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Passover Traditions
By Rabbi Randi Musnitsky
The Passover story crosses the millennia, every generation of Jews retelling and recounting our escape from bondage in Egypt. Some traditions associated with the holiday are rooted in Torah which include the presence of the zaroah (shankbone), the maror (bitter herbs) and the matzah. Others were added over the passage of time and in reaction to historical events and our need for safety and hope (the opening of the door for Elijah). In truth, it is our capacity to keep ancient tradition relevant that guarantees our survival as a people. The holiday of Pesach continues to transform itself with the addition of new and innovative "traditions".
In order to keep your Seder modern and meaningful, I bring to your attention some of the newer and creative additions:
1. Cos Miriam (Miriam's cup): this is a Kiddush cup that sits together with Elijah's cup. It is filled with water to remember the "Miriam's well" which sustained the Israelites.
2. Fair Trade Chocolate: The sweetness reminds us of our freedom unmarred by the "forced labor" still imposed today on certain industries.
3. Potato:  A recognition of the meager diets of so many hungry in the world today.
4. Cashews: This salty protein is a reminder of the thousands of soldiers in far off lands who snack on these nuts for sustenance as they fight to guarantee our freedom.
As we prepare to rejoice in this festival once again, I challenge you to find new meaning in a world where freedom is still far too elusive for many!
May your holiday be sweet and redemptive.
Jump in the Driver's Seat! 
Our 6th Annual Touch-a-Truck Returns May 7th

Kids of all ages are invited to touch and explore trucks and service vehicles of all stripes on Sunday, May 7 from 11:00am-3:00pm at Warren Middle School. Last year, the event attracted 1,500 people to view over 30 vehicles. 

As this is such a large event, please consider volunteering to help the day of, sponsoring this event or bringing your vehicle to show off. Please contact  f or more information and visit . Please share this super fun family event with friends, family and neighbors.

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