We Turn our Hearts to God
We Turn Our Hearts to God
Submitted by Susan Jantzen

Great God of All, we turn our hearts to you.

Set our feet firmly in your purpose 
   while winds and words sway us to the left and to the right.

Set our minds on Jesus,
    our Example in life, the Shepherd who calls our name,
    our Savior who leads us.

Set our bodies straight and tall,
    your creation, in your image.

And set our affections at peace
    that we may believe and proclaim,
   that we may love with a confidence
       which comes from you alone.    Amen.

Susan Jantzen serves as pastor at First Mennonite Church, Hillsboro, Kansas.  Susan served as staff person for Women in Mission, then Mennonite Women from 1990 to 2000.
Who Shines the Light?

Christina Hershey shares about her evolving understanding about what it means to be a Mennonite woman.
Christina Hershey is a graduate of Eastern Mennonite University and lives in Harrisonburg, Virginia. She is a member of Slate Hill Mennonite Church in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, but currently attends Immanuel Mennonite Church in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

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Fall Timbrel is all about Caring and Listening! Hear from Lori Yoder, of Florida, and Amy S Gall Ritchie, of Indiana, as they explore grief and spiritual growth in feature articles. In addition, see exclusive photos from Orlando and hear more about our ministries! 

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Circles of Sisterhood

Learn about the history of Mennonite women and their organizations in Anita Hooley Yoder's new book, Circles of Sisterhood. The saga of Mennonite women's organizations is a story of struggle and triumph, productivity and misgivings, questions and celebrations. During the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, women's groups have offered Mennonite women a means of serving others by sewing clothing, laboring over quilts, rolling bandages, and packing school kits. Women's groups have also provided Mennonite women the opportunity to test their skills as leaders and give voice to callings they felt in a church that has not always valued their gifts for ministry. 

It's Time!

This article was originally written for Summer 2017 Timbrel by Marlene Harder Bogard.

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