Southern Region Awards Show and Banquet

Plans are coming together for the regional awards show and banquet! We have a show hall, we have a banquet facility/ all we need is the support of the region to make it happen!
The events will be held in Timonium, MD, June 22-23 at the Maryland State Fairgrounds. This show will be an in-conjunction show with Capital Cat, a local TICA club. What this means is that both shows will run concurrently in the same show hall, with each show on different sides of the building. This allows the clubs to share the show hall rental expenses, gives each association a glimpse of what the other is like, and provides our spectators with an even greater show experience. Dave Peet will be show manager. Yes, this is the weekend before the CFA Annual but we moved to this date as the event is in the northern part of the region and we wanted to give exhibitors in Regions 1 and 4 the opportunity to participate in the show. We have also heard that some of our more southern-located exhibitors are making Timonium a waypoint on their way north to the Annual, which is a great idea!
The show hotel and banquet venue is the Red Lion, also in Timonium and two blocks from the show hall. This hotel normally does not allow pets.  However they are making an exception for us.  The room rate is $89/night + incidentals with a $50 REFUNDABLE pet deposit if the room is left clean and undamaged.
Plans for the banquet are also coming together. Claire Dubit will be banquet manager this year, and is already pulling various aspects of the event together. We're happy to see that so many of our previous banquet team members are returning as well! Krista Schmitt and Teresa Keiger will be coordinating the production efforts, Trish Blees and her team will again be handling trophies, and Donna Wilbanks returns as sponsorship coordinator. Noralyn Heisig and Connie Wardlaw will lend their decorating expertise. Charlene Munro and Elaine Frye will be handling banquet reservations. Cheryl Coleman returns to do On The Road Again, while Krista Schmitt and Catherine McNeese will be coordinating the onscreen presentation. (and remember - it's never too early to think about pulling together your cats' photos!) And Sandi Lewis will be creating the awards program booklet.
We will begin posting details on the regional website as they are firmed up.
New this year: all cats can have more than one sponsor! Every year, we hear of people who are disappointed that the cat that they wanted to sponsor was already sponsored. This year, we are experimenting with allowing each cat to have multiple sponsors. So...keep that in mind when the time comes!
Now that you know the where and when, begin thinking about how you can assist this year. We REALLY could use some volunteers for the show please. Dave will need volunteers to do transportation from the airport on Friday, help with show set up on Friday (hanging rosettes, setting up rings and such), decorations for the show (color: purple), and show hospitality. Lots of volunteer opportunities! And the banquet always needs help with setting up awards, plaques, decorations, and photos on Saturday afternoon, so please let Claire know that you're able to help there.
It's going to be another great weekend where we celebrate
ALL of our Southern Stars! Start making plans now!


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Recent Shows

Star City/Central Carolina Cat Fanciers
contributed by Teresa Keiger
photos contributed by Charlotte Shelburne 

Star City Cat Fanciers, with Central Carolina Cat Fanciers, held its annual winter show in Roanoke, VA January 24-25. The Holiday Inn had recently completed a year-long renovation of the facility and everyone loved the updates. Hotel shows are always popular with exhibitors and this year marked the show's 20th anniversary! Show manager Charlotte Shelburne celebrated the show's ongoing success mid-afternoon Saturday with cake for everyone! There were lots of great cats, smiling faces, and lots of new grands by the end of the show. Regional Director Kenny Currle held a brief regional meeting on Saturday afternoon.

While exhibitors enthusiastically supported the show, it was the spectator turnout that was our biggest surprise. Many spectators come back year after year, but this year hundreds of new spectators came to the show as well! The investment in heavy Facebook advertising and Wendy Carson's and Mike Altschul's expertise paid off in spades. (and beautiful weather in January did not hurt either!) Many exhibitors sat in the judging rings for hours, enthralled by the cats, and eager to know more about our breeds.

Birmingham Feline Fanciers
photos and story contributed by
Cindy Stedham

The Birmingham Feline Fanciers held their 47th Annual CFA Show on January 26-27, 2019. Our show was dedicated to Adrienne Bussey, our club member who passed away late last year. She was a dedicated club member who was devoted to her beloved Siamese breed and contributed tremendously to the BFF club. We will miss her tremendously.
Oldest HHP

This year's much anticipated event saw over 1,000 spectators who came to see our beautiful cats, to listen to the judges describe each breed of cat and to shop with many vendors. There were also two rescues who successfully adopted out several cats. The BFF club members send their thanks to all exhibitors, judges, clerks, and spectators for making the show what it was.
Best HHP

Congratulations to Best Cat in Show, Wyndchymes And The Beat Goes On, Red Patterned & White Japanese Bobtail - Shorthair. Congratulations to Best HHP in Show, Little Speckled Kitty Cat Iris, Black Tortie & White.

Pawprints in the Sand and Chamberlin on the Bay Cat Clubs
photos and story submitted by Beth Deal

The Pawprints in the Sand and Chamberlin on the Bay Cat Clubs held their annual show on Saturday, February 2, 2019. For the first time we ventured into serious advertising through Facebook. We normally have a very good gate, this year it was beyond phenomenal. For most of the day exhibitors really had to work to get their cats to rings, both trying to get through the crowds and answering questions about their cats as they walked. Because of the awkward set up of the show hall we would really like to thank all of the exhibitors for their patience. 

We had to have a last minute judging change when Gary Powell had to back out due to health reasons. We were so lucky that Teresa Keiger was available and willing to make the drive up from Greensboro. All of the judges did an exemplary job of both attentively judging and educating the visitors. We had many visitors that just picked a ring and stayed for the day remarking that they learned so much from their particular judge. Now we will take all of the feedback from exhibitors, judges, and guests and try to make the 2020 Pawprints in the Sand/Chamberlin on the Bay Cat Show better for everyone.


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Upcoming Southern Region Shows

March 9-10:  Atlanta Phoenix Cat Society - Cumming, GA

March 9-10: Crab and Mallet Cat Club - Timonium, MD

March 16-17: Coastal Paws Cat Club - Raleigh, NC

March 23-24: Tennessee Valley Cat Fanciers - Knoxville, TN

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