Church Planting, Baptist Gathering, Faith That Works, Hurricane Harvey & Baker Missions

DBC Vision & Goals: Church Planting
In my last article, I shared with you my desire to re-look at our mission and goals for the DBC.  When I began as Executive Director, the first thing we did was develop 20/20 goals for the future.  That was five years ago.  We have made good progress.  However, it is time to update and simplify our goals and vision.

We will continue to put energy into Church Planting.  We want to plant all kinds of churches, for all kinds of people in every kind of place!  Our vision and plan focuses on the following:
  1. Continuing our partnership with the North American Mission Board and through the personnel they provide.
  2. Focusing or inviting local Dakota churches who are willing to partner with us in identifying places around them where new work is needed.
  3. Searching out and enlisting partners for each new work among Dakota Baptist churches and churches and associations outside the Dakotas.
  4. Raising up church planters and church planting teams for Dakota churches and church and associations outside the Dakotas.
  5. Supporting our church planters and their families financially, emotionally and spiritually as they serve and work.
Church planting is one way we accomplish evangelism and discipleship.  Church planting points to the health and growth of our convention.  Our State Missions Director and head of Church Planting, Buck Hill, and our church-based Church Planter Catalyst will lead us in this effort to plant healthy reproducing churches.  

Next time I will share about another important part of our vision - assisting existing churches to be stronger and healthier.

- Garvon Golden, Executive Director

Faith That Works
I want to invite you to an opportunity for students to connect this fall. We will be hosting a retreat this October with the theme Faith That Works. We will be talking about how to live a life a faith in Jesus Christ every day and in every place. We will have worship and a concert from the band We Are Leo; and Sam Swann, director of student ministries for the Baptist Convention of New Mexico will be sharing challenging messages from God's Word. There will be good food, lots of fun and time to hang out with friends from around the Dakotas. 

The dates are October 19-21, 2017 and it will be at the 4H camp near Washburn, ND. This is the fall teacher's conference school break for all of North Dakota. We know that many of our South Dakota churches may not be able to participate due to the scheduling and location, but we are working to plan another event of this type to reach our South Dakota students as well.  

Please visit to register for the event. Contact Jeff Musgrave at 701-818-8801 if you have questions or need more information.

I am excited to see God at work in the lives of our students and leaders across the Dakotas. Please pray and come and be a part of what He is doing in our midst.

- Jeff Musgrave, Church Health & Leadership Development

We Are Leo - Supernova Sunrise
We Are Leo - Supernova Sunrise

Care for those displaced by Hurricane Harvey
Send Relief and Southern Baptist Disaster Relief (SBDR) teams began responding before Hurricane Harvey made landfall, deploying hundreds of crisis buckets and sending other supplies that would be needed in the immediate aftermath of the storm. Now we have been asked to assist in the care of up to 60,000 displaced Texans in addition to preparing thousands of hot meals and performing mud-out, chainsaw and cleaning services to restore survivors' homes.

SBDR teams will be on the ground for months to come. Will you join us in supporting our volunteers as they work tirelessly to care for strangers, neighbors, families and friends?

Any donation will equip our volunteers to operate units and provide hot showers, fresh laundry, homemade meals and a kind face to confide in. It's only possible through your generosity.

Be part of Christ's love in action, today. And please pray for those affected by Hurricane Harvey's destruction. Thank you.

Send Hope. Send Help. Send Relief.

Baker Missions 2017
Baker Mission 2017
Moses, Mbamba & Bumjoo
Volunteer Testimonies from Sturgis
Moses, Mbamba & Bumjoo
(Some amazing stuff!)