June, 2017
Lakes Region Humane Society 
Spring eNewsletter

Dear Friend,
You are receiving this eNewsletter from the Lakes Region Humane Society because you expressed interest in our non-profit shelter by adopting a pet, requesting a newsletter, attending an event or making a donation. THANK YOU for your support and interest. Please enjoy this extended, special edition newsletter!

Save the Date

Saturday, June 3rd, 11 am - Volunteer Dog Walking Orientation at LRHS led by Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Louise Daigle. This two hour training is free to anyone aspiring to walk our shelter dogs. 

Friday, June 9th, noon - Annual Luncheon Fashion Show at the Bald Peak Colony Club, Melvin Village. $60 per person includes complimentary glass of champagne and raffle tickets, three course luncheon and a viewing of local summer fashions. If you would like to attend, RSVP to LRHS - space is limited! 

Friday, June 10th, 10 am - Low cost rabies vaccinations, microchipping and nail trimming clinic at LRHS. 

Date TBDEast of Suez Summer Gala, Wolfeboro. Entry fee includes: appetizers, family style dinner, desserts, silent auction and live music. This event is BYOB.

Friday, August 4th, 5 pm -  Volunteer Appreciation Pizza Party at LRHS! Open to LRHS volunteers, past and present.

Friday, September 15th, 7:30 am -  Play Fore the Pets Golf Tournament, Kingswood Golf Club, Wolfeboro. $100 pp includes: 18 holes with cart, Bloody Mary, continental breakfast, lunch, snacks, gift bags and more! Tee sign sponsorships and a main event sponsors needed.

Saturday, October 7th, 4:30 pm - Barn Bash Dinner, 343 Stoneham Rd., Wolfeboro. Held in an 1860's dairy barn atop Cotton Mountain, this dinner is as country as it gets! It features hot foods from local restaurants, silent auction and live folk music. Tickets are $50 pp, admission limited to 46 guests. This event is BYOB.

Sunday, December 3rd, 5 pm -  Holiday Dinner at the O Bistro Barn in Wolfeboro. $55 per person includes: hearty appetizers, bountiful dinner, dessert, awards ceremony, giving tree, silent auction and raffle prizes.

President's Letter

When I walked into the shelter to inquire about adoption, the staff greeted me professionally, listened to my needs, and spent time with me, my husband, and our ol' gal Cindy (our 17 year old mutt) to find just the right fit for our family. We adopted Reese, an eleven year old Wheaten Terrier, and enjoy her thoroughly. Our lives are richer having adopted. My story is repeated day after day at the Lakes Region Humane Society, and the fabric of each town served is re-woven a little tighter with our love for our feline and canine family members.  
Having joined the Board this fall, it was a surprise and honor to be invited to become the President in February. The many wonderful programs here at the shelter and in the greater community will continue and thrive as we march into 2017. We will kick off spring with the annual Fashion Show and continue on with other fun events and fund-raisers throughout the year.  
We've hit the ground running and strive to ensure that every day is better than the last for every animal we take in. Your board is spending countless hours extending the compassion expressed daily onsite throughout Carroll County. Stop by and see what you can do to help - you won't regret it!
With Warmest Regards,
Ruth Hall

Ruth Hall, President, LRHS Board of Directors
Pet First Aid and CPR Certification Class

On Saturday, March 25th LRHS invited trainer April Begosh, of Healthy Pets NH, to run a 5 hour pet CPR and First aid certification course.

Ten volunteers, community members and pet professionals were in attendance. The certification class came complete with workbooks, emergency muzzles and certification cards valid for 2 years.
Congratulations to the graduates of this paw-some CPR and First Aid class!

Poe's Story
Poe was found alone in a pile of leaves on a frigid October morning and was delivered to LRHS by a good Samaritan. He was emaciated, malnourished and had botflies burrowing out of his skin in multiple places, we were not sure if he would survive the night...he proved to be a fighter!

LRHS employee, Sandi Boyle, took him home and fostered him for 4 months. Because he was deprived nutrients at such a young age, he was only a third of the size he was  supposed. Sandi spent countless hours hand-feeding him and monitoring his health and weight. Slowly, ever so slowly, Poe began to grow, explore and become more agile on his feet (all four of which have double paws). Although old enough to be vaccinated, due to his tiny stature he could not safely be given his shots.

Sandi's little Poe was officially adopted by a loving family who waited a long time for Poe to gain the weight required for vaccination administration and thus become medically cleared for adoption.

We are fortunate to have such caring employees  who are willing to go above and beyond for the well-being of our community's pets in need. LRHS remains grateful to our adopters as well-the folks who open their homes and hearts and make the commitment to care for these pets  until the end of their days. Lastly, we are thankful for the donors who ensure that kitties like Poe receive the medical care (like botfly removals) and nourishment they need to turn their lives around. Congratulations Poe, we wish you all the best in your new life!

Kennel Rejuvenation Project

This facility is now 11 years old! It seems like just yesterday we were fundraising to purchase and renovate this "new" space. As you can imagine, the kennel has received its fair share of wear and tear and has been awaiting a face lift for a couple years now.

Over the winter, while the dog population was low, we focused on making adjustments to better the kennels. We began by adding more overhead light fixtures and switching some old fixtures to LED's to brighten up the space. Next, thanks to a generous grant from the Meredith Village Savings Bank Fund, we redid the cracked and peeling kennel floors.

Deb Watkins, LRHS Office Administrator, volunteered her time and artistic talents to paint a cheerful mural-it's the first thing we see when we enter the kennels. Lastly, Dr. Peter Gray kindly funded the sound abortion project. The project entailed installing a variety of sound absorption panels to soften the reverberations caused by barking, which is a welcome treat for everyone, including our doggie residents.

See before and after photos below: 
Cat Overpopulation Crisis 

The Lakes Region Humane Society (LRHS) took in 3 pregnant cats during the first week of April. Two were strays and one was owned. They had a total of 15 kittens. LRHS will be busy handling intakes of stray cats and kittens from now through mid December. Our  high kitten intake trends  tell us that we need to do a better job of encouraging community members to spay/neuter their companion animals. 

Of the 306 animals brought to the safety of LRHS by residents of the towns of Ossipee, Wolfeboro, Effingham and Tuftonboro in 2016, 110 were unwanted or stray cats and 80 were unwanted or stray kittens. The saddest bits of this data are the numbers we don't have. I'm talking about the kittens and stray cats who didn't make it into LRHS and starved, froze, or fell prey to illnesses or predators. The ones who did make it through nature's gauntlet will go on to have multiple litters of their own who will, in turn, suffer needlessly, die and/or have more litters. Unless we work together to spay/neuter our cat population, this cycle will continue. 
"That's terrible! I had no idea this was going on. How can I help?" you might ask. 
1) Contact your veterinarian to set a spay/neuter appointment if your pet is intact. 

2) Keep intact  cats or kittens indoors, away from other cats, until after the spay/neuter appointment. Kittens can become pregnant at just 4 months of age, so don't take any chances! 

3) If your pet is already altered, help spread the word to friends, neighbors and family members who many not realize that  letting an intact pet roam free is contributing to a local overpopulation crisis. 

4) Visit LRHS.net and click on the "Spay/Neuter" tab to read about the health benefits associated with spaying/neutering.

Free Barn Cat Program 

Welcoming a cat into your barn can decrease rodent populations and protect food supplies, electrical wiring and insulation. Our hand selected barn cats enjoy living independently and hunting but are not necessarily fond of human contact or being confined to a home. If you are interested in adopting a barn cat submit a  "Barn Cat Adoption Application & Contract". Once approved, you will be placed on the "Barn Cat Call List"; LRHS will call when your barn cat is ready for adoption!

Barn cats departing LRHS will be spayed/neutered, healthy and vaccinated.  In return for this complimentary service, LRHS requires that barn cats receive: fresh food and water daily, a dry and secure structure to reside in and long term veterinary care as needed. Donations to assist with medical care costs are appreciated but not required.

Lakes Region Humane Society 





PO Box 655, Ossipee, NH 03864

11 Old Rt. 28, Ossipee, NH 03864 

LRHS Is Here for YOU! 

Dog Training - Year round, group classes or private consultations ranging from $60-$150.

Adoption Counseling  - This is what we live to do! Let our knowledgeable staff suggest the perfect pet for your unique lifestyle. 

Nail Trims  - by appointment, $12.

Low cost carriers/crates- $10 cat carriers, $25 dog crates.

Havahart Trap Rentals  - $30 refundable deposit.

Volunteer Opportunities  for animal lovers 14 year of age or older.

Military Discounts  - $20 off dog and $10 off cat adoptions for veterans.

Senior-to-Senior Discounts
If you are 65+ years of age and adopt  a cat or dog 7+  years of age, you will receive $20 off a cat adoption, or $40 off a dog adoption.

Lost & Found Pet Assistance -  Call us to report a found or missing pet.

Pet Advice -  Feeling overwhelmed with pet ownership? Call our trainer to discuss ideas on how to correct unwanted pet behaviors.

Pet Library  - "check out" our free educational library. 

LRHS Wish List   

Yesterday's News Litter
Canned Kitten Food
Kitten Milk Replacement - liquid
Chopped Chicken  Canned Dog Food
Industrial String Mop Heads

Mr. Clean Magic Sponges   

Chicken Pate Canned Cat Food             

Paper Towels

Dawn Dish Soap            

Laundry Detergent                  

Toilet Paper

Dish Sponges                         

Dryer Sheets 

Scratching Posts

Instant Rice 

Pumpkin Puree 

Baby Food-Poultry Based 

Contractor Trash Bags 


Rabies Clinic at LRHS 

On Sat., June 10th, from 10-noon, LRHS is partnering with Dr. Susan Haley of the Kindness Animal Hospital to bring you a low cost pet clinic at LRHS. Pets will be treated on a first come, first served basis. This clinic is for cats and dogs only.
Discounts include: $15 rabies vaccinations (administered and donated by Dr. Susan Haley-good for 1 year), $10 nail trims, and $15 microchipping (includes 1 year free subscription).
Cats must arrive in crates and dogs must arrive on leash.
Proceeds go directly to providing medical care to our shelter dogs and cats.

Affordable Local Spay/Neuter Clinics
Local Spay/Neuter Clinics

Think you can't afford spay/neuter surgery for your pet? Think again! 

There are TWO low cost options just 40 minutes away. The Rozzie May Animal Alliance and the Conway Area Humane Society offer discounted spay/neuter surgeries to cats and dogs. Fees range from $70 - $85 per cat and $100-$175 per dogs. These fees typically include: surgery, a physical exam, ear cleaning, nail trim and rabies vaccination!
The Rozzie May Animal Alliance has a mobile spay/neuter unit which holds periodic clinics at the Ossipee Tractor Supply Store, making it even easier to get your feline fixed. Call either one of these fine non-profits today to set an appointment! 

Marketing Opportunities 

LRHS is accepting advertisements for the 2017 Spring  Newsletter. $100 entitles you to a business card sized ad. These newsletters are printed and mailed to over 2,500  local animal lovers. 

eNewsletters are sent via Constant  Contact, shared to the Facebook page and Website, and are viewed by thousands of pet owners!

If interested in advertising or sponsoring a fundraising event, contact LRHS Director, Megan Fichter, at 603-539-1077 or mfichter@lrhs.net
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LRHS Board of Directors
Ruth Hall - President
Mary O'Brien - Interim V.P.
Karen Coan -Treasurer
Elaine Luke - Secretary
Katie Adjutant
Carla Copeland
Holly Williams
Linda Pacheco
Lindy Viscio
Elizabeth Kelley

Advisors to the Board
Carole Hunt
Judy Lawless
V. Richard Ward Jr., Esq.

Pet Education Station

Ask Your Vet About...
F lea and tick  preventives  such as Frontline, Vectra or Revolution which are key in providing your pet extra protection against pesky, disease carrying, ticks and insects.
Reports of Lyme Disease  in people and pets has been on the rise in NH. Ask your Vet about the Lyme Disease Vaccination for your dog! Sorry owners, this vaccination is not available to humans, yet. 
Heartworm pills should be administered orally each month, all year round. These pills can be obtained from your Vet. Mosquitoes carry Heartworms, and a simple bite can transmit the Heartworms to your pet. 
General Pet Care & Cost