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Know Your Core Values

It is important to have a set of Core Values that are the underpinning of what you do. Below are the Core Values that drive Neighborhood Transformation. Groups who are committed to Neighborhood Transformation will only start with a couple of values and grow as they get deeper into NT.

Integration and Wholism: We are committed to complete obedience to all that Jesus commanded, including both compassion for people's physical needs as well as evangelism and discipleship. Our programs seek the total development of the whole person and community.

Relationships: In urban settings people no longer know their neighbors. To implement change, both individually and as a group, people need to know each other so they can work together. We have many tools to help people get to know their neighbors.

Commitment to the Poor and Marginalized: Jesus came to preach good news to the poor. As His ambassadors, we are committed to them, affirm their worth, call them to be children of God through faith in Christ, and seek to release them from brokenness and despair.

Never Do for Others What They Can Do for Themselves When we do things for others that they can do for themselves we take away their dignity, making them dependent upon others. In addition it cannot be reproduced or sustained.

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Helping Each Other
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Who Should Attend: For those who have already taken the 14 hour Training of Trainers for Local Trainers and want to be able to train people as local volunteers.

Collaborative for Neighborhood Transformation  has over 35 years of international experience. They now share how to equip the urban poor in North America to transform their own lives and their neighborhoods. The goal is to facilitate transformed lives, neighborhoods and cities through the seamless combination of evangelism, discipleship and community development that is identified and owned by people in the neighborhood using available assets and resources.  

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  • How does Neighborhood Transformation Core Values compare to your organization? Which ones are the same? Which ones would you consider adding and be really committed to NT?

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