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September 25, 2018

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DoIDay of Impact and ALICE Simulation

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Our Day of Impact, which incorporated an ALICE (poverty) Simulation, was a huge success.  Below is a  story link as well as comments provided by guests via our online survey. The story was written by an Avista employee and captures the emotions their employees had while participating in the ALICE Simulation.

Quotes from attendees:
"This was an eye-opening, heart wrenching, moving experience that absolutely touched every one of us sitting at the table! We have all been touched by this or been in that situation. It drives the motivation for change."

"A significant amount of work was obviously involved in setting up the ALICE simulation for the United Way constituent group. This brought home in a very personal way the "why" for the strategic work of United Way and the importance of each of us in advancing the Vision of focusing on education, health and income for all of Spokane. Participating in this experience made me feel a part of something great going on in our community."

"The realistic situations in the ALICE simulation drive home what people face in a relatable and realistic manner. Discussing what we learned afterward provided more aha moments as we shared our families' experiences. Listening to other's specific situations opened our eyes to how our less fortunate neighbors face real-life hardships we don't even understand. Well done!"

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Spokane County United Way has made quite the visual appearance.

The Spokesman-Review:

1/2 Page, full color ad, Sunday 9-16-18

Back Cover of Platinum magazine 
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