Spring has finally sprung! The grass is turning green, the flowers have begun blooming - and that can only mean that the 2018-2019 show season is coming to an end. 

Here's hoping that most if not all of you have achieved or even exceeded your goals, whatever they may be. Remember that we're proud of each and every one of our Southern Region fanciers!

Southern Region Awards Show & Banquet

All information about both the Southern Region Awards Show and the Banquet are now online. Look under the "Southern Stars" tab on the regional website.

Probably the most pressing question right now is: have you sent your photos in?  That means grand photos, breed winners, regional winners, DMs, HHP winners, and Agility winners. And of course - you've taken some pics that would be GREAT for "On the Road Again." Complete photo submission guidelines is available here. DEADLINE: May 24.

And don't forget to enter the show! Flyer, fees, and info are available here
It's going to be another great weekend where we celebrate
ALL of our Southern Stars! Start making plans now!

Seeking Nominations
Exhibitor of the Year
Clerk of the Year

As many of you know, every year the region honors those special individuals whose stars have shown brightly in the show hall - either in the benching area or to the side of the judge's table.

We are seeking YOUR nominations for Exhibitor of the Year and Clerk of the Year. Both of these individuals should exhibit the qualities of good sportsmanship and made the show hall a better place to be.

Please send your nominations to Teresa Keiger. All nominations are reviewed and discussed by the nominating committee. 
Planning a New Show?
Or Perhaps, Changing Your Show's Date?

Read this first

Please consult with Regional Show Scheduler Dave Peet first before licensing your show or asking Regional Director Kenny Currle for approval. As show scheduler, he is in the position to access the feasibility of the suggested show date and look for any potential conflicts that the club may perhaps be unaware of.
Dave's contact info is [email protected] or 410-679-1873

A Big Thank You...

to our region's own Carla Bizzell for her years of service to CFA and the region on the CFA Board of Directors and as chair of the CFA Breeds and Standards committee. We appreciate your hard work.

Regional Fundraising
Funds From Our Region's First Fundraising Event 

At the Coastal Paws Cat Club Show in Raleigh NC in March 16 and 27 Karen Thomas provided microchipping services and microchips to raise funds. I have received $500 from this event which is earmarked for our Regional Banquet.

Thank you Karen Thomas for your support to the region.
Karen Boyce
SR Treasurer

"Cat Talk" magazine and several of its staff members were recent recipients of Certificates of Excellence in the Cat Writers' Association's Cat Writers Communications Contest  2018 contest. The Southern Region can claim several of these winners including: Teresa Keiger, Barbara Stone-Newton, and Laurie Coughlan. 

A Certificate of Excellence winner's entry earned an average score of 90 or above by three judges-not an easy achievement. A category may have several certificate winners, or it may have no winners at all if the no entry's quality warranted a high enough score. The highest-scoring piece in each category will be awarded a Muse Medallion at the CWA Conference in St. Louis on May 19.

A complete listing of all CFA-related winners will be in the April CFA Newsletter. 

Recent Shows

Tennessee Valley Cat Fanciers
March 23-24
contributed by Show Manager Vivian Baylor

The 42nd annual Tennessee Valley Cat Fanciers, Inc., show in Knoxville TN on March 23-24 was a rousing success, with a large number of entries (204) to include 34 household pets, and very competitive classes in championship and premiership. The format was 10 rings to include 3 SSPs in championship, 2 SSPs in premiership and kittens in addition to 3 SP rings. 

As always, there were many wonderful vendors with terrific merchandise. 

The club hosted 10 rescue organizations with adoptable kitties, sponsored 6 entries into the HHP class, and almost 20 cats were adopted out or at least paperwork processed to get those kitties a new forever home. The agility ring was popular also. The gate was nearly 1100 spectators on Saturday and reached nearly 2000 for the weekend in spite of the beautiful springtime weather. 

Midlantic Persian & Himalayan Fanciers
March 30-31
contributed by Show Manager Lynn Search

4 JBTs finaled in Gary Veach's SH Specialty.
Midlantic Persian & Himalayan Fanciers held an in-conjunction show with TICA Vision Cat Club March 30-31 in Raleigh, NC.  Our weekend theme was Claddagh Cats and we decorated with the Irish symbol representing love, loyalty and friendship.  38 exhibitors participated in both shows and entered 76 cats in both CFA & TICA.  Several of the Sunday TICA show judges showed Saturday in the CFA Show and TICA judges manned the CFA show gate. An exceptionally large gate came to visit the show due to extensive Facebook and local newspaper advertising.

 McNeese & Kevin 0'Lone's GRC Tonkinese finaled in Gary Veach's SH Specialty.

The CFA show featured Summit judging for the Selkirk Rex breed in 3 Allbreed rings, with special finals; 14 & 17 Selkirk kittens, whole and altered cats were entered in one or both shows. Selkirk exhibitors came from Pacific Northwest states, CA, Nova Scotia, NC, TN & FL.

Club dinners allowed judges from both associations to meet and interact with each other.

Agility winners on Saturday

CFA Agility chairperson and ringmaster, Jill Archibald, held Agility at both shows, CFA scored on on Saturday and for fun & training on Sunday. 21 cats participated Saturday & 11 Sunday. The 5 fastest timed runs received awards each day. Jill taught spectators how to do agility usIng her own cats for demonstration.

21 Household Pets participated Saturday. One of the first time exhibitors, Judy Trunzo (left) from FL, had brother & sister kittens who showed in both shows and learned to run agility.

Upcoming Southern Region Shows
  • April 13 - Gasparilla Feline Friends - Melbourne, FL
  • April 20 - Mad Catters - Frederick, MD
  • May 4 - Rebel Rousers - Lawrenceville, GA
  • May 5 - That's My Point CF - Lawrenceville, GA

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