If it's March, that means that we're into the home stretch of the show season with just over 6 weeks left to go. Here's wishing that everyone achieves whatever goals they have set for themselves and their cats - from obtaining grand titles to regional and national titles. And here's hoping that you had FUN while you did it.

Southern Region Awards Show

The Southern Region Awards Show will be held June 22-23.  The National Alliance of Birman Breeders' club is producing this year's show in conjunction with the awards banquet in Timonium, MD at the Maryland State Fairgrounds. We've previously announced that this show is being held in conjunction with Capital Cat, a local TICA show. Dave Peet is show manager, and he and Shirley Peet are entry clerks.
Judges for the show are:
Saturday: Kenny Currle, Bob Goltzer, Teresa Keiger, and Melanie Morgan, all judging allbreed.
Sunday: Jacqui Bennett and Marilee Griswold judging allbreed; Teresa Sweeney and Russell Webb judging specialty.

Judging both days will begin at 9 am.

Lyn Knight will be conducting a breed showcase both days to educate the public about our pedigreed cats. And of course, that presentation will need cats, so please consider whether you can help and bring a cat for the showcase.
Complete show details, along with the show flyer, to come.

Regional Award Banquet

The CFA Southern Region awards banquet will be held at the Red Lion, Timonium on June 22. The hotel is a five minute walk to the show hall (more on the show in a bit).
Hotel Reservations: we have a block of rooms reserved. Rooms are either two doubles or a king at $89/night. There is a $50 refundable pet fee.
Reservation code: SOUT0621 (that's a zero between the T and 6)
Cutoff date: May 21.
Exhibitors are encouraged to make their reservations asap
The direct number to the hotel is: 410-252-7373
Banquet Reservations
Linda Peterson is coordinating reservations for this year's awards banquet. We are still working with the menu listings and these will be on the regional website shortly. Linda's email is
This event always requires photos, and it's never too early to begin submitting them!
OTRA Cheryl Coleman will again be collecting photos for On the Road Again, and for our Memorial presentation. Please send her your photos at
Deadline: May 24
Cat Photos - this includes ALL photos for all cats. Region Winners, DMs, Grands, and Breed Winners (Kitten, Championship, and Premiership).
Send ALL photos to 

Please begin sending in your photos NOW (especially as many cats have already achieved their grand or DM titles, or know that they're in for a RW.
Deadline: May 24

Duplicate Awards
Trish Blees is coordinating all duplicate awards this year. Please contact her at
She must receive your duplicate award order by May 24in order to have it at the banquet. Orders received after that date will have to be shipped at the recipient's expense.
Regional Wins - $45
Breed Wins - $10
Distinquished Merit - $45
Agility - $35
Deadline: May 24
Donna Wilbanks is again coordinating all sponsorships. We mentioned previously that any award can be sponsored more than once. For this reason, we will NOT be listing on the website which cats have a sponsor. (of course, all winning cats will be listed)
Deadline for sponsorship (to appear in awards booklet): June 7th
Regional Wins - $45
Breed Wins - $10 (or sponsor all 3 cats in the class for $25)
Distinguished Merit - $45
Agility - $35
Information on both events is being updated on the Southern Region website as some details are finalized. Look under the "Southern Stars" menu.
Exhibitor of the Year and Clerk of the Year Nominations Open
The nominating committee for Exhibitor of the Year and Clerk of the Year is now accepting nominations for these awards. Know of someone who has demonstrated gracious sportsmanship or been an outstanding clerk? We would like your recommendations.
Submit all nominations to Teresa Keiger at

Now that you know the where and when, begin thinking about how you can assist this year. We REALLY could use some volunteers for the show please. Dave will need volunteers to do transportation from the airport on Friday, help with show set up on Friday (hanging rosettes, setting up rings and such), decorations for the show (color: purple), and show hospitality. Lots of volunteer opportunities! And the banquet always needs help with setting up awards, plaques, decorations, and photos on Saturday afternoon, so please let Claire know that you're able to help there.
It's going to be another great weekend where we celebrate
ALL of our Southern Stars! Start making plans now!

Recent Shows

Atlanta Phoenix
One of four different billboards displayed in the greater Atlanta area
March 9-10
contributed by Show Manager Charlene Munro

Following our southern tradition, a great time was had by all at the Atlanta Phoenix Cat Show -beautiful cats, relaxed atmosphere, more grand cakes than you can imagine, huge spreads of homemade food, even more homemade food in the concession area from our featured rescue group, beautifully decorated wine bottles for those that granded their cats, a Southern Region fund raiser jumble sale that raised $528.00 for our region!! The show was very competitive but we left that where it belonged - in the ring. I bet everyone attending made at least one new friend. I know I did.
Larry Fry and Carol Fogarty with "George Strait" new Grand Premier of Distinction.


We want to share photos of our Southern Region shows! Please remember to send me a photo (and a short show story if you wish) immediately after your show for upcoming newsletters.

Upcoming Southern Region Shows
  • March 23-24 -  Tennessee Valley Cat Fanciers - Knoxville, TN
  • March 30 - Midlantic Pers-Himmie Fanciers - Raleigh, NC
  • April 13 - Gasparilla Feline Friends - Melbourne, FL
  • Apri. 20 - Mad Catters - Frederick, MD

Fun Fact: The Southern Region held the most shows of CFA's 7 continental US regions (33) during the 2017-18 show season.

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