you are not alone.  

Fortunately, I am constantly hearing and repeating wise words from Reverend Macklin as if they are mantras of sorts.  

First, I recall, "Set the bar low for joy."  Which has me thinking about what do we/I need? For me, my family's health and safety, mental and emotional well-being and connection.  We are trying to find moments to dance, sing, laugh with each other, and play together. I am scheduling short phone calls with friends on my sabbath to help me stay accountable to downtime.  

Second, I am thinking fondly of all the different ways Reverend Macklin explored and defined "wild" during service on Sunday, September 13th. As you may imagine, a family of five definitely has its fair share of wild rumpuses, but we also find peace in the wild things--in something as simple as lying outside on a blanket and being mesmerized by the stars.   

Right now, when we may not know if we are coming or going, what zoom room we are supposed to be in, or what time zone the meeting host is in, I encourage you to find some grounding in your senses.  My children have learned this technique as well, and have reported how helpful it is to them as a regular practice.  Perhaps you will try it as a regular spiritual practice this month:

Simply lie down in a natural setting of your choosing and then, with attention and mindfulness, slowly ask yourself these five questions: 

1. What do I see? 
2. What do I hear? 
3. What do I smell? 
4. What do I feel against my clothes and skin? 
5. What can I taste? 

--Adrienne Summerlot, Director of Religious Education

You can view our monthly Religious Education email and subscribe to it easily here! 
Questions? Contact Adrienne Summerlot, Director of Religious Education, 
dre (at) 
Rev. Bill's Note:
The Trump administration has two more executions scheduled for next week: William LeCroy on Tuesday, and Christopher Vialva on Thursday. I will be in Terre Haute as I have been for every execution since the building of the federal death row there. If you would like to ring the Bell at the Church on either of those days, check the Friday Update on September 18 for information.
Reverend Bill Breeden
Minister Emeritus
Our Folks...
      Our thoughts of sympathy and healing are with Reverend Emily Manvel Leite and Adam Leite and their family, upon the passing on September 15 of Adam's mother, Elizabeth, in California.
      Best wishes for quick healing to Harriet Pfister, who entered the hospital last Friday and is still there as of Tuesday, Sept. 15.  She has gallbladder problems and continues to be treated for the gallbladder and now pneumonia.  She is feeling better and appreciates all the get well wishes.  Please no visits at the hospital, but cards are welcome, sent to her at home.  
  Building Community 
UU Men Meet Third Tuesday of Each Month
Our UU Men's group meets on Zoom on the third Tuesday of each month, 7:00-9:00 p.m. For added security, this meeting requires registration. Next meeting is this evening, September 15.
Young Adult (YA) Bring Your Own Brunch 
(BYOB) on Zoom 
Sunday, September 27 at 12:30-2pm
     The Young Adults at Unitarian Universalist Church of Bloomington are here for you--wherever you are! Those of us that find ourselves between the general ages of 18-35 are having unique experiences right now. Many of our expectations about big transitions have been shattered. Most of our plans have changed or will eventually. One of the only things we DO know is that we need each other. How can we promote connection in this time of disconnection? We want to connect with YOU!
     Please join consulting minister, Rev. Christin Green, and others on Sunday, Sept 27, 12:30-2pm for a DROP-IN Bring Your Own Brunch (BYOB) on Zoom!
All are welcome in whatever capacity they can. No need to register. Simply show up. Here's the link.

Contact beacon (at) with questions or to get on the YA email list. 
If you're a Young Adult, fill out this short survey for a chance to win a gift card for UberEats, Doordash, or GrubHub!  
UU (Virtual) Children's Choir!
The UU Children's Choir will contribute music (virtually) to selected services throughout the year. For the time being, this involves learning a song from a pre- recorded audio or video, and then recording your child singing along with a master track to send in for the compilation. If you are already on the Children's Choir email list, watch for a message this weekend regarding our first project, for the Fall Equinox service (soon!). If you are not on the list, and would like to be, email Jill at jillmcourtney(at) (Being on the list doesn't commit you to participating, but will give you the most up-to-date information on children's singing opportunities as they come up), We're always happy to have new singers, 
grades K-8! -Jill Courtney 
Upcoming UU Singles Events
We are a group of single adults within the UU Bloomington community who meet occasionally for various kinds of connective events as a group. We'd love to have you join us! The following events will take place over Zoom:
  - Thursday evening, September 17:
     * 6 p.m. Happy Hour
     * 7 p.m. Communal Play Reading
  - Thursday evening, September 24:
     * 6 p.m. Communal Cooking and Eating Together over Zoom (with mystery ingredients - stay tuned!)
If you are not already on the UU singles e-mail list, please contact mariedeer1961(at) or 812-391-0900.
Women's Alliance October 1 on Zoom
The First Thursday of Each Month
The Women's Alliance will meet on Zoom on Thursday, October 1 at 11:30 a.m. For added security, this meeting requires registration.  Click here to register and receive the link to join the meeting. 

Exploring Unitarian Universalism Online 
Oct 18 & 25!
The Exploring Unitarian Universalism (UU) class will be offered online on October 11 and 18, 3-5 pm.  Use this link to register for the class. This class is a great opportunity to learn about the UU Principles, our ministers, the history of this congregation, all the ways to get involved here, and what it means to be a member.  Plan to attend both dates, since different material will be covered in each session. We request completion of this class before you become a member of the congregation. Everyone ages 14 to 100+ is welcome! Questions? Email Ann LeDuc at connect(at) 
We Still Need Little Extra Freezer Room 
for Hoosier Persimmons for the Bazaar--
Can You Help?
The Online UU Holiday Bazaar Persimmon Pulp Committee is in need of more freezer space.  If you live in Bloomington, have available deep freezer space, and would be willing to store persimmons and/or persimmon pulp in your freezer in the lead-up to the bazaar (from persimmon drop to first weekend of December), please contact the Persimmon Chair, Jason Mich├ílek at michalja(at) or 989-287-0915.
And fear not: we'll ensure the persimmons and pulp drop off and pick up will be socially distanced. Thank you!  --The Persimmon Pulp Committee  
UU Bazaar 2020 -- Online!
Late November and Early December
Our creative and tenacious Bazaar Committee is putting together an exciting Bazaar this year in the form of an on-line auction.  Included will be our old favorites of Cookies, Gourmet Galaxy items, Quality Collectibles, Persimmon Pulp and Task Force offerings.  There will also be some new surprises.  Stay tuned.  
As always we will need help to put on the best bazaar. Contact these folks to help.
    People willing to pick up persimmons -- Jason Michalek   michalja(at)
    Gourmet and baked goods -- Ann Kamman  aok719(at)
    Cookies -- Linda Pickle  linda.pickle(at)
    Quality collectibles -- Doris Wittenburg  dwittenb(at)
We also need someone skilled at social media advertising. Contact Ruellen.  
In addition, there will be links on the Bazaar site to see the offerings of some of our previous artisans.  As always, the Bazaar is a festive start to the Holiday season.  
Ask your questions via Zoom on Mondays!
Do you have questions about how to get involved at the church, become a member, or other questions related to the church? Ask the Connections Coordinator your questions every Monday, 1:00-2:00 p.m., via Zoom. Newcomers and current congregation members are all welcome to drop-in. Additional ways to contact Ann are via email at connect(at) or phone at (812) 720-3688. Use this link to drop-in and talk to Ann on Fridays, 1:00-2:00 p.m.  
Administrative Q&A via Zoom on Wednesdays!
Do you have burning administrative questions about why you didn't get the recent UU Update, pledging, Zooming, mailing items, getting someone's address? Drop in on Zoom with Carol Marks our Church Administrator on Wednesdays from 11:00-12:00 noon p.m. Additional ways to contact Carol are via email at admin(at) or phone via voice or text at (812) 287-9615, M-F 10-4.   Use this link to drop in and talk with Carol on Wednesdays, 11:00-12:00 noon 
A New P.O. Box 
for Quicker Delivery 
of Mailed Pledge Payments
     Please use our new P.O. box address to mail in your pledge contributions or other gifts using paper checks:
UU Church, P.O. Box 1158, Nashville, Indiana, 47448-1158.
     Using this new P.O. box will eliminate the need for church mail to be forwarded from Fee Lane (even though we will continue the forwarding order as long as we can), and should be quicker. 
     Please note the new P.O. box is in NASHVILLE, INDIANA. 
     Our Paypal page is also still available for online giving at this link. If you have questions, please contact admin (at) Thanks!
Ever See This in Your Email?
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Sometimes you may see this at what looks like the end of The Prologue or Update that we send to you via Constant Contact. It's not the end of the message! For reasons known only to technologically adept people, this happens sometimes, but all you need to do is click on "View entire message" and you should be able to read the whole shebang. And remember, we post all these publications on our website shortly after we email them to you, so you can read them on our site if that works better. All the Prologues are posted here.  And all the Updates are posted here.
  Changing the World 
Collection of Items for New Leaf-New Life
September 20-October 20
Our Hope for Prisoners Task Force is allied with Monroe County's New Leaf-New Life, Inc., a non-profit that, in addition to assisting local jail inmates, supports those returning to our community from jail or prison via a local Transition Support Center (TSC). Many of our incarcerated neighbors come home with only the clothes they are released in. The TSC accepts clothing donations of any type. (Any not needed by TSC clients are exchanged for Goodwill clothing vouchers, which are distributed to clients.) There is always a need for new socks, new underwear, hygiene products, and backpacks. To support this effort, our Task Force is providing a labeled tote for such donations outside the church portico entrance from September 20 through October 20. Donations will be collected regularly and delivered to the TSC. Donations are deeply appreciated! --Chris Haynes, Hope for Prisoners Task Force

Homelessness and Hunger Task Forces 
Still Collecting Items
Through Sept. 30, we will be collecting food, hygiene items, and clothing for Shalom Community Center and food for our Pantry at College Square.
Needed items: Chunky soups, tuna, canned vegetables and fruit, cereal, coffee, peanut butter, macaroni & cheese, powdered milk, pasta, institutional size cans of food, condiments, tea, new socks. We have placed collection bins outside the building, under the north side porch near the Portico Entrance. Simply drive up and drop off--we are collecting donations from these bins daily.  Many thanks! --Homelessness Task Force and Hunger Task Force

Social Justice Funds Committee Fall Grants 
Application Deadline October 16
Each fall, the Social Justice Funds Committee (SJFC) solicits proposals for grants in support of local social justice projects. The funds for these grants are provided through the Lundin Social Justice Fund in the Special Purposes Funds. Awards are based, in part, on available funds, number of grant applications received and the guidelines outlined below. Projects must be based in Southern Indiana and be consistent with the mission of our church. Priority will be given to applications from (1) Social Justice Task Forces, (2) projects that involve a significant number of members of the congregation, and (3) applications to seed new projects that will have an enduring benefit. The monies cannot be used to pay for professional services or salaries. Click here for details and the application form.

Just Acts--The UUA is Mobilizing for the 2020 Elections
and You Can Help

At the denominational level, the UUA Organizing Strategy Team, UU the Vote, Side with Love and partners have created opportunities and resources for us all for meeting this moment as a faith community.

UUs have been engaged in an unprecedented collaboration and mobilization for the 2020 elections through our UU the Vote Campaign. Now, as we head into the Fall push, it is time to bring the full capacity of our faith. The UUA has a full range of resources, activities, and ways you can help.

1) Join Our 
UU the Vote National Phonebanks with front line community organizing partners who are reaching out to people in Florida, Ohio, and Wisconsin who are targeted by voter suppression. The next national phone bank will be this Thursday, September 17th, from 4-6 pm Eastern Time. 

UU the Vote Phonebank Squad Activation Huddle on Saturday, September 19th at 2 pm Eastern. We need volunteers who are good with Zoom, can provide basic tech support, and/or who have phonebanked before. 

It Starts with Faith Organizing School. It's not too late to join -- there are still sessions on Digital Organizing 101, Organizing for November 4th and Beyond, and closing with a final reflection.

Gather the Spirit, a UU the Vote virtual mass mobilization on Wednesday, September 23rd at 7:30 ET will get us ready for 'all hands on deck this fall' where we'll hear from UU leaders and musicians as we gather together to be nourished by the abundant, loving spirit of our beloved community.

Save the Dates! Harvest the Power Week of Action Oct. 21st-Oct. 27th. More info coming soon! To get the most up to date information and resources, 
sign up to receive the UU the Vote Newsletter.

In the past few months, UUs have powerfully answered the call of this political moment--engaging thousands of us in non-partisan voter engagement and contributing to a movement for liberation that many of us couldn't have even imagined when the year began.
We're looking forward to gathering our spirits and harvesting our power with you this fall and beyond.
In faith and solidarity,
On behalf of the UUA Organizing Strategy Team
Susan Leslie
Congregational Advocacy & Witness Director
UUA Organizing Strategy Team
sleslie (at), 617-948-4607 *

Community Connections
Our Faith in Action

Social Justice in America
IU Sponsors Defending Democracy September 30-October 1
Confronting Voter Suppression and White Supremacy 
in the New Millennium
     The Social Justice in America Series at IU presents the 4th annual Justice Fair (September 30) and Town Hall (October 1). UU Luis Fuentes-Rohwer of IU Maurer School of Law is one of the panelists featured. Their national speaker will be Ash-Lee Woodard Henderson, co-executive director of the Highlander Research and Education Center. This year's Town Hall will address issues of great concern, both locally and nationally, including voter suppression and the increase in racially motivated hate crimes across the country, followed by a Q&A session in real time. Participate in these important events by registering hereAll are welcome.

Voter Suppression Film Series September 15 and September 22
The League of Women Voters, the UU Racial Justice Task Force, and others will host two "virtual screenings" of short films that offer deeper insights into the issue of voter suppression.  Each online screening will begin with a film, followed by a question and answer (Q&A) session with local and state panelists.  The stories in these films are moving, and they will leave you ready to take action.  
You must register in advance for each of these free screenings at  
Suppressed:  The Fight to Vote
Tuesday, September 15, 7:00 pm    
This 35-minute documentary chronicles the 2018 midterm election in Georgia where people faced polling place closures, voter purges, missing absentee ballots and extreme wait times--disproportionately preventing students and people of color from voting.  

UnCivil War:  U.S. Elections Under Siege
Tuesday, September 22, 7:00 pm
This 45-minute documentary exposes the web of threats facing our elections today. The film includes a segment on Indiana's fight to reform redistricting, featuring interviews with Common Cause's Julia Vaughn and Debbie Asberry of the Indiana League of Women Voters and co-founders of All IN for Democracy, Indiana's Coalition for Redistricting Reform.  

A Ripple in Time by Lorenzo Rosado - A Socially Distanced Fundraiser Performance for Emerging Artists on September 19
Lorenzo Rosado will perform excerpts from A Ripple in Time at a socially distanced outdoor presentation at 2535 Fountain Drive on Saturday, September 19 at 7:30 p.m. All proceeds will benefit The Hundredth Hill, a program initiated by Krista Detor to support Emerging Artists. Suggested donation $10 per person. Reserve your seat at thehundredthhill (at) Details here.

Support the Buddy Walk on October 1 
and our own Molly Bunde's team!
The Buddy Walk will be held this year on October 1 through November 1. Pick A Day and Walk Your Way! Event information is available here.
Use this link to support Molly's team.  If you are not in a position to donate this year, please consider joining the team anyway to show your support. Thanks for your continued support! --John Bunde, Board President, Down Syndrome Family Connection and more importantly, Molly's dad!!

Wrapped in Love Public Art Display to Benefit 
Middle Way House October 2
On October 2, Middle Way House will host a Yarn-cutting Celebration and socially-distanced Tree Tour downtown, beginning at the Courthouse. You may view the beautiful tree sweaters and make an online contribution for Middle Way House's support of all survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking. For more information, click here.
  Seeking the Spirit  
UU Humanist Forum Sunday, September 20
On Zoom 
On Sunday at 12:45 p.m., our UU Humanists meet together online on Zoom for discussion. Topic for September 20 is "Mentoring and Biography" led by Elof Carlson.  Click here to see topics discussed in the past. Email Ann Watzel or Harold Ogren if you would like to join the discussion. 
UU Freethinkers Meet September 27, 12:45 p.m. on Zoom
The UU Freethinkers bi-weekly meeting creates the opportunity for participants to raise questions and engage in open and non-structured discussion of issues of social, political, and theological/religious concern. Every other Sunday via Zoom at 12:45 p.m. If you'd like to join us, please contact Harold Ogren, ogrenh (at), to get the link to the Zoom meetings and to be added to our email discussion list.
-- Chalice Circles Start in October --
Registration Now Open! Sign Up Today through Sept 27

     Online sign-up to join a Chalice Circle beginning in October is now available! The registration window will end on Sunday, September 27. 
     Follow this link to see all available days/times and sign up:  
     Note there is also a Waiting List in case the times of the Chalice Circles do not work for you. You may sign up on the Waiting List, giving your name, contact information, and the days of the week and times you are available to join a Circle. Daytime or evening, week days or weekends are possible. You will be contacted after September 27 if we are able to form a new group that would include you.
     For more information about what to expect when you join a Chalice Circle, check out our brochure - Chalice Circles: Small Group Ministry. Members of the Chalice Circle Executive Team will also hold Zoom coffee hour gatherings after the church services on September 20 and September 27 to answer questions.
     Or, contact a member of the CC Executive team: 
Jan Armstrong, 812-278-8711, janet_k_armstrong (at)
Anne Haynes, 812-360-2619, anne.haynes3 (at)
Linda Pickle, 812-369-4430, linda.pickle (at)
Writing as a Spiritual Practice (Season 2)
A Drop-in Group with Rev. Barbara Child
Begins September 1
    This is an invitation to join me on an autumn journey of personal exploration through autobiographical writing in community on Zoom.
    This will be a drop-in group just like the group this past spring, which I now think of as Season 1.
    We will meet every Tuesday afternoon 1:00-2:00
    September 1 through October 27.
    To begin with, even if you took part in Season 1, you need to register for Season 2 by clicking here.
You need to register only once, and can then attend as many Season 2 sessions after that as you choose. You may register up to a few minutes before a session begins.
    Here is a description of "Writing as a Spiritual Practice" and what happens in our Zoom room each Tuesday afternoon at 1:00. 
Exploring Unitarian Universalism 
Online in October!
     The Exploring Unitarian Universalism (UU) class will be offered online on Sunday, October 11 and Sunday, October 18, 3-5 pm.  Use this link to register for the class: .  This class is a great opportunity to learn about the UU Principles, our ministers, the history of this church, all the ways to get involved here, and what it means to be a member of the church.  Plan to attend both dates, since different material will be covered in each session. We request completion of this class before you become a member of the church. Everyone ages 14 to 100+ is welcome! 
      Questions? Email Ann LeDuc at connect(at) 

Shambhala Meditation Online on Mondays
    Every Monday at noon online, or anytime since there are saved sessions. Join a 2500-year-old practice of cultivating peace and inner wisdom. We've maintained our practice during the Pandemic, since finding peace is even trickier now, on Facebook at UU Bloomington Meditation. Put in your request to join the group ahead of time to sit in real time with folks from our community. Info, contact Sarah Flint, sflint.ktv (at)
Open Mind Zen Online 
Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Open Mind Zen Indiana is currently holding all meetings online. For information on how to participate, please contact them at through their  contact pageFor more info, visit
Our Ministers & Staff
Reverend Mary Ann Macklin, our Senior Minister
macklin (at) or 812-322-0205, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

Reverend Emily Manvel Leiteour Minister of Congregational Life & Religious Education
is reachable at mre (at) or 812-333-9822, Tuesdays through Fridays.

Reverend Dave Clements, our Interim Minister Consultant
can be reached at clements (at) He is available Tuesday-Friday.


Reverend Barbara Carlson, our Minister Emerita, can be reached at barbaracarlson5 (at) or 812-822-0243

Reverend Bill Breeden, our Minister Emeritus, can be reached at breeden1949 (at) or 812-360-1779.
Carol Marks, Church Administrator, admin (at) or mobile 812-287-9615
Ann LeDuc, Connections Coordinator, connect (at), 812-720-3688
Monica Overman and Mandy Skinner, Office Assistants, office (at)
Ned Joyner and Andy Beargie, Multimedia Managers, media (at)
Adrienne Summerlot, Director of Religious Education, dre (at) 
Stephanie Kimball, Religious Ed Assistant, rea (at)   
Susan Swaney, Music Director, music (at)
Our Covenant of Right Relations
In June 2017, our members affirmed a Covenant of Right Relations. 
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Free Money from Kroger
Fresh Thyme and Bloomingfoods Cards Also Available by Mail  
      Did you know that Kroger sends us over $1,600 each year? This is made possible by those of you who participate in Kroger's Community Rewards program. Register your Kroger Plus card online at this link and select the UU Church as the recipient -- our ID number for the program is EW763. We received over $450 from Kroger for this program on August 2!
      We are also still selling grocery cards for Bloomingfoods and Fresh Thyme. Click here to see what kind of cards and how many are currently available. Send your check to the church (2120 N. Fee Lane, Bloomington, IN 47408; payable to UU Church) with a note to let us know the type and value of card(s) you want, and we will mail them to you.  
Membership: 527 certified members; 561 current members.

Sunday, August 23      10:15   347  attended virtually
Sunday, August 30      10:15   344  attended virtually
Sunday, September 6  10:15  360   attended virtually

Non-Pledge Offering: 
September 6:     $400.00
September 13:   $190.00
To make a contribution for the Non-Pledge Offering (Sunday Plate), or to make a payment towards your pledge or the Minister's Discretionary Fund, click on this link to get to our PayPal page:
   Total to be donated (25%) to Monroe County United Ministries (MCUM) Compass Early Learning Center and Self-Sufficiency Center: $147.50

Grocery Card Sales: (Bloomingfoods or Fresh Thyme) -- $600
   Total income to UUCB: $30.00
We have grocery cards available by mail. Please see related article in this issue, above.
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Masthead photo by Sandy Churchill. Japanese Anemones.
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