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Southern Region Awards and Banquet

Plans for the 2019 Southern Region awards show and banquet are moving along nicely. The show will be held in Timonium, MD at the Maryland State Fairgrounds on June 22 and 23. Dave Peet will be show manager and he is currently wrapping up details for the show. Claire Dubit is the awards banquet manager and finalizing plans for that event. Details as they become available.
We are very pleased to already have so many volunteers-returning and new-for this event. However, it takes a region to produce a regional event, and Claire and Dave will be needing assistance with this event. Please think about how you can assist them or their teams to make this weekend another regional to remember.

The 2020 Regional Awards and Banquet will be held at a still to be determined location in Florida, with Karen Lane as Regional event chair.
Regional Meeting

Regional Director Kenny Currle will be holding a regional meeting at the show in Roanoke, VA the weekend of January 26-27.  This is a good opportunity to ask questions about CFA and the region and its activities, so try to attend if you're coming to the show.


New Exhibitors

Have you noticed a lot of new faces in the show hall? You have? So have we, and we're excited to see the fancy growing in the region. Please offer whatever assistance you can to these new exhibitors AND make sure that New Exhibitor Coordinator Leslie Carr has their information so that she can assist them via the CFA NewBee Program.

Recent Shows

Absolutely Abyssinians
contributed by Larry Fry
photos contributed by Patty Arnold 
Cyndi Lewis and just a small amount of the wine for the party

January 5th and 6th the Absolutely Abyssinians Cat Club held its annual show in Jacksonville, Florida. This show is held to honor the memory of a long time cat fancier, Mona Cherrington, who was a club founder. The awards at this show are given in her memory.

The show hall this year was quite different than in previous years. It was held at the Lexington Hotel and Conference Center in downtown Jacksonville. This show hall was simply fantastic, carpeted, catered by the conference center staff personnel, who were absolutely the friendliest and most helpful group of people one could ask for in this type of venue. There were 165 entries representing 13 breeds of longhair cats and 20 shorthair breeds including 5 Abyssinians.
Ray Cherrington (right) made sure that everyone had a great time at the social.

The Absolutely Abyssinian Club hosted the annual international wine and cheese tasting party. The participants were treated to smoked turkey, hams, a plethora of cheeses and lots of equally good wines. The exhibitors and judges were able to feast everyone had a great time. Our thanks goes out to Cyndi Lewis and Joanne Hardeman for helping set up and opening wine as well as in generally being the really great people that we know and love.
Cheeses from literally all over the world!

Our judging line up was tops: Norman Auspitz, Pam Bassett, Ken Currle, Gene Darrah, Karen Godwin, Marilee Griswold, Teresa Keiger, and Jan Rogers kept our show moving along and got to give out the special rosettes that we had this year. The rosettes had a picture of an Abyssinian on the button in the center piece. Ray Cherrington picked out the picture he wanted and had these absolutely beautiful awards created again to honor the memory of Mona. We really appreciate the exhibitors that came to our show and hope to see them back next year for more fun in rings and tasting wine and cheese.

Part of the show proceeds will be donated to Breast Cancer Research. We hope this contribution will help contribute to the elimination of this disease that has affected so many of our fellow cat fanciers.


We want to share photos of our Southern Region shows! Please remember to send me a photo (and a short show story if you wish) immediately after your show for upcoming newsletters.

Upcoming Shows

January 26-27: Birmingham Cat Fanciers - Birmingham, AL

January 26-27: Star City Cat Fanciers (with Central Carolina Cat Fanciers)                         Roanoke, VA
February 2: Pawprints In The Sand - Newport News VA

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