Volume 2 Issue 8
From your past president, Cricket Brown, ASID
To our dear ASID Members,

Fear surged through me when I was asked to be President of ASID. Strangely, fear does not paralyze me, so I said yes.  I love to stretch and grow.  Even though I had no idea how to be your President, we have a phenomenal support system to help us along the way.  Debbie Gonzalez, our Administrator, is an amazing resource.  Past Presidents and previous Board Members are also around to answer questions, educate, and encourage new Board Members.

Being your President gave me the opportunity to travel to Chicago, Michigan City, and Los Angeles, where I gleaned a plethora of information and I returned with an abundance of enthusiasm.

 I know I did not set the world on fire as your President.  However, the best thing for me, was the people I met, their stories of where they came from, what they do and where they want to go, both personally and professionally.  My own life is a very interesting story, ask me sometime, I am happy to share.  Because of my experience as your President, I will forever be changed by my team: Cynthia Hahn, Brittany Walsh, Janice Kitchen, Colleen Moscone, Cynthia Hencsie, Bob Thomas, Liz Wilkoff and Debbie Gonzalez.  Others who have made a lasting impression on me are Linda Laughter, Suzanne Buckley, Dwane Adler, Carolyn Dwyer, Debra Christy and Bonnie Barden. You are very special people. Thank you all for taking the time to talk to me; to share a part of who you are. I am blessed for this experience and the honor bestowed upon me.

Best wishes to the 2014/2015 Board.  Have a great year,  enjoy your time and each other, stretch, learn and grow.

Please feel free to reach out to Cricket as out outgoing president to her email here: Cricket Brown
From your past director-at-large,
Janice K. Kitchen, ASID, LEED AP
For the past two years...

It has been a busy two years as your At-Large Director;  I have really enjoyed my time on the board and getting to know our members better has been a privilege.  


I plan to continue as our informal West Michigan liaison.  Our recent and successful Annual Design Event at Steelcase and the Custer Work Lab in Grand Rapids is a testament to my focus as your At-Large Director -  to expand our activities and membership on the west side of the Mitten to create a stronger and more diverse chapter.  


For the past two years we have held our September Annual Design Event in West Michigan during Art Prize, the attendance has been good.  

Also, we had a handful of ASID sponsored events on the west side earlier this year, in conjunction with IIDA and AIA and USGBC.  The cross-networking and marketing opportunities for our members at these events are exciting!   


Also, my role as your At-Large Director was to focus on our chapter's commitment to Community Service - giving back to our state.  We received fabulous news this Spring that we were the recipient of the ASID National Community Service Award for the Macomb County, Turning Point Woman's Shelter renovation project.  It was a tireless volunteer project, our chapter teamed with IDCFC, to meet the project schedule and scope demands.  This National Award puts our Chapter on the map! 


So...lets continue on with this momentum as Tina Rossi takes over the role as our new At-Large Director.




Please feel free to reach out to Janice as out outgoing at-large director to her email here: Janice Kitchen
From your past membership director,
Colleen Moscone, ASID
Pleasure to serve...
It was a pleasure to serve as your membership director over the last two years. I truly enjoyed meeting fellow interior designers and industry partners.  I would like to give a special thanks to Cricket Brown, Cynthia Hencsie, Robert Thomas, Janice Kitchen, Brittany Walsh, Cynthia Hann, Liz Wilcaff, Debbie Gonzalez, Suzanne Buckley, Rebecca Luckhardt, Paul Neiddu, Ashely Neely, Lisa Beleskey and Sarah Harajli, it was a real honor serving on the board with you these last two years! I wish the new board all the best in the future and I know my successor Christina Bliss will do an excellent job as your new membership director.  I look forward to seeing everyone at upcoming ASID Events!

Please feel free to reach out to Colleen as out outgoing membership director to her email here: Colleen Moscone
Member Spotlight...
Member Spotlight on member of 40 years who shares her story and reconnects at the Annual Design Event
Linda Laughter, ASID

1.)Why did you choose the Interior Design profession? Truthfully, I was planning on being an art teacher...but at University of Texas it required taking a language! I was not good at that!

My high school friend and college roommate was taking Interior Design and convinced me it was the way to go. I have her to thank.


2.) How long have you been working as a designer? Since 1971. I was an intern to a residential home builder in Austin during my college breaks. I graduated in 1972 in Home Economics with an Interior Design degree from University of Texas in Austin.


3.) How long have you been an ASID member? I became a member January 1975. I had taken my NCIDQ exam in April of 1974, when NSID and AID were becoming one. I am proud to be a founding member of ASID


4.) What is your favorite part of ASID membership? Knowing when clients see ASID behind my name, they know I have studied interior design in an established program and have experience in the field. I found that vendors would open accounts for me if I had this membership. This was especially helpful when I was starting my own business.


5.) What is the most satisfying part of your job? I love talking with people about their hopes and dreams  and providing a finished project where the client is happy! To be doing the thing I went to college for is a bit uncommon in this world. I am blessed to love what I do and although there have been challenges, raising a family, relocation, my career has given me a base to build on. I am married to an architect (Don). We met in a Design class at UT. Now we work together in our firm Archetype+. Who knew?


6.) What is the most challenging part of your job? If it isn't challenging it isn't fun!


7.) What project type is your favorite? No fair! Hospitals and schools can be so rewarding to see it all come together and provide the backdrop for good healthcare and education to happen. In residential projects I sometimes make forever you see it is hard to choose!.



8.) What designer do you most admire and why? A man named T. Miles Gray. He was my mentor in Houston at my first real design job. He was quite famous in our design world in Texas. He taught me to use a little flair in design...look for one element that makes design come alive for the client.


9.) What is your favorite trade magazine? Dwell


10.) What advice do you have for design students entering the profession? Be open to every type of interior design. Our profession has so much to offer. I met an interior design grad who is using her education to design sets for advertisers, She gets to add her flair! I started as a furniture sales person, on commission. The other designers laughed when I went out on one sofa jobs. But I learned no job is too small. They may need a whole office or home next year. Intern where ever you can. Get out and go to design functions, learn the products, the vendors the reps. They can be your contact for a job.

Above: A project completed by Linda recently.

Annual Design Event 2014

Please visit our Facebook page to view images of the wonderful event hosted by Steelcase and Worklab by Custer just one week ago!

Thank you all who supported the event and to those in attendance!

Thank you for a wonderful year! Here's to the bright new future of ASID Michigan.


Your 2013 Board of Directors

President Cricket Brown, ASID
President Elect Cynthia H. Hencsie, ASID
Member at Large Janice Kitchen, ASID, LEED AP ID+C
Membership Director Colleen Moscone, ASID
Financial Director Robert Thomas, ASID
Professional Development Director Cynthia A. Hahn, Allied ASID
Communications Director Brittany Walsh, Allied ASID
Student Representative to the Board Elizabeth Wilkoff, Student ASID

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