Grateful Heads, Hearts and Tummies
Thank you to American Home Furniture and Mattress!

A bed that they can call their own is one of the things that families tearfully rejoice to see on their first day at Saranam. It shows them how important they are and is a glimpse into the breadth of the change that is in front of them.

This November, American Home Furniture and Mattress donated 35 new mattresses to Saranam- a gift valued at over $13,000! This generous contribution will provide all the families who join us in 2022 with a safe, comfortable place to sleep and a part of a home all their own.

Head over to our blog for some special interviews with American Home and Saranam about what this incredible donation means to us all.
Local organizations fill our hearts and bellies

Thanksgiving symbolizes all that families can enjoy when they join us- home, family, friends, and the opportunity to enjoy worry-free time.

We couldn't make the day so great without the help of some very special community partners.

Thank you to the Rotary Club of Albuquerque Del Norte for once again making sure our families have a full spread for Thanksgiving. It is always a treat to see the sparkle in families' eyes as they plan their big meal.

And a big cheer for the YMCA as well, who provided Thanksgiving boxes with all the trimmings for some alumni families. They were positively overflowing with food and love.

Thank you for giving families the ingredients for a special day!
Generational Growth
Inspiring the Next Generation

One of the people whose memory continues to shape our work is Sean Hopkins, Saranam's former Development Director. One of his greatest passions was helping the kids at Saranam have access to new creative outlets and experience new activities.

We continue his legacy through our Sean Hopkins Memorial Fund, which gives kids the chance to participate in extracurricular activities. The fund helps families cover the cost of equipment or program fees that would have otherwise put the activity out of reach.

We are so thankful that, because of Sean's preciously held dream, kids can enjoy the teams, the lessons and the fun that these activities have to offer.
Not just housing, stability

Ending generational homelessness, we know, is a complicated task. It requires not only addressing the factors that led to crisis, but interrupting the ripple effects that continue long after.

Simply finding housing, a recent report showed, often isn't enough to create generational change. Kids need stability to make lasting gains.

The report looked at students in New York City who had previously experienced homelessness and found that, without supplemental measures to ensure financial and familial stability, kids continued to face chronic absenteeism and have lower test scores than their peers.

This deeper look into life after homelessness sheds some light on how 2gen programs like ours can steady families and equip them with the tools needed to end stubbornly cyclical poverty.
Thank you!
We don't want to let the holiday season fly by without thanking a special community partner who made it extra fun. Thank you to ABQ Involved for hosting a Halloween party for our families!

We had a great time decorating bags to hold all of our candy loot, and shared crafts, games, and most importantly- lots of laughter.

We are so grateful to ABQ Involved for all they do to support our mission. Have you ever wanted to learn more about how their organization works? They have phenomenal ways for families to get involved in the great work being done around the city. Check them out today!

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