Successfully Travel the Path of Life through Yoga, Chant for Peace Kirtan Festival, Health & Harmony Day, Vegan Tuna on Toast, Ayurvedic Self Massage, Yoga and The Respiratory System, 
Successfully Travel the Path of Life through Yoga

Our journey through life can be compared to traveling through a vast and varied landscape full of all kinds of wonders, enjoyment, dangers, suffering, heartache, light and darkness clear and cloudy skies. .   

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Yoga and the Respiratory System

Pranayama techniques help, especially complete yoga breathing, three part yoga breath. This is because you are using the full capacity of the lungs by inhaling firstly into the abdomen, then the rib cage and lastly up into the chest. 

Vegan tuna on toast
This super nutritious loaf is high in protein,  dietary fibre , folate , and certain  dietary minerals  such as iron  and phosphorous  and that’s just from the chickpeas.  

Ayurveda -  Do Your Own Ayurvedic Self Massage – Abhyanga

Traditionally known as Abhyanga, self-massage is a nurturing practice that helps to strengthen the body, calm the mind and nourish the tissues.

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In this beginner 2 part course you will learn several easy and practical techniques to help you learn how to cope better with stress and improve physical and mental well-being - 
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