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Street Decor
We are so pleased you are liking the street décor. We have had many positive comments on the program.  The company that provided them comes through every Monday to replenish, or repair them. 

The heat wave was especially hard on the pumpkins, so there are more coming. 

The goal is to keep them up until the week of October 20th, and if they are still in good shape we will extend them. 

Please keep an eye on the ones close to your business and discourage any potential vandalism.

��'Fall Harvest'��  business decoration contest: September to October 20th. 

This year there will be awards for: 

a) Originality
b) Best Theme
c) How your culture celebrates the harvest
d) Hippest
e) Most abstract
f) Canada's 150th, etc.

There's still time 
to participate!

Fall is here and the harvest is too! Show your festive spirit and share your take on the celebration of the harvest with the community.

This is a fantastic opportunity to decorate your storefronts and windows and achieve bragging rights as an award winner.

Not sure where to start? You can visit Pinterest here for here for some ideas. 

So grab your leaves, gourds, hay, straw, pumpkins, corn and grapes. Wrestle up a few old clothes and build a scarecrow. Almost anything can be used to decorate, so involve the family and get out there and get creative.

Please let us know if you are participating in the contest.
Don't forget the Do it Yourself Event Grants! 

These grants provide you seed money to get together with a minimum of three businesses to put on an event. 

To be eligible for the grant, you must fill out the application form, and present your event at the monthly Board Meeting for approval. Board meetings are held the first Tuesday of the month. 

Fall Fusion Fashion Show October 4th, Sponsored by DIY Grant.

A collaborative event featuring your favourite spots on Preston Street in one place for one night only.

Wednesday, October 4th
6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Come for The Moonroom cocktails and delicious bites by La Roma Restaurant. Get pampered by The Upkeep Shoppe and stay for the Fashion Show put on by Little Italy's only women's clothing boutique Vincent. For those who want to make the healthy choice, enjoy RAW PULP + GRIND juice bar.

Hair by Adamo will be helping us get our special models ready to walk the runway styled and clothed by Vincent.

DJ will be spinning beats all night long.

Tickets are $45, includes one cocktail and delicious bites. Cash Bar. Get Tickets here
Art and Light to animate Little Italy November 25 & 26
Little Italy is creating a bright spot during the dark November evenings. Night Lights is a unique Art and Light Festival designed by local artists Dems and Doll. The first of its kind, this free nighttime event will offer guests the chance to interact with multiple uniquely lit art installations and other activities.
Designed by Dems & Doll, the talented artists behind many of the city's most intriguing new murals. Night Lights is geared to all ages and will run from 7 to 11 p.m. on Saturday, November 25 and Sunday, November 26 and will incorporate a diverse range of activities. The interactive programming includes large-format games, glow face painting, a DJ, a fire poi performer, glowing hula hoops, selfie spots and more.
Our goal is to brighten up the dismal November. Dems & Doll came up with this exciting concept which they've described as 'Where the Wild Things Are' meets 'Neon' and it's going to be truly spectacular.

This whimsical event will also pay homage to Little Italy's proud heritage by including objects that have been invented by Italians. Through a series of clues, attendees will be encouraged to "guess the invention".

As it is an outdoor event, we are encouraging people to dress for the weather and come join in on the fun in Little Italy. It's the perfect activity to take in before heading to dinner, drinks or a show at one of Preston Street's many wonderful restaurants, bars and clubs.

Be vigilant about your security: car break-ins
Despite a disappointing response from the Police force, our community Police Officer has worked very hard to solve this issue for us. He feels they are very close to nabbing the perpetrator of the smash n' grabs. In the meantime, please keep an eye out along Preston. 

Please keep an eye out along Preston. If you see a smash n' grab in progress, call 911. Try to snap a photo of the perpetrator. Yell and make a racket to scare him off.

Hockey jerseys for an entire kids team, were stolen from a car on Beech street, and some were found in a stolen car that the Police recovered. They are still missing some of the jerseys, though so we are asking your help in finding them. Please keep an eye peeled for these hockey jerseys, and let the BIA office know if you find them.

#12 - White
#14 - White
#15 - White
#17 - Red
#18 - Red
#19 - Red
#20 - White & Red
#31 - White

Here are the high-incident areas from what has been reported to the BIA:
  1. In front of 300 Preston, the perp will watch for someone to enter the Medical clinic, and then strikes their car immediately after. Also in the parking lot behind, that enters from Balsam.
2. In front of 301 Preston, along the soccer field and in the City Parking lot. Perp is usually hanging around and watches for owners to enter Yoga studio, Hair dresser, Restaurant etc., then smashes the window and grabs any visible belongings.

3. Young Street: Perp hangs around the Queensway overpass, and once owners have left their cars and gotten onto Preston, they hit those cars.

4. Beech Street: Perp watches for owners to enter Greco or Wanda Thai, Nutty Greek, then strikes immediately.

The Police tell us that their new policing model is based on the number of Police reports they get...

The problem with this is the reports are not being uploaded to the Police database in a timely manner. A recent check of the Ottawa Police Crime Mapping tool, showed only one incidence of theft from vehicle in the past six months. How are they going to respond to crime trends if they are not dealing with up-to-the-minute data? Our Police Officers are also extremely frustrated, and morale is low.

Please take a minute to send an email to Mayor Watson about the lack of Police response to rising crime in Little Italy., please cc when you write the Mayor.

To report a smash and grab:
Ottawa Police Call Center 613-236- 1222, ext. 7300.

Ongoing Series: Targeting your customer
Great product, beautiful décor, well-trained staff, so where are the customers?

Where are they? And how do I tell them about my fantastic business? 

Almost every day, business owners are approached by advertising salespeople who have a "great offer" for you. How do you decide what truly is the right advertising channel for your business? How do you ensure that every precious penny spent on marketing is reaching your target customer? How do you decide which social media channels will reach your ideal client?  Where do you focus your limited advertising budget?  Over the next several months, we will present a special series that aims to assist you in developing an advertising and marketing strategy that will maximize the return on your promotional spending, and ensure that it is reaching the customers you want. Understanding WHO your target market is will be critical to developing a marketing strategy that will work.  Read more

 "Meet Me on Preston" Events Calendar

Our October events print calendar is now out!

The October Calendar has been released! If you have an event that you would like on the printed copy of the November Calendar, you will need to have your information submitted by October 13th. We can add events to the web calendar throughout the month so be sure to make us aware of any special event or promotion you are having. We will also use that information to expand your advertising reach through the BIA social media channels.

If you have an event that you would like listed on the website, please email

Deadline is October 13th to make the November poster. Online, you can email anytime.

Other News
Funding Opportunities for Ottawa Employers
Message from the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC):

One of our goals is to help create Innovative and entrepreneurial society and economy, I thought you would like to know that ICTC offers various programs to help sustain SME's adoption of technology. One of these initiatives is designed to offer a 59% wage subsidy for up to $12k to local SME's operating in high-in-demand sectors for hiring youth 30 or under in ICT positions.

The application process is very easy:
Complete the forms found here: and submit to
Wait for up to 2 weeks to get approved and have a contract signed between ICTC and your organization.

Receive quarterly EFT payments based on payroll submitted when requested by ICTC and enjoy developing tomorrow's workforce.

For the video presentation of the initiative:

For any inquiries or assistance please connect with: 

Marina Ceclan
Team Leader, Employer engagement
Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC)
Tel: 613-237-8551 ext 142|Email:

New Civic Hospital Consultation

Setting the Stage, Turning the Page: 21st-century engagement for a 21st-century health care facility

I wanted to thank you for taking the time to meet to provide input on how  The Ottawa Hospital can proceed with a meaningful and principled engagement process to support the design of its new Campus. Your contributions were very helpful.

I've included an advance copy of our final report, titled  Setting the Stage, Turning the Page: 21st-century engagement for a 21st-century health care facility . (You can download it by clicking the link.)

The report contains a number of recommendations for how TOH can engage patients and the community in open dialogue and deliberation around some of the Campus's most significant issues, such as greenspace, design, accessibility, transportation planning and parking.

I'm pleased to inform you that TOH has endorsed our report and its recommendations and will be posting it on their website later this afternoon, along with a public commitment to "follow a principled approach to develop a comprehensive, multi-phased, multi-year meaningful engagement program to support planning, design and development of the new campus."

Thank you once again for your participation in our process. Don't hesitate to contact Don or myself should you have any questions regarding the report. Questions related to the future engagement process can be sent to Kate Eggins, TOH's Director of Communications and Engagement at

Best regards,

Greg Jodouin and Don Lenihan

PACE Public Affairs & Community Engagement
Free Workshops on Importing and on Exporting in October at Ottawa Public Library, presented by Christian Sivière of Solimpex   

Are you opening an importing business? This seminar will outline what you need to know before importing goods to Canada from abroad. Learn the basics as well as the important tips and details that can impact your bottom line and help you avoid mistakes, minimize costs and risks, and maximize revenue. Presented in partnership with Christian Sivière of Solimpex, an import-export consultancy. Christian Sivière has over 30 years experience in international freight forwarding.

Monday, Ottawa 2, 6:30-8:00 pm
Main Branch, 120 Metcalfe St.


Are you planning to export from Canada? This seminar will present an overall view of what you need to know to export goods abroad. Learn the basics as well as the important details that will help you avoid mistakes, minimize costs and risks, and maximize revenue. Presented in partnership with Christian Sivière of Solimpex, an import-export consultancy. Christian Sivière has over 30 years experience in international freight forwarding.

Monday, October 30, 6:30-8:00 pm
Main Branch, 120 Metcalfe St.

For any inquiries or assistance please connect with: 


Workplace Safety & Prevention Services: Spot fall hazards before the blitz

Slips, trips, and falls remain the bane of Ontario workplaces and a Ministry of Labour (MOL) priority. Why? Check the numbers: almost 12,000 lost time injury claims are filed annually, or 32 claims per day, at a direct benefit claim cost to employers of more than $73 million.

How can employers get a better handle on these injuries and costs as the MOL embarks on this year's slips, trips and falls blitz, from October 2 to November 30? WSPS consultant Patricia Kriz offers suggestions, as well as thoughts on why workplaces may be blind to hazards in plain sight. Read more

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