History and geography can be exciting, dramatic, and inspire all kinds of creativity in your kids! Our Spotlight companies provide just what you need to make these subjects a fun learning time and not just a time of reading and remembering facts. Read each company's description and their engaging approaches to teaching Native American history, history on horseback, experiencing historical eras with unit studies, and using a discussion-based process for learning.
Would you like a way to bring the history and culture of the Native Americans to life in your history studies?

Don’t miss this new collection of resources for elementary through high school.
Introduce your students to fifteen Native American tribes from across the United States with these four FREE coloring books. Learn about the people, where they lived, what they ate, what they wore, how they lived, and much more. Combine history and print or cursive handwriting practice in these units.
Save on Native American Resources for Older Students Including:
With the Famous Native Americans Notebooking Journal and Native American Tribes Notebooking Journal, upper elementary and middle school students can learn about 33 individuals and 64 tribes and record key information.
With the Famous Native Americans Notebooking and Native American Tribes Notebooking, high school students can go deeper and learn about key events and conflicts, their causes and effects, and the history and culture of many tribes.
Native American Puzzles and Activities is a fun resource to introduce upper elementary and middle school students to Native Americans while they complete engaging puzzles.
Students can learn about the history of fifteen tribes in the newest titles in the Discovering American History series. These titles for elementary explore the rich history and culture of these tribes in more detail and include reading comprehension questions and activities.  
Sonrise Stable Books
If horses could type, what a history book they would write!
Since they can’t, I’m writing it for them.
They were there for it all, working alongside man as his strong, faithful partner. You’d think such a significant contribution would be highlighted in history books, however in most, horses are strangely absent.
The History on Horseback series brings history to life from a unique perspective: the back of a horse—or perhaps from a horse-drawn vehicle.
In the series, you’ll learn about horses such as Cortez’s stallion, El Morzillo, who was worshiped as a god by the Mayans—to the modern-day Cinderella story of Snowman, rescued from a slaughter truck to become a champion jumper.
Just as a prospector’s adrenaline flowed at the sight of glittery flecks, I’ve grown more excited with each horse story I discover. Sifting through tons of information has produced History on Horseback’s “gold nuggets.”
Prunes is one example. The trusty burro was the partner of prospector, Rupert Sherwood. Prunes carried Rupert’s gold pan, shovel, pick, coffee pot, and other supplies. When Sherwood was too busy to make the trip into town, the miner pinned a shopping list to Prunes’ pack, and the burro headed off on his own. When he arrived in town, the shopkeeper filled the order and sent Prunes back up the trail to Sherwood’s Colorado mining camp.
Discover more “gold nuggets” in History on Horseback.
Powerline Productions
Don't settle for boring classes!

Check out our exciting history curriculum and premium unit studies HERE!
  • Unit Studies
  • Living Books
  • History Labs
  • Timelines & Timeline Figures
  • Cooking, Baking, & Feasting
  • Mapping
  • Hands-on Fun
  • Conversational Textbooks
  • Movies & TV Shows
All our Teach History the Fun Way resources work wonderfully in your home or homeschool co-op.

Earn one full credit of high school or middle school world history with our exciting world history course. HIS Story of the 20th Century curriculum includes a living textbook, high school workbook, middle school workbook, and answer keys, as well as a brand new HIS Story of the 20th Century Cookbook.

Each chapter of HIS Story of the 20th Century opens with a fictional vignette set in the decade we’re studying and ends with a hands-on history lab the whole family or homeschool co-op will enjoy.

You will create your own airline and market it, map an amusement park, send postcards from your Route 66 trip, and design a 1950s suburb in HIS Story of the 20th Century High School Workbook and HIS Story of the 20th Century Middle School Workbook

We also Teach Geography the Fun Way, kicking off the year applying for and using our passports on a “plane trip” around the world. Check out Travel God’s World Geography and Travel God’s World Cookbook, as well as Travel to London Premium Unit Study.

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The Classical Historian
The Classical Historian teaches the student to know, understand, engage, and love history.

Classical education in history nurtures a young person’s natural inclination to seek the truth in all things and trains students to be independent thinkers and lifelong learners. Key in our approach is the Socratic discussion in history. The Classical Historian is an American company. We aim to teach students specifically what it means to be an American citizen, to nurture a love of country and an understanding of America's common cultural history rooted in Western Civilization, and to understand and defend liberty. 
The Classical Historian provides a comprehensive, classical approach to history effective in classrooms and in the home school. The classical approach challenges students to know history content and to think, read, and write critically about past and current events. Key to this approach is the Socratic discussion in history. The Classical Historian approach is engaging, interesting, and teaches students to be independent thinkers and lifelong learners.  Classical Historian students learn how to analyze history and current events with a critical eye. Students acquire the basic facts of history through a clear, concise text and primary source documents. 

To supplement learning history through books, discussion, and writing, The Classical Historian games are both fun and educational. For ages 5 and older, the History Memory Games and History Go Fish Games can make for a completely easy and enjoyable lesson or they can supplement a history lesson as a great way to begin or end.

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