by John Scherch

“I don't play a whole lot of new music on the radio, because radio is a medium on which you can't skip to the end of what you're listening to, but since this is the internet, where you can do so (though I would enthusiastically recommend against that), we'll be talking about new music! We’re going to look at new music through the eyes of an active composer, a musical professional that doesn’t specialize in new music, and later this month, a layman (as a millennial, I would indeed normally use the gender neutral “layperson,” but spoiler alert: he is male). A fair amount of it is indeed difficult to grasp and there are some works that might not sound to some people like music at all, but these days, new music is moving back from the hardcore academic and inaccessible music of the mid-20th century, composed as a reaction to the emergence of popular music, into more tonal and accessible realms, though still exploring yet unheard arrangements of sound..."  READ MORE HERE