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Starts November 30th


Conquering the competition, three painters will emerge victorious. Our most skilled artists are fighting for the FCA bronze, silver and gold medals.

Associate (AFCA) and Senior (SFCA) Signature members are raising the bar of excellence in this country.

Winners will be announced on Thursday.

Tarin Mead | Fine Art Consultant

Suzanne Sandboe, SFCA,The Golden Hour
24" x 48", Acrylic on Canvas, $3,900
Kimberley Cook, AFCA, Freshly Picked
48" x 40", oil on canvas, $3,550
Leanne M. Christie, SFCA, Brewer's Row
24" x 24", Oil on canvas, $1,800
Sandy Terry, SFCA,Tranquility
24" x 48", Acrylic on canvas, $3,450

Barry Rafuse, SFCA, Frost Encroaching
36" x 36", Mixed Media, $2,390
Sue Miller, AFCA, Fruit Bowl
20" x 24", Oil on canvas, $1,250