he Lord is  my shepherd I shall not want. (Psalm  23)

From every denomination and spiritual conviction, Jews and Gentiles, we are all familiar with these moving words. We read them during times of hopefulness, and they comfort us through days of trial.

The sentiments of this song can be as meaningful for us today as they were for David walking through the valley of his shadows, a source of strength, victory and joy for all generations.
Wednesday evening we celebrate the Jewish New Year here in Israel.
In our weekly Shabbat Service in preparation for the new year, we looked at Psalm 23 and uncovered rich meaning in each verse and saw how we might  apply these wonderful truths to our everyday lives. 

The congregation was divided up into small  groups each receiving a verse from the Psalm and a task to perform. As you can see, things got very interesting! Special thanks to our guests who courageously took part in this "active" walk through the scripture without running away! 

We learned that we need to help each other pass through our "valleys and shadows" and we also saw that it is much easier to look at the problems in life rather than recall the blessings. If we run away and distance ourselves from God "our cup" will be empty, and though God will "lead us in the path of righteousness" it is usually not the easy of popular route. Through each verse we saw how much we need one another and we experienced the power of God's word in a new way as we studied together.
Pray through the words of this great Psalm.
For those who are dejected you will find encouragement, restoration for the weary, comfort for those on a difficult path and a reminder of God's special love to you who may feel forgotten.

May your cup be filled with goodness and blessings this New Year so that you can be a blessing to the people you love! May God's word bring strength, renewal, victory and joy to your family, congregation and nation.
With love from Beit Immanuel.
We hope these messages are an encouragement to you and we always love to hear from you too. 

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David Lazarus